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On Feb. 26, 2012, at approximately 3:45 p.m., plaintiff Sharon Sava, 51, a real estate agent and investor, was a passenger in a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta driven by her fiancé, Michael Ravera. As they proceeded southbound on the Lawrence Expressway, in Santa Clara, they entered the intersection with Lehigh Drive and were struck head-on by 1999 Toyota Tercel driven by Joan Loher, who made a left turn directly into Ravera’s path travel. Sava claimed head and back . Sava sued Loher, alleging that Loher was negligent in the operation of the Toyota. Loher subsequently brought a third-party claim against Ravera, alleging that Ravera was negligent in the operation of the Volkswagen. Loher and Ravera each claimed that they had a green light. There were no other percipient witnesses., Sava suffered a concussion and complained of back pain. She was subsequently taken by ambulance (Rural Metro California Medical Transport) to the emergency room at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center. Sava then presented to her primary care doctor, a physiatrist, and underwent a PET imaging scan at Radiological Associates of Sacramento. She also underwent chiropractic care to treat the pain to her back. Sava claimed her past medical expenses totaled $26,561.64. However, she claimed she suffered no wage loss, since she was self-employed, but that she did lose her bridge ranking within her club. She alleged that her negatively impacted her bridge game for 1.5 years, which had been at a championship level before the accident.
Superior Court of Santa Clara County, Santa Clara, CA

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