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Bicyclist struck in intersection suffered pelvic fracture





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back, chest, left shoulder, legs, pelvis
On April 16, 2015, plaintiff Tracy Dizon, an unemployed 50 year old, was riding her bicycle on a sidewalk when she entered a crosswalk, traveling north, at the intersection of Audrey Way and Panama Lane, in Kern County. As she entered the roadway, Dizon’s bicycle was struck by a vehicle operated by Natalie Nichols. Dizon was subsequently thrown off her bicycle and onto the hood of the Nichols’ vehicle. Dizon then fell onto the street. She allegedly injured her pelvis, back, chest, left shoulder, and legs. Dizon sued Nichols, alleging Nichols was negligent in the operation of her vehicle. Plaintiff’s counsel contended that Nichols was careless in failing to keep a proper lookout and striking Dizon’s bicycle with her car. Nichols disputed liability, and her counsel relied on a police report that listed Dizon as the primary cause of the subject collision. According to the report, Dizon violated the California Vehicle Code by traveling through a red light., Dizon sustained a pelvic fracture, rib cage contusions, and leg contusions. She also claimed that she sprained her left shoulder and back when she impacted the hood of Nichols’s vehicle and then fell to the ground. As a result, she alleged pain to her back, left shoulder, and legs, as well as stiffness to her left shoulder. Dizon was subsequently transported by an ambulance to a hospital’s emergency room. She ultimately underwent 12 weeks of physical therapy and received several epidural injections to her back. Defense counsel acknowledged the pelvic fracture, but disputed the nature and extent of Dizon’s other alleged .
Superior Court of Kern County, Kern, CA

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