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Motorcyclist: Driver with learner’s permit made unsafe left turn





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fractures, knees, left hand, right shoulder
At approximately 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 15, 2013, plaintiff Robert Lekstrom, Chief Operating Officer at Nowcom Corp., was riding his motorcycle in the number two lane of westbound Culver Boulevard, in Los Angeles, when a vehicle traveling on eastbound Culver Boulevard turned directly in front of him from in an attempt to turn onto Berryman Avenue. As a result, Lekstrom broadsided the vehicle, causing to his knees, right shoulder, and left hand. Lekstrom sued the driver of the turning vehicle, Lynsey Alvarenga; and the owners of the turning vehicle, Carmen Lorena Alvarenga, the driver’s mother (who was also a passenger in the vehicle), and William Alvarenga, the driver’s father. Lekstrom alleged that Lynsey Alvarenga was negligent in the operation of her parents’ vehicle and that Carmen and William Alvarenga were vicariously liable for their daughter’s actions. Lekstrom contended that Lynsey Alvarenga violated his right of way and turned in front of him without warning, causing him to have no opportunity to avoid the Alvarenga vehicle. Plaintiff’s counsel contended that the sole cause of the accident was Lynsey Alvarenga driving her vehicle in violation of California Vehicle Code § 21801, making an “Unsafe Left Turn.” Counsel also noted that Lynsey Alvarenga was driving with a learner’s permit under her mother’s supervision at the time of the collision. The defendants ultimately conceded liability prior to Lynsey Alvarenga’s deposition., Lekstrom sustained orthopedic , including a right knee fracture, a left knee multiligamentous injury, right shoulder pain, and left hand fractures. He subsequently underwent open reduction and internal fixation of the second metacarpal, while the knee were treated non-operatively. Lekstrom then convalesced from home for several weeks, during which he was able to work from home. Thus, Lekstrom sought recovery of $70,966.81 in paid medical bills and approximately $4,000 in lost income and lost earning capacity based on time he missed for medical appointments. He also sought recovery of damages for his pain and suffering.
Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA

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