Doctor left in sponge during surgery, patient alleged -
Passenger claimed operator lost control of motorcycle -
Pedestrians struck on sidewalk by police car following rear-ender -
Plaintiff claimed meniscal tear after struck by shopping cart -
Truck driver claimed he was racially harassed by dispatcher -
Doctor denied stapling patient's ureter shut during surgery -
Collision caused injuries to spin and knee: claimants -
Officer demoted after speaking out about racial discrimination: suit -
Plaintiff bit on leg after striking dogs, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed flying metal struck him, causing injuries -
Defense: Manager fired for retaliating against supervisee -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused cervical injury -
Plaintiff claimed multiple vehicle crash aggravated neck pain -
Rear-end crash caused herniation, plaintiff claimed -
Improperly parked tractor-trailer contributed to fatal crash: parents -
Worker's negligent use of slicer caused own injury: defense -
Officer used unreasonable force in shooting son, father claimed -
Deputies' use of excessive force resulted in death, family claimed -
Driver claimed defective tire hub caused injury-related crash -
Plaintiff claimed company negligently staged robbery -
Manager sexually harassed female workers, EEOC alleged -
Man on adult tricycle claimed brain injury from crash -
Plaintiffs' own negligence caused explosion, defense argued -
Plaintiff alleged crash caused need for spinal fusions -
Plaintiff's teasing contributed to dog attack, defense argued -
Plaintiff had no proof of what caused fall, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from two separate crashes -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused injuries to her mouth and an eye -
ENT doctor denied transecting patient's nerves -
Injured nerves not near incision point, surgeon claimed -
Defense: Actress/singer exaggerated loss of earnings -
Driver failed to see manlift prior to impact, plaintiff claimed -
School administrators failed to respond to sexual abuse claims: suit -
Bicyclist: Wrist and shoulder injuries from truck crash -
Bicyclist: SUV's unsafe turn out of driveway caused collision -
Family witnessed decedent struck on dangerous roadway -
Plaintiff: Multiple-vehicle rear-ender caused spinal injuries -
Defendant denied making allegedly slanderous comment -
Plaintiff claimed U-Turn accident caused cervical injury -
Defense: Phlebotomist had history of poor performance -
Force used against plaintiff not excessive, defense argued -
Sales manager claimed employer discriminated against him -
Truck drivers claimed they were not paid for all work performed -
Plaintiffs struck by intoxicated driver claimed severe injuries -
Insurance carrier claimed issue not contested in bad faith -
Family claimed rear-ender by pickup led to fatal rollover -
Plaintiff: Accident with reversing SUV caused cervical herniation -
Scooter rider: Driver's failure to stop for stop sign caused crash -
Dangerously exposed fuel tanks caused fatal fire, family alleged -
Supplement caused kidney and liver failure, plaintiff alleged -
Truck driver's refusal to allow car to pass caused crash: suit -
Family: Police wrongfully shot man with submachine gun -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused spinal strains and sprains -
Falling debris caused shoulder injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Trolley passenger not injured by sudden stop, defense argued -
Students: District failed to supervise teacher despite complaints -
Pre-trip inspection would have prevented fatal crash: parents -
Scooter rider: Defendants failed to remove train tracks -
Tow cable accident aggravated shoulder injury, plaintiff claimed -
Defense argued rear-ender did not cause plaintiff's spinal pain -
Plaintiff claimed rotator cuff tear related to rear-end crash -
Plaintiff: Driver in course and scope of work at time of crash -
Patient: Dentist failed to timely diagnose and treat infection -
Plaintiff: Injuries from crash prevented him from working -
Plaintiff claimed officers used excessive force against him -
Ranch owner failed to provide safe workplace, plaintiff claimed -
Parents: Swim coach failed to save son at school pool party -
Knee injury not caused by second impact, defense argued -
