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back, cervical disc niation, fracture, herniated disc, lower back, lumbar neck, neck, strain
On Feb. 25, 2015, plaintiff Ruby Satterwhite, 43, was driving on Sepulveda Boulevard, in Los Angeles, when she entered an intersection and her Hyundai Sonata broadsided the passenger’s side of a Ford E-150 van, which was traveling in the opposite direction and had attempted to turn left at the intersection. Satterwhite claimed neck . Satterwhite sued the driver of the van, Dean Nielsen, and Nielsen’s employer, KC Refrigeration. Satterwhite alleged that Nielsen was negligent in the operation of his work vehicle and that KC Refrigeration was liable for Nielsen’s actions while in the course and scope of his employment. Satterwhite’s counsel faulted Nielsen for turning improperly in front of Satterwhite, who had the right-of-way. Defense counsel faulted Satterwhite for causing the accident. Counsel contended that Satterwhite was traveling in the right lane while vehicles in the left and middle lanes had stopped to allow Nielsen to make his turn. Defense counsel further contended that even though Satterwhite had the green light, she should have yielded to Nielsen and allowed him to complete his turn, just as the vehicles in the adjacent lanes had done., On March 2, 2015, Satterwhite presented to a chiropractor with complaints of neck and lower back pain and underwent two months of treatment, which included spinal manipulation and massage treatment. During that time, Satterwhite presented to an orthopedic surgeon, who, via MRIs, diagnosed her with a two-millimeter cervical disc herniation at the C3-4 level and a possible compression fracture at C5. She was further diagnosed with a lumbar strain and sprain. On Nov. 20, 2015, after conservative treatment was unsuccessful, Satterwhite underwent a cervical discectomy and fusion at the C4-5 and C5-6 levels. She further treated with a brief course of physical therapy. Plaintiff’s counsel causally related Satterwhite’s and treatment to the accident. Satterwhite alleged that she continues to experience occasional soreness and a slight decrease in range of motion. Thus, Satterwhite sought recovery of $270,000 in past medical costs and an unspecified amount of damages for her past and future pain and suffering. Defense counsel maintained that Satterwhite’s medical bills were inflated.
Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA

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