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On Jan. 31, 2011, at approximately 3:04 p.m., plaintiff Quang Nguyen Vu, a student in his 20s, was driving his car on southbound Bristol Street in Santa Ana when he was involved in a collision with a sport utility vehicle operated by Dalia Mateos Colin, who was attempting a left turn from northbound Bristol Street into a shopping center parking lot. Vu claimed he sustained property damages to his vehicle. Vu sued Colin and the owner of the SUV, Kevin Jones. Vu alleged Colin was negligent in the operation of her vehicle and that Jones was vicariously liable for Colin’s actions. The matter proceeded to a bench trial. Vu claimed that he was traveling straight in a thru lane on southbound Bristol Street when Colin suddenly turned in front of his vehicle. He alleged that as a result, the front of his vehicle and the rear passenger side of Colin’s vehicle collided. Thus, Vu claimed that Colin failed to yield to oncoming traffic when she attempted a left turn into the shopping center parking lot. Colin claimed that Vu was traveling in a bus lane, which he was not allowed to do, at the time of the collision. However, Vu responded that there were no bus lanes in the area of the accident and that even if he was traveling in a bus lane, Colin still had to yield to oncoming traffic., Vu claimed he suffered a sore neck and headaches after the accident. He also claimed roughly $6,500 in property damage to his vehicle, as well as sought recovery of damages for his pain and suffering. Defense counsel argued that Vu overstated the amount his property damage.
Superior Court of Orange County, Santa Ana, CA

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