EEOC: Job offer denied after discovery of disability -
EEOC: Employees harassed for speaking Spanish at work -
Operator claimed plaintiff ran in front of light rail vehicle -
Patient did not suffer injury from procedure, defense argued -
Juvenile hall failed to properly supervise wards: plaintiff -
Plaintiff: Sleep apnea caused by trip and fall over utility box -
Construction worker claimed brain injury aggravated diabetes -
Plaintiff continued to flee after being struck with baton: defense -
City claimed discipline of officer was properly imposed -
Plaintiff: Officers entered residence without a warrant -
Construction worker fatally stabbed at work site, family alleged -
Mother claimed jail denied her son access to medical care -
Collision with stopped vehicle caused brain injury: plaintiff -
Female firefighter claimed harassment from recruits -
Lifeguards' poor supervision resulted in death: parents -
Defense: Low-speed collision could not have caused injuries -
Intersection crash aggravated prior back condition, plaintiff alleged -
Doctor claimed prescription of wrist brace was appropriate -
Passenger claimed bus driver failed to secure his wheelchair -
Defense: Driver does not require surgery after initial treatment -
City claimed no prior notice of hole in sidewalk prior to fall -
Rear-end collision caused lumbar injury, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff complained of ongoing pain after intersection crash -
Plaintiff claimed tanker truck crash caused lasting injuries -
Cook claimed employer failed to pay for overtime -
Female mechanic claimed she was harassed at work -
Unmaintained sprinklers caused fall on ice, plaintiff claimed -
Defense: Lack of guardrail at location was reasonable -
Subdural hematoma not due to spinal anesthesia: defense -
Unsupervised student was sexually assaulted, mother alleged -
Negligent post-surgical care resulted in paralysis: patient -
Orchard grower told employees not to get pregnant: EEOC -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender aggravated her fibromyalgia -
Pedestrian struck in two-vehicle crash claimed ongoing pain -
Passenger claimed bus crash caused injuries to face -
School failed to prevent hazing of young soccer players: suit -
Spine surgeon: Use of implant did not cause patient's pain -
Passenger claimed out-of-control van caused arm fracture -
Defense claimed patient was appropriately cleared for knee surgery -
Parties disputed who caused multiple-vehicle rear-end crash -
Hospital owner defamed him with retaliatory actions: doctor -
Plaintiff alleged rear-end crash caused neck and back injuries -
Surgeon denied intentionally spraying plaintiff during surgery -
Plaintiff: Shooting seconds after opening door was excessive -
Supervisor denied pressuring plaintiff to convert to Islam -
Contractor failed to warn about asbestos dangers: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused multiple injuries -
Cook claimed company didn't pay him for overtime -
Officer claimed he shot plaintiff in self-defense -
Plaintiff claimed ongoing pain from ankle fracture -
Family claimed spinal injuries from crash with turning vehicle -
Fall through walkway caused chronic pain condition: plaintiff -
Mother alleged hit-and-run crash injured her and her son -
Rear-end crash caused injuries, plaintiffs claimed -
Plaintiff claimed officer used excessive force and broke arm -
Rear-end crash caused injuries to shoulder and spine: plaintiff -
Plaintiff: Job retaliated by changing shift assignment -
Pedestrian: Construction site left in dangerous condition -
Plaintiff blamed back, neck, shoulder injuries on rear-ender -
Passenger claimed driver's speeding caused crash -
Arrestee claimed detective used excessive force against him -
Collision from improper turn caused lumbar injury: plaintiff -
Plaintiffs claimed insurers had duty to defend -
Complex owner failed to maintain pest control: plaintiffs -
Plaintiff claimed herniated lumbar discs from rear-ender -
Cardiologist failed to monitor patient's Coumadin levels: suit -
Facility's lack of a defibrillator led to child's death: parents -
Failure to warn of loose mat caused fall down steps: plaintiff -
Technician claimed he was fired for taking FMLA leave -
Defense claimed landlord was unaware of dog's propensities -
Bus's operators claimed rider was not snared by closing doors -
