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cervical spine, left femur, left knee, left wrist, left wristfractures to left femur, right foot
On March 21, 2013, plaintiff Rosalina Chin, 67, an IT specialist/computer programmer, was driving in Whittier. As she entered the intersection of Norwalk Boulevard and Saragosa Street, her vehicle was struck by a truck operated by Dennis Ward, who was attempting a left turn. Chin claimed to her left femur, left knee, right foot, cervical spine, and her left wrist. Chin sued Ward and Ward’s employer, Gold Coast Refractory Service Inc. Chin alleged Ward was negligent in the operation of the truck and that Gold Coast Refractory Service was vicariously liable for Ward’s actions while he was within the course and scope of his employment. Plaintiff’s counsel contended that Ward failed to stop at a red arrow light and failed yield to oncoming traffic. Counsel also contended that the collision occurred while Ward was driving his truck on the job and performing work duties for Gold Coast Refractory Service. The defendants conceded liability., Chin’s vehicle sustained significant property damage, and Chin sustained fractures to her left femur, left knee, right foot, left wrist, and cervical spine, at the C2 level. She was subsequently taken to LAC+USC Medical Center, in Los Angeles, and then transferred to Garfield Medical Center, in Monterey Park. The fractures to Chin’s left femur, left knee, and right foot all required surgeries and extensive post-operation rehabilitation. Chin claimed that she still suffers from intermittent pain and limited range of motion in her left leg and foot.
Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA

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