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Driver exiting driveway failed to yield, motorcyclist claimed





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chest, distal tibia, fibula, fracture, right leg
In December 2015, plaintiff Chris Miranda, 56, was riding his motorcycle on eastbound State Street, in Santa Barbara, when he collided with a vehicle operated by Alex Slutsky, who was proceeding north out of a private driveway. Miranda was ejected from the motorcycle and he sustained to his chest and right leg. Miranda brought a claim against Slutsky, alleging that Slutsky was negligent in the operation of his vehicle. Miranda claimed that Slutsky failed to yield the right of way before coming out of the driveway and negligently turned left in front of him. Miranda claimed that as a result, he was unable to avoid colliding with Slutsky’s vehicle once the right, front corner of Slutsky’s vehicle drove directly into his path. The police report found Slutsky at fault for the collision by crossing a highway from a public/private driveway and violating the right of way. Slutsky conceded liability., Miranda sustained a Grade IIB, open, compound fracture of the right leg’s distal tibia and fibula. He also sustained multiple fractured ribs and wounds to his lower leg. Miranda was subsequently taken to a hospital for immediate medical treatment. He underwent surgery with the placement of an external fixator to repair the fractured tibia the following day. Miranda claimed that he currently has no physical limitations, and no daily or work restrictions. Thus, Miranda sought recovery of approximately $318,521 in past medical costs and an unspecified amount of damages for his pain and suffering.
Matter not filed, CA

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