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chondromalacia, chondromalacipatellelbow, knee, knee contusion
On Aug. 8, 2010, at approximately 2 p.m., plaintiff Julia Ortiz, an unemployed 31 year old, was a passenger in a bus traveling on East 3rd Street in Little Tokyo when the bus entered the intersection at South Alameda Street and collided with a vehicle operated by Emmy Tjoeng, who was attempting a right turn from the left side of the bus. Ortiz claimed to her left knee and left hip. Ortiz sued Tjoeng, alleging the defendant was negligent in the operation of her vehicle. Specifically, Ortiz claimed Tjoeng made a negligent right turn maneuver in front of the bus. Tjoeng stipulated to liability, and the matter proceeded to a trial on causation and damages., Ortiz sustained contusions to her knees and elbows. She subsequently took a different bus to an emergency room, where she was treated and released. On Aug. 27, 2010, Ortiz followed up with an orthopedist, who diagnosed her with contusions and bursitis of her left hip. She then followed up with physical therapy and cortisone injections. Nearly two years after the accident, Ortiz treated with another orthopedist and was diagnosed with chondromalacia of her left knee and piriformis syndrome of her left hip. Ortiz claimed she still experiences pain and discomfort in her left knee and hip, affecting her ability to hike. She alleged that as a result, she will eventually require surgery for both her left knee and hip. Thus, Ortiz sought roughly $30,000 for past medical costs, an unspecified amount for future medical costs, $164,750 for past pain and suffering, and an unspecified amount for future pain and suffering. Defense counsel disputed the nature and extent of Ortiz’s alleged and damages. Counsel argued that the only Ortiz suffered from the accident were the knee and elbow contusions that were treated at the hospital. Defense counsel argued that Ortiz was involved in a subsequent accident, which caused Ortiz’s alleged chondromalacia of her left knee and piriformis syndrome to her left hip.
Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA

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