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Passenger ejected from bus claimed disabling brain injury





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back, brain, brain damage, brain injury, cervical, concussion, fracture, head, headaches, neck, sensory, speech, traumatic brain injury, vertebra, vertebrhead, vertigo
In 2016, applicant Ignacio Centeno, 24, a teacher’s aide, was a front-seat passenger on a school bus that was traveling in Thermal, an unincorporated community within the Coachella Valley, in Riverside County. As the bus entered the intersection of Polk Street and Avenue 60, it was broadsided by a vehicle, which caused Centeno to be ejected out of the bus’s window. Centeno landed in a concrete dam and sustained to his head, neck and back. Centeno filed a workers’ compensation claim against his employer, Coachella Unified School District, whose claims administrator was Keenan & Associates. He brought a claim against the school district in an attempt to collect workers’ compensation benefits., Centeno was taken to Desert Regional Medical Center, in Palm Springs, where he was diagnosed with a concussion, cervical fractures, and sprains and contusions to the thoracic and lumbar areas. He claimed he also suffered a traumatic brain injury, resulting in headaches and vertigo. Centeno claimed that he is disabled and that he was in and out of residential rehabilitation programs. He also claimed that he had help at home from his mother and supportive rehabilitative services. The respondent’s counsel disputed Centeno’s alleged traumatic brain injury and contended that Centeno only sustained a mild concussion, which should have resolved. Counsel also asserted that Centeno did not require any care for his alleged brain injury.
Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, CA

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