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Plaintiff claimed broadside caused spinal injuries





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back, herniated disc, neck
On Sept. 11, 2010, plaintiff Allesandria Tarantino, 21, a cashier at a motorcycle dealership, was driving on Taylor Road in Roseville. She was in the left lane (closest to the center divider) when her vehicle was broadsided by another vehicle, driven by A. MacDuff Sheehy. Sheehy had been attempting to make a left turn out of the Roseville Golfland-Sunsplash amusement park. Traffic in the right lane was backed up and eventually a driver left a space so that Sheehy could proceed. Sheehy’s vehicle went through the gap, and collided with Tarantino. Tarantino sued Sheehy, alleging he was negligent in the operation of a vehicle. At trial, Sheehy denied negligence, contending that he was proceeding as carefully and safely as possible., Following the collision, Tarantino first sought treatment for her back injury at a medical center, then began treatment with a chiropractor. After eight months, an MRI found a herniated intervertebral disc at L4-5. Appointments with a family physician and an orthopedic surgeon followed, and ultimately, Tarantino was seen by her treating orthopedic surgeon. Two years post-collision, Tarantino had an L4-5 disc replacement. Her experts stated that she would need at least one additional surgery when her disc replacement eventually fails and because of ongoing issues with her back and neck she would likely need three cervical disc fusions and at least two lumbar disc fusions, along with ulnar nerve transposition surgery in the future. At the time of the collision, Tarantino was, in addition to working at Roseville Yamaha as a cashier, also a dancer and in very good health. However, she claimed she continues to have medical issues with her back and neck and that she can no longer work at any occupation. Following the surgery, Tarantino married and became pregnant. As a result of concerns about the effect of the disc replacement, she underwent a C-section, as opposed to natural birth. Defense did not dispute that Tarantino may require one future lumbar disc surgery, but did dispute that multiple spinal surgeries would be required.
Superior Court of Placer County, Placer, CA

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