Plaintiff: Employer failed to reasonably accommodate him -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed driver negligent for turn -
Motorcyclist struck head-on claimed multiple fractures -
Failure to timely clean up fallen fruit caused fall, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff's spinal injuries should have resolved, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed he was wrongfully jailed as suspect -
Employee fired for requesting medical leave, EEOC alleged -
Hospital did not accommodate her after on-the-job injury: plaintiff -
Plaintiffs claimed officers failed to properly monitor jail -
Company claimed it terminated employee due to lack of work -
Defense claimed no droplets on lobby floor after alleged fall -
Plaintiff not injured in auto accident, defense contended -
Plaintiff's dental treatment was benefit of job, defense claimed -
Defense: Plaintiff stopped vehicle abruptly prior to collision -
Teenager not armed with gun prior to shooting, family alleged -
Plaintiff claimed sheriff's deputy sexually assaulted in her home -
Tile edge constituted a trivial defect, defense argued -
Ranch owners took proper care of premises, defense argued -
Defense: Tie rod broke during rollover, not prior to crash -
Plaintiff claimed hip injury after neighbor's dog escaped yard -
Defense claimed tweet was an insult, not an allegation -
Failure to repair pothole caused scooter accident, plaintiff alleged -
Fall from van's ramp resulted in hip injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Patient's symptoms not due to testosterone therapy: defense -
Doctor: Perforation and hernia were known risks of procedure -
Employee drove with suspended license: defense -
Pedestrian hit by car claimed leg, hip and spleen injuries -
Plaintiff claimed similar injuries after prior crash, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender aggravated prior neck injury -
Managers' claimed they should have been paid for overtime -
Defense: High temperature not sign or symptom of embolism -
Caregivers claimed employer failed to prevent sexual harassment -
Busboy claimed he was paid below minimum wage for months -
Plaintiff: Driver should have seen white horse and avoided it -
Driver of turning vehicle denied any negligence in crash -
Plaintiffs claimed ongoing back and neck pain from crash -
Officers claimed shooting was due to decedent grabbing gun -
Plaintiff claimed dog attack resulted in arm deformity -
Child knew of sign before running into it, city claimed -
Defense: Student suffered no back injuries from bus braking -
Intersection crash caused hand and leg fractures: motorcyclist -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from collision after lane change -
Lack of feeding tube training caused stomach injury: suit -
Supervisor told to reject Middle Eastern and Indian customers: suit -
Plaintiff claimed dog charged her after she exited car -
Worker entered trench without authorization, defense argued -
Assistant dealt with months of inappropriate behavior: lawsuit -
Vehicle's unexpected left turn caused accident: scooter rider -
Eye problems occurred despite appropriate medical care: doctor -
Mom: Deputies fatally shot son while unnecessarily firing at dog -
Rear-end crash exacerbated spinal injuries, plaintiffs alleged -
Failure to timely treat bleeding mother resulted in death: suit -
Skateboarder claimed headaches after hit by car -
Physician group claimed doctor voluntarily resigned -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused need for future back surgery -
Slip and fall on spill caused injuries that led to death: family -
Plaintiff claimed wrongful detainment for more than 17 years -
Company denied notice of former employee's alleged disability -
Co-workers not disciplined because of race: plaintiff -
Defense claimed younger employee did not replace plaintiff -
Pedestrian claimed failure to repair sidewalk caused fall -
Crash involving illegal U-turn caused spinal injuries: plaintiff -
Fruit picker claimed work-related head injuries left her disabled -
Choice to shoot decedent was reasonable, officer claimed -
Defense: Plaintiff used stopped escalator, despite knowing risk -
Plaintiff had history of injury claims about same knee: defense -
Plaintiffs: Broadside crash caused shoulder and head injuries -
