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anterior cruciate ligament, carpal tunnel syndrome, chest, knee, lateral meniscus, medial meniscus, neck, nerve, neurological, tear, wrist
On July 1, 2010, plaintiff John Perrillo, 56, a labor union worker, was driving his vehicle in the HOV lane of southbound Interstate 5 in San Diego when his vehicle collided with a vehicle operated by Evelyn Lickver. The collision then caused Lickver’s vehicle to strike another vehicle. Perrillo sustained to his neck, head, right hand and both knees. Perrillo sued Lickver, alleging motor vehicle negligence. Specifically, Perrillo claimed that Lickver negligently and unexpectedly entered into his lane of travel, causing the collision. Lickver admitted negligence., Following the accident, Perrillo claimed pain to his neck, both of his knees, his chest, forehead and numbness in his right, dominant hand. An MRI of his left knee showed mild to moderate loss of articular cartilage at the median ridge of the patella and an extensive horizontal tear throughout the lateral meniscus. An MRI of the right knee showed an extensive tear throughout the entire lateral meniscus; a horizontal tear on the inferior aspect of the mid-segment and posterior horn of the medial meniscus; a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament; and a moderate loss of articular cartilage at the median ridge and median articulating facet of the patella. An EMG of his hand showed moderate, right greater than left, median nerve entrapment at the wrist affecting sensory and motor components consistent with carpal tunnel syndrome. For repair, Perrillo underwent an arthroscopy of the right knee, and partial medial and lateral arthroscopic meniscectomies with ACL reconstruction of the left knee. He also underwent carpal tunnel surgeries on the right wrist. Perrillo sought approximately $118,000 in past medical costs, approximately $206,600 to $237,600 in future medical treatment, approximately $79,484 in estimated past loss of earnings, and approximately $206,600 to $237,600 in estimated future loss of earnings. He also claimed that his vehicle was deemed a total loss at $17,614.84. In addition, Perrillo’s wife, Jean Perrillo, sought recovery of damages for her loss of consortium.
Superior Court of San Diego County, Vista, CA

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