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Married couple both fractured wrist in intersection crash





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chest, dental, fracture, rib, tooth, wrist
In 2010, plaintiff Glenn McMurry, a retired 69-year-old, was driving his sedan in Laguna Niguel with his wife, plaintiff Katie McMurry, a retired 67-year-old, as his passenger when they involved in a broadside accident with a sedan driven by Mildred Nevonen. The McMurrys both claimed wrist , and Mr. McMurry also claimed rib and tooth . The McMurrys sued Nevonen for motor vehicle negligence. They claimed that Nevonen’s sedan made a left turn into their vehicle and caused the broadside accident. The plaintiffs’ accident reconstruction expert opined that, based on an examination of the vehicles’ damage, Nevonen’s vehicle turned into the McMurrys’ vehicle. Nevonen disputed the plaintiffs’ version of events and claimed that the McMurrys’ vehicle turned into her vehicle as it was making a left turn. There were three independent eye witnesses to the matter; one supported the plaintiffs’ version of events and two supported the defense’s version of the events., The McMurrys both went to an emergency room. Mr. McMurry fractured his left, non-dominant wrist. He also fractured his ribs and chipped a tooth. He underwent open reduction and internal fixation on the wrist with the implantation of hardware. He then followed up with a course of physical therapy. The ribs were not treated surgically. Mr. McMurry admitted that he does not have any additional surgeries planned for his wrist or to treat his ribs. He stated that he has made a reasonable recovery from his and does not report any long-term impairment. However, he claimed that he still needs to undergo a dental procedure to repair his tooth. Mrs. McMurry fractured her left, non-dominant wrist, which was treated with manipulation and casting. She claimed that she will not need surgery on her wrist and that she has made a reasonable recovery from her injury. She also claimed that she does not believe she will suffer any long-term impairment. Mrs. McMurry stated that she has paid $10,000 in medical bills, but did not suffer any lost wages. Mr. McMurry stated he paid $33,000 in medical bills and also did not suffer any lost wages.
Superior Court of Orange County, Santa Ana, CA

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