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Pedestrian struck in intersection claimed multiple injuries





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chest, comminuted, distal radius, face, intra-articular fracture, left wrist, mildly displaced, multiple abrasions, of the left, ribs, right clavicle fracture, right shoulder
On March 27, 2013, plaintiff Dan Risinger, a 61-year-old unemployed man, was a pedestrian at the intersection of Garden Grove Boulevard and Lemonwood Lane, in Garden Grove, when he was struck by a vehicle operated by Tan Manh Bui. Risinger was subsequently knocked to the ground and allegedly lost consciousness. He also claimed to his chest, ribs, face, right shoulder, and left wrist. Risinger sued Bui and the believed maintainers of the intersection, the city of Garden Grove, the county of Orange, and the State of California, Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Risinger alleged that Bui was negligent in the operation of his vehicle and that the city, county and Caltrans were negligent for the dangerous condition of public property. The city, the county and Caltrans were ultimately dismissed from the case. Thus, the matter continued against Bui only. Bui admitted liability., Risinger sustained multiple rib fractures; a right clavicle fracture; a mildly displaced, comminuted, intra-articular fracture of the left, distal radius; and multiple abrasions. He also sustained a right-sided thoracic transverse process fracture at the T1-2 level and an orbital socket blowout fracture. He was subsequently taken to the Trauma Center at University of California, Irvine Medical Center, in Orange. Risinger claimed his wrist injury eventually resulted in post-traumatic osteoarthritis, which required a radiocarpal arthrodesis in June 2013. He alleged that there is still an impingement of the distal ulna into the proximal carpal row, leaving him with limited range of motion and weakness in his wrist. He claimed that as a result, his physicians recommended a second surgery to remove additional bone from the distal ulna. Risinger also claimed that his clavicle remains deformed and that his physicians recommended surgery to correct the deformity of the shoulder. However, he claimed that no treatment was available for the remainder of his residual . Risinger was unemployed at the time of the accident. However, he claimed that his residual have limited his ability to enjoy hobbies, such as motorcycle riding and outdoor activities. Defense counsel disputed Risinger’s alleged residual .
Superior Court of Orange County, Orange, CA

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