Plaintiff claimed injuries after struck by intoxicated driver -
Female farmworkers claimed supervisors sexually harassed them -
Patient ignored recommended treatment options, docs alleged -
Medical care disputed after construction worker's fall from roof -
Supervision of employee could have prevented sexual assault: teen -
Plaintiff claimed back and neck injuries from broadside crash -
Dancers claimed tips were illegally taken by club owner -
Auditor returning to work after stroke claimed harassment -
Woman claimed she was fired for bathroom breaks during pregnancy -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused back and neck injuries -
Plaintiff claimed lip scar from dog attack -
Defense: Tree trimming done properly, despite accident -
Surgeon: Decision to not perform further surgery was appropriate -
Promotion denial not due to race, defense argued -
Fire truck entered roadway in front of motorcycle: plaintiff -
Defense: Collision did not cause neck and back issues -
Soft-tissue injuries caused by slip in puddle, plaintiff claimed -
Deputies' inappropriate actions caused wrongful death: parents -
Patient died due to already weakened heart, doctor claimed -
Family claimed deputy was not in danger at time of shooting -
Pedestrian's inattention caused parking lot accident: defense -
Differences vary in measuring leg lengths, defense argued -
Failure to diagnose tuberculosis resulted in paralysis: student -
Defense claimed handyman unsafely set up ladder -
Plaintiff caused accident by obstructing visibility: defense -
Worker with disability allegedly not provided accommodation -
Crash caused concussion and aggravated anxiety: plaintiff -
Harassing comments made to motivate cadet, officer claimed -
Guest failed to take care when stepping onto wet patio: hotel -
Coach retaliated against for complaining of safety issues: suit -
Promotions denied based on gender: female firefighters -
Nets should have been installed on ATV, plaintiff contended -
Hip implant entered U.S. market untested, according to lawsuit -
Parents claimed driver ran red light, causing daughter's death -
Plaintiff claimed automobile collision caused tinnitus -
Plaintiff: Termination based on whistleblowing actions -
Plaintiff was forced to retire after reporting illegal activity: suit -
Improper supervision led to sexual assault: special needs student -
Car crash's parties both claimed right of way -
Counselor faced retaliation after complaining of harassment: suit -
Radiologist: X-ray properly assessed given info available -
Shooting due to decedent not following commands: defense -
Defense claimed employee was fired for poor performance -
Motorcyclist claimed right of way in intersection crash -
Plaintiff: Employer liable for drunk driver, even if off-the-clock -
Plaintiff claimed post-traumatic injuries from rear-end crash -
Defense claimed plaintiff's inattention caused fall -
Plaintiffs: Infestation not timely addressed, resulting in injuries -
Suit: Failure to safely plan dive resulted in catastrophic injuries -
Plaintiff: Asbestos-containing joint compounds caused cancer -
Maintenance of walkway did not cause plaintiff's fall: defense -
Nurse claimed deputy prevented her from tending to inmate -
Pregnant driver: Officers' force by during stop was excessive -
Plaintiff claimed back and neck injuries from rear-end collision -
Defendant shared nude photo in revenge, plaintiff claimed -
Bicyclist claimed motorist failed to drive at safe speed -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash caused spinal injuries -
Plaintiff: Job applicant denied interview due to hearing disability -
Plaintiff: Injuries from broadside crash affected ability to work -
Pedestrian struck by turning vehicle claimed knee injury -
Resident: Apartment complex failed to clean up oily stain -
Suspicions about teacher's aide led to termination: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed neck fracture from defendant's unsafe turn -
Teacher not rehired due to frightening student, defense claimed -
Hospital: Patient had decline in mental function before surgery -
Driver of city truck failed to look out for beachgoers: plaintiff -
Defense claimed dog did not approach plaintiff at front door -
Defective tire should not have been installed, plaintiff claimed -
