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Bicyclist tore shoulder in crash with taxicab





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labrum, tear shoulder
On Dec. 11, 2009, plaintiff Noli Peterson was riding a bicycle in the westbound bicycle lane on Cabrillo Street in San Francisco. As he entered the intersection with 11th Avenue, he collided with a taxicab driven by Satinder Jit Singh and owned by Luxor Cabs Inc. Peterson subsequently flipped over the cab’s hood and landed on the pavement, his left shoulder and suffering abrasions to his knees. Peterson sued Singh and Luxor Cabs Inc. (which was sued as Luxor Cab Co.). He alleged that Singh was negligent in the operation of his vehicle and that Luxor Cabs was vicariously liable for his actions. Peterson claimed that he stopped for a stop sign before proceeding into the intersection, where Singh suddenly and without warning drove into the intersection and caused the collision. Thus, he claimed that he had the right of way. Peterson alleged that although he saw the reflection of Singh’s headlights as he entered the intersection, he assumed the car would stop. Singh claimed that his view was obstructed by a legal dumpster and a parked car. Thus, he alleged that he had come to a stop before proceeding with caution into the intersection, where Peterson struck him., Peterson sustained a tear of his left shoulder’s glenoid labrum and suffered abrasions to his knees. As a result, he ultimately underwent two surgeries on his shoulder. Peterson claimed that he still may require a third shoulder surgery.
Superior Court of San Francisco County, San Francisco, CA

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