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Pedestrian struck by bicyclist claimed permanent facial injuries





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dominant wrist, face, fracture, left side face, permanent nerve damage, right wrist
On Nov. 3, 2012, plaintiff Laure Lampi, 54, a homemaker, was walking on the Santa Ana River Trail, a paved nature trail in Anaheim, when she was struck from behind by a bicycle being operated by Daniel Wehr. The collision caused Lampi to fall and sustained to her face and right wrist. Lampi sued Wehr, alleging that Wehr was negligent in the operation of his bicycle. Wehr ultimately stipulated to liability., Lampi suffered a fracture to her right, dominant wrist and permanent nerve damage to the left side of her face. She was subsequently taken to the emergency room at Kaiser Permanente Yorba Linda Medical Center, in Yorba Linda, where she was treated and discharged the same day, as she did not need to be admitted overnight. Lampi claimed the nerve damage to her face caused a drooping lip and eyelid. She also claimed that she suffers an altered sensation to the left side of her face, including ongoing numbness and intermittent pain. Lampi further claimed that she continues to suffer severe pain to her right wrist with daily activities. In addition, she claimed she experiences emotional suffering from her on-going pain and physical limitations. Thus, Lampi alleged that she had $18,000 in paid medical costs for her care and treatment in the emergency room, physical therapy, and a non-invasive surgical pinning to her right wrist. She also alleged that she is scheduled to have a second surgical procedure to her right wrist, but that there is no surgical procedure available to address her facial nerve damage. Lampi’s husband, plaintiff Bob Lampi, presented a derivative claim seeking recovery for his loss of consortium. Defense counsel asserted that there are therapy modalities that could be done to try to lessen Ms. Lampi’s facial issues and improve her wrist strength.
Superior Court of Orange County, Orange, CA

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