Port terminal operator claimed no retaliation against trainee -
Plaintiff claimed toe fracture from employee's negligence -
Motorist's sudden lane change caused collision: motorcyclist -
Child and grandmother injured during unprovoked dog attack -
Fianc‚e claimed police opened fire on unarmed man -
Patient claimed failure to timely treat foot pain led to amputation -
Plaintiff claimed sideswipe crash caused lower back injury -
Plaintiffs: Property destroyed by neighbors after easement -
Failure to repair elevator resulted in knee problems: tenant -
Therapist claimed termination due to her being pregnant -
Asbestos caused testicular mesothelioma, plaintiff alleged -
Motorcyclist dragged by gas truck claimed serious leg injuries -
Patron claimed emotional distress from bouncers' attack -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused facet syndrome -
Suits: Church's failure to report incident led to future assaults -
Defense counsel argued knee injury not related to rear-ender -
Defense: Employee fired for misuse of corporate fuel card -
Mother: Autistic student died after using on-campus golf cart -
Facility overmedicated patient to restrain her, plaintiffs claimed -
Recycling machine defect caused injuries, worker claimed -
Wet floor signs not placed prior to fall, plaintiff claimed -
Officer's response to teen with gun was appropriate: defense -
Plaintiff instigated incident with bar's security guard: defense -
Prior disc injuries were aggravated by crash, per plaintiff -
Defense: Agents' search of home not unconstitutional -
Driver claimed bicyclist lost balance and fell -
Police misconduct investigator fired for making complaints: suit -
Family: Drunken driver solely to blame for fatally striking pedestrian -
Plaintiffs caused stability issues by modifying UTV: defense -
Surgeon: Patient did not have infection at time of second visit -
Mother and daughter claimed landlord continually harassed them -
Collision aggravated prior tibial fracture, plaintiff alleged -
School district ignored red flags about volunteer coach: students -
Plaintiff: Three-vehicle rear-ender caused multiple injuries -
Clerk claimed she was denied pregnancy accommodations -
Plaintiff: County's grooving of road caused intersection crash -
Defense disputed extent of pedestrian's alleged spinal injuries -
Broadside crash caused shoulder impingement: plaintiff -
Railroad claimed employee's doctor's note was not a treatment plan -
Plaintiff claimed debilitating back pain from fall from ladder -
Student had Valley Fever before presenting for care: defense -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused soft-tissue injuries -
Parents claimed defective rental caused son's death -
Defendant's employee caused fall by pulling tarp, plaintiff alleged -
Defense claimed patient's CT scan was interpreted properly -
Inaccurately reported payments damaged credit score: plaintiff -
Defense: Officers allowed to enter front porch to arrest plaintiff -
Family: Officers recklessly opened fire on unarmed man -
Plaintiff: Packing and gasket materials caused mesothelioma -
Suit: Pedestrian struck by taxi suffered multi-system trauma -
Plaintiff claimed tailor groped her during alteration -
Surgical complications caused no significant harm: defense -
Collision caused infections at breast implant site: plaintiff -
Parking lot accident caused spinal injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Doctor: Decision to terminate pregnancy was appropriate -
Plaintiff: Rear-end collision caused cervical spine injuries -
Teen confronted and shot by police without warning: parents -
Failure to repair dangerous hole caused ankle fracture: plaintiff -
Fall in reflecting pool caused ankle fracture, plaintiff claimed -
Crash caused aggravation of lower back condition: plaintiff -
Officers: No way to know plaintiff had bipolar disorder -
Plaintiff: Truck driver's unsafe turn caused moped crash -
Earlier diagnosis would not have prevented death: defense -
Producer fired after complaining of racial harassment: lawsuit -
Plaintiff: Physician failed to timely diagnose and treat stroke -
County failed to disclose sexual abuse history to adopter: suit -
Plaintiff: Truck collision caused shoulder and neck injuries -
Company claimed it tried to find accommodations for worker -
Plaintiff's unsafe lane change caused crash, defense argued -
