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arm, brain, cervical, concussion, fracture, head, neck, strain, torn, triangular fibrocartilage complex, wrist
On Sept. 22, 2019, plaintiff Victoriya Hidalgo, 18, a café hostess and server, was driving in an unincorporated area of Monterey County. As she entered an intersection, the passenger side of her pickup truck was broadsided by the front of a mid-size sedan operated by Bichloan Nguyen, who entered the intersection from a side road that was perpendicular to the road where Hidalgo was traveling. Hidalgo claimed to her left wrist. Hidalgo sued Bichloan Nguyen and the registered owners of Bichloan Nguyen’s vehicle, Dao Nguyen and Bichlien Huynh, Bichloan Nguyen’s parents. Hidaldo alleged that Bichloan Nguyen was negligent in the operation of her vehicle and that Dao Nguyen and Bichlien Huynh were vicariously liable for their daughter’s actions. The defendants neither accepted nor denied liability., Hidalgo was treated at the scene before an ambulance immediately took her to an emergency room. She claimed she sustained a concussion, a neck strain and abrasions. She also complained of back pain. In addition, Hidalgo sustained fractures of her left, dominant wrist’s distal radius and ulnar styloid, along with a tear of the wrist’s triangular fibrocartilage complex. She underwent two surgeries on the left wrist and had three months of occupational therapy. Hidalgo claimed that she continues to suffer from pain, numbness, weakness and restricted ranges of motion in her left hand/wrist. She alleged that as a result of her condition, she requires future medical care, which could include additional occupational therapy. Hidalgo claimed that she had to take time off from work after the accident and that she is now totally disabled from serving. However, she was able to go to work as a furniture finisher for a family business. Hidalgo claimed that her new position is less physical than her old position, as she does not have to lift heavy objects, such as trays with dishes on them, but that she makes less money at her new position. Hidalgo sought recovery of approximately $8,400 for her past adjusted medical expenses, $2,800 for her past loss of wages, an unspecified amount for her future medical costs and an unspecified amount for her future loss of wages. She also sought recovery of damages for past and future pain and suffering.
Superior Court of Monterey County, Monterey, CA

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