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bulging disc, cervical, neck
On March 17, 2010, plaintiff Louise Ives, 17, a high school student, was driving her BMW sedan on northbound Irvine Avenue in Newport Beach when she became involved in a motor vehicle collision with a 1967 classic Corvette operated by Vahan Simidian, who was attempting to make a U-turn. Ives claimed she injured her neck in the accident. Ives sued Simidian, alleging the defendant was negligent in the operation of his vehicle. Specifically, Ives claimed that she was in the far left lane when Simidian attempted a U-turn from the lane to her right. She claimed that as a result, Simidian struck the front passenger side of her vehicle. Simidian claimed he was in the far left lane when he attempted to make a U-turn, but that Ives tried to pass him on the left side and struck his vehicle., Ives presented to her chiropractor a week after the accident with complaints of neck pain. She was subsequently diagnosed with a cervical disc bulge at C6-7. Ives then underwent 18 chiropractic visits from March 24, 2010, until July 9, 2010. Ives claimed that she continues to have pain and weakness, causing her difficulty carrying food trays associated with her job as a waitress. Thus, she sought recovery of $18,500 in damages for her past medical expenses, and past and future pain and suffering. The defense’s expert chiropractor opined that Ives did not sustain an injury in the accident.
Superior Court of Orange County, Orange, CA

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