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Bicyclist riding in bike lane claimed driver cut her off





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brain, brain injury, concussion, disfigurement, face, head, neck, nose, scar, shoulder
On July 26, 2011, plaintiff Katrina Tosh, 19, a student and nanny, was riding her bicycle east in a bike lane on Laurel Street in Santa Cruz, toward the intersection with Felix Street, when a vehicle operated by Sara Tarango Bautista turned left in front of her, cutting her off. As Bautista attempted to turn left onto Felix Street, Tosh struck the side of Bautista’s vehicle, causing Tosh to be launched off her bicycle and land on the hood. She also broke the windshield as she impacted it, and sustained head, neck and shoulder . Tosh sued Bautista and her father, Steven Tarango, a co-title holder of the vehicle. Tosh alleged that Bautista was negligent in the operation of the vehicle and that Tarango was vicariously liable for his daughter’s actions. She also alleged that Tarango had negligently entrusted the vehicle to his daughter. Bautista and her father denied any liability for the accident., Tosh sustained a severe concussion and lost consciousness at the scene. She also sustained soft-tissue to her neck, and lacerations to her forehead and left shoulder. Tosh was subsequently airlifted to San Jose Medical Center, where she was treated for her . Plaintiff’s counsel claimed that Tosh was left with scarring to the left side of her forehead and to her left shoulder as a result of the lacerations.
Superior Court of Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz, CA

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