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Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed leg and pelvis fractures





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fracture, leg
On Sept. 23, 2010, at approximately 7:42 a.m., plaintiff Anastasiya Vangelova, 70, an unemployed Bulgarian immigrant, was walking on a public street in Concord when she attempted to cross Crystal Ranch Road within the confines of a marked crosswalk and was struck on the left side of her body by a sport utility vehicle operated by Mary Zodikoff. Vangelova claimed to her left leg and pelvis. Vangelova filed a claim against Zodikoff. She alleged Zodikoff was negligent in the operation of her SUV, causing the accident and her personal . Specifically, Vangelova claimed that Zodikoff failed to yield to pedestrian traffic at the subject crosswalk, which had no traffic controls. Zodikoff did not contest liability for the accident., Vangelova sustained fractures to her left leg’s tibia and fibula, as well as a non-displaced fracture of her pelvis. As a result, she was taken by ambulance from the scene of the accident and brought to an emergency room, where she underwent two surgeries on her left leg. Vangelova’s pelvis fracture was not surgically treated. Vangelova claimed she still has some residual mobility issues and has to use a cane for assistance. However, she alleged that no further treatment or surgery is currently anticipated. Thus, Vangelova sought recovery of $150,000 in damages for her past medical costs and an unspecified amount of damages for her past and future pain and suffering.
Matter not filed, CA

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