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Broadside crash caused multiple injuries, plaintiff alleged





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acetabulum, chest, fracture, hip, leg, neurological, rib, sciatica
On Oct. 19, 2010, at approximately 11:30 a.m., plaintiff Beverly Stevens, 78, a retiree, was driving on Oakhurst Drive in Clayton when she proceeded into the intersection with Eagle Peak Avenue and was broadsided by a vehicle operated by Laura Gaytan, who had entered the intersection from Eagle Peak Avenue. Stevens claimed to her left pelvis, left rib, lungs, neck, back and both legs. Stevens sued Gaytan, alleging the defendant was negligent in the operation of her vehicle. Stevens contended that she entered the subject intersection on a green light, and that Gaytan ran a red light. She claimed that as a result, Gaytan entered the intersection without warning or braking, and broadsided her driver’s side door, causing her vehicle to spin out of control and crash into a tree and lamp post. Gaytan claimed that she had a green light at the subject intersection, and that it was Stevens who ran the red light and caused the accident., Stevens sustained multiple , including a fracture to the acetabulum of her left hip, multiple rib fractures, pleural effusion, and blunt-force trauma to her pelvis, left leg, chest and abdomen. She was subsequently taken by ambulance from the scene of the accident and brought to an emergency room. Stevens ultimately underwent two surgeries on her hip and spent a total of 2.5 months in a rehabilitation hospital, where she received physical therapy and pain management. Stevens claimed she now suffers from sciatic neuropathy in her legs, causing pain and numbness, as well as strains and sprains of her neck and back. She alleged that as a result, she has stability issues due to her hip and leg residuals, and cannot stand or walk for long periods of time. She further alleged that she cannot drive and take care of herself as she did pre-accident. In addition, Stevens claimed post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the accident, for which she seeks therapy. Thus, plaintiff’s counsel contended that Stevens had $135,681.99 in past medical costs, and sought recovery of damages for Steven’s past and future pain and suffering. Defense counsel did not contest the nature and extent of Stevens’ .
Superior Court of Contra Costa County, Contra Costa, CA

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