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back, cervical, herniated disc, lumbar, lumbar neck surgeries, neck
On Aug. 30, 2019, plaintiff Franklin Aragon-Gomez, 42, was driving on Roscomare Road, in Los Angeles, when he reached the intersection with Mulholland Boulevard. As he entered the intersection, his pickup truck was struck on the driver’s side by a vehicle operated by Ariella Hedvat, who was travelling on Mulholland Boulevard. Aragon-Gomez claimed to his neck and back. Aragon-Gomez sued Ariella Hedvat and the registered owner of Ariella Hedvat’s vehicle, Kamran Rahmani Hedvat (who was initially sued as "Kamran Rahmani"). Aragon-Gomez alleged that Ariella Hedvat was negligent in the operation of her vehicle and that Kamran Hedvat was vicariously liable for Ariella Hedvat’s actions. Aragon-Gomez claimed that he stopped for a red light at the intersection with Mulholland Boulevard and that he entered the intersection when he received a green arrow signal. He alleged that he appropriately entered the intersection, but that Ariella Hedvat entered the intersection on a red light. Defense counsel asserted that Aragon-Gomez caused the crash. Counsel contended that either Aragon-Gomez ran a red light or entered the intersection early, while Ariella Hedvat had a yellow light., Aragon-Gomez claimed that he sustained herniated discs to his cervical and lumbar spine. He initially underwent conservative care, but he claimed it failed to help him. As a result, Aragon-Gomez underwent a lumbar laminectomy and discectomy at the L5-S1 level, and a cervical discectomy with a disc replacement. Aragon-Gomez claimed that he made a good recovery following the surgeries. Aragon-Gomez sought recovery for his past medical costs, and pain and suffering. Defense counsel denied that Aragon-Gomez sustained any herniated discs, and contended that Aragon-Gomez only suffered minor soft tissue . Counsel also contended that Aragon-Gomez’s medical treatment, including the surgeries, was not reasonable or related to the subject crash.
Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA

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