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On Nov 18, 2013, plaintiff’s decedent Zeng Liu, 64, a supervisor at a bay area energy company, was driving south on the Nimitz Freeway (also known as Interstate 880), in Hayward. At the same time, Thomas Howard, a former player in the National Football League, was driving in the opposite direction, traveling on northbound I-880, when he struck a vehicle in front of him and lost control of his BMW 780 LI. As a result, Howard’s vehicle rolled over a median and violently collided with Liu’s vehicle head on. Liu and Howard were both killed upon impact. Liu’s estate sued Howard’s estate, alleging that Howard was negligent in the operation of his vehicle. Specifically, Liu’s estate claimed that Howard was traveling at an excessive rate of speed and failed to keep proper control of his vehicle. Howard’s counsel did not dispute liability., Liu sustained multiple traumatic and died upon impact. He was 64 years old. Liu was survived by a wife and child. Liu’s estate sought recovery of wrongful death damages for the family’s loss of Liu’s care, comfort and society. It also sought recovery of approximately $11,000 in funeral expenses. The plaintiff’s life care planning expert provided a written report evaluating the dollar value of the family’s loss of services. In addition, she estimated that Liu’s annual wages was approximately $45,000.
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