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Prior disc injuries were aggravated by crash, per plaintiff





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herniated disc, neck
On Sept. 17, 2017, plaintiff Ibrahim Mohammed, 38, a ride-hailing driver and videographer, was operating his vehicle on Aviation Boulevard, in Torrance. His vehicle was struck in the rear by a trailing vehicle operated by John Nylund. Mohammed claimed to his neck and back.  Mohammed sued John Nylund, as well as Andrea Nylund, who owned the vehicle. Mohammed alleged that John Nylund was negligent in the operation of the vehicle and that Andrea Nylund was vicariously liable. Andrea Nylund was dismissed from the case before trial. Nylund admitted liability for the accident. The case proceeded to a trial that addressed causation., Mohammed presented to an urgent-care facility on the day of the accident. He was discharged with instructions to follow up with his primary care physician. Mohammed claimed back pain and an aggravation of preexisting cervical disc herniations at C4-5 and C5-6. Mohammad was ultimately recommended for an artificial disc replacement at C4-C5, but did not undergo the surgery. He had two epidural injections for his C5-6 injury. In 2019, surgery was recommended for the C5-6 injury, but he had not undergone surgery at the time of trial. Mohammad sought future medical costs for the C5-6 surgery, which his expert testified would cost $250,000. He also sought recovery for past medical costs and for past and future pain and suffering. The defense disputed injury causation and the cost of future surgery. The defense’s expert testified that the C5-6 surgery would cost $50,000.
Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA

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