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Defense claimed plaintiff’s unsafe left turn caused crash





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bulging disc, cervical, neck
On April 28, 2016, plaintiff Robert Snell, 32, a fiber optic engineer, was driving west when he attempted to make a left turn onto southbound Bolsa Chica Road, in Huntington Beach. However, as he pulled into the intersection, his vehicle collided with a vehicle operated by Lance Quinn, who was driving north on Bolsa Chica Road. Snell claimed to his neck. Snell sued Quinn, alleging that Quinn was negligent in the operation of his vehicle. The matter proceeded to trial in 2018, but the jury was unable to reach a verdict. As a result, a mistrial was entered and the matter was sent back for a second trial. During the retrial, Snell claimed that Quinn caused the accident by driving over the speed limit. Quinn claimed that Snell caused the accident by pulling out in front of his vehicle when it was unsafe to do so., Snell sustained a 3 millimeter cervical disc bulge at the C4-5 level. He went to work after the incident, but was later taken by his mother to the emergency room at Huntington Beach Hospital. Snell then underwent chiropractic care and received epidural injections, but he ultimately underwent an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion at the C4-5 level. Snell lost 10 to 15 days of work, and then the business he worked for shut down. As a result, he stopped working and he never sought work again. Snell claimed that as a result of his condition, he can no longer lift heavy object or perform many activities. He claimed that as a result, his family relationships have been affected, as he is unable to watch his Autistic son or enjoy his kids. Plaintiff’s counsel contended that Snell will require future surgery on the adjacent cervical discs. Snell sought recovery of $1,593,401 to $2,293,401 for his past and future economic damages, and past and future non-economic damages.
Superior Court of Orange County, Orange, CA

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