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Plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries from sideswipe crash





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back, neck, soft tissue, sprains, strains
On Jan. 2, 2013, plaintiff Jacqueline Wong, 27, a massage therapist, was driving on East 9th Avenue, in Escondido, when she attempted a left turn onto the southbound Escondido Freeway, also known as Interstate 15. At the same, a vehicle operated by Angela Santos attempted a left turn in the same direction from the turning lane just to the left of Wong’s turning lane and ultimately sideswiped Wong’s vehicle. Wong claimed to her neck and entire back. Wong sued Santos, alleging that Santos was negligent in the operation of her vehicle. Santos did not dispute fault., Wong claimed she sustained soft-tissue to her neck and back. She waited approximately two weeks before seeing a medical doctor and then underwent approximately six months of chiropractic care. She also underwent about three weeks of massage therapy. Wong ultimately ended her medical care at the conclusion of the chiropractic care, as she allegedly made a near full recovery from her . Wong’s mother was brought in as a lay witness and, through a Cantonese interpreter, testified about her daughter’s . She claimed she saw her daughter in pain at home on the day of the accident and she testified to her daughter’s struggles throughout her medical care. Thus, Wong sought recovery of past medical costs and damages for her past pain and suffering. Defense denied that Wong’s were causally related to the accident, noting that there was no visible damage to Wong’s vehicle, and hardly any damage to Santos’ vehicle, and that Wong was also involved in two other prior motor vehicle accidents. Counsel contended that Wong could not have suffered any from the subject collision based on the property damage estimates to both vehicles, and argued that Wong’s might be related to those two prior incidents.
Superior Court of San Diego County, San Diego, CA

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