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Plaintiff: Rear-ender caused neck and shoulder injuries





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neck, soft tissue
On the morning of March 12, 2010, plaintiff Nance Donati, 43, a manager at PG&E, was stopped in her 2002 Honda Accord EX sedan at a red light on Franklin Street near the intersection with Hayes Street in San Francisco. Donati was in the driver’s seat, while her teenage son was in the front, passenger seat. While they were stopped at the light, their vehicle was rear-ended by a vehicle operated by Sarah Nichols. The Honda Accord was totaled. Donati testified that she was speaking with her son at the time of the impact, causing her neck to twist to the right, resulting in to her neck and shoulder. Donati sued Nichols, alleging that the defendant was negligent in the operation of her vehicle. Nichols admitted liability., Donati claimed soft-tissue to her neck with pain radiating out to her shoulders. She initially treated with her family doctor on day of accident, but then treated with a chiropractor and physical therapist. Donati claimed that she continues to suffer neck and shoulder pain, and that she missed time from work as a result of her . Thus, she sought recovery of $6,500 for her past medical costs, $10,000 for her past loss of earnings, an unspecified amount for her future medical costs, and an unspecified amount of damages for her past and future pain and suffering. Defense counsel disputed the nature and extent of the alleged.
Superior Court of San Francisco County, San Francisco, CA

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