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back, dental, fracture, head, headaches elbow, left elbow, loss, neck, tooth
On Oct 29, 2013, at 6:55 p.m., plaintiff Eli Arreola, 26, was driving a 2000 Honda Accord in the second lane of southbound Highway 101, near Brokaw Road in San Jose, when he was involved in a multiple-vehicle rear-end accident. Arreola’s Honda was the middle vehicle in the accident. He claimed the impact caused him to hit the steering wheel and chip a tooth. He also claimed to his left elbow, neck and back. Arreola sued the operator of the 1995 Nissan Altima that was traveling behind him, George Emanuel. Arreola claimed that he was coming to a stop when Emanuel, who was traveling at about 20 mph, struck him, causing his Honda to be pushed into the vehicle ahead of him. Thus, Arreola claimed that Emanuel was negligent in the operation of his Nissan., Arreola claimed his head hit the steering wheel, causing a headache, a tooth fracture, and an injury to his gums that resulted in blood in his mouth. He also claimed he suffered soft-tissue of his neck, back, and left elbow. Arreola subsequently treated at a Kaiser Permanente hospital. He then underwent minimal chiropractic treatment at New Horizon Chiropractic, in San Jose, to treat his neck and back . He also claimed that in addition to a chipped tooth, his dental injury resulted in a dead tooth that required a removal. Arreola’s vehicle was totaled. He claimed he missed three days of work as a result of his . Thus, Arreola sought recovery of $3,356 in past medical costs and $300 in past lost wages. He also sought recovery for his pain and suffering. According to defense counsel, Arreola initially demanded $50,000 before reducing his demand to $25,000, while Emanuel’s insurance carrier initially offered $6,626.
Superior Court of Santa Clara County, San Jose, CA

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