Plastic surgeon denied puncturing hole during neck lift -
Defense claimed NCAA report did not defame football coach -
Car salesman: Discrimination because of vision impairment -
Roofing company denied plaintiff was an employee -
Driver's failure to notice railroad crossing resulted in death -
Plaintiff swerved in front of truck, causing crash: defense -
Plaintiff should have waited for bus to pass, defense argued -
Unmonitored dog bit child, mother claimed -
Head injury caused cognitive and emotional changes: teacher -
Plaintiffs: Tabletop firepot, gel fuel inherently dangerous -
Plaintiff: Pre-existing condition symptomatic after cash -
Plaintiff: Failure to maintain fence resulted in dog attack -
Plaintiff's chiropractic care was unnecessary, defense argued -
Hospital porters claimed they were mocked because of age -
No proof chemicals caused plaintiffs' cancer: manufacturer -
Failure to perform white blood cell count led to death: father -
Defense claimed patient not injured by blood draw -
Plaintiff claimed trip and fall on sidewalk caused knee injury -
Driver: Bicyclist unsafely changed lanes prior to collision -
Rear-end crash caused soft-tissue injuries, plaintiffs claimed -
Motorcyclist claimed van driver failed to yield the right of way -
Professor not granted tenure due to continuing concerns: defense -
Motorcyclist killed during incident with turning truck -
Neighbor knew shooting gun near home was dangerous: plaintiff -
Family claimed decedent died from police restraint -
Deputies' failure to diffuse situation resulted in death: family -
Doctor appropriate in reclosing wound, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Failure to maintained stairs resulted in injuries -
Mom and daughter claimed spinal injuries from head-on crash -
Plaintiffs claimed injuries from collision with uninsured driver -
School expelled him after father refused to sign letter: plaintiff -
Firefighter: Promotion denied after complaining about racial slurs -
Nerve injury a rare complication of vascular surgery: defense -
Plaintiff fired after alleging D.A. violated federal law: suit -
Plaintiff claimed driver had sufficient time to avoid impact -
School failed to provide traffic control inside courtyard: family -
Motorcyclist claimed accident led to spinal surgery -
Motorcyclists disputed cause of crash that injured passenger -
Patients claimed they were sexually assaulted at hospital -
Defense argued student was not sexually abused -
Custodians disliked being overseen by a supervisor: defense -
Defense denied accident caused traumatic brain injury -
Teenager: Police officer assaulted him at convenience store -
Defense claimed plaintiff's turning vehicle failed to yield -
Plaintiff claimed car crash led to severe headaches, neck pain -
Defense: Emotional distress caused by death and not burial -
Attorneys claimed wages owed after firm changed agreement -
Pedestrian claimed speeding car caused traumatic injuries -
Plaintiff claimed driver entered intersection on red light -
Plaintiff claimed he was fired for reporting HIPAA violation -
Failure to secure rug at store resulted in trip and fall: plaintiff -
Ultimatum email sent rather than accommodate plaintiff: suit -
Plaintiff: Collision caused loss of elbow's range of motion -
Mother: House occupants failed to prevent father from killing son -
Deputies fired 61 rounds when decedent reversed vehicle -
Plaintiff: Near head-on crash caused neck and shoulder pain -
Employer: Manager fired for outside work on company time -
Operator claimed defective hoist resulted in fall from height -
Riders ejected after motorcycle struck by car -
Plaintiff claimed company replaced her with younger male -
Plaintiff was sophisticated user of asbestos products: defense -
Defense claimed plaintiff's slick leather shoes caused fall -
Lack of security at apartment complex resulted in shooting -
Truck driver traveled too fast for the weather conditions: plaintiff -
Disabled adult appropriately removed from custody: defense -
Plaintiffs: Defendant's failure to stop caused multiple collisions -
Plaintiff claimed properly owner failed to repair unsafe door -
School paid male tutor more than female tutor, EEOC claimed -
Parents: Failure to ground electric equipment caused teen's death -
Bookkeeper: Termination based on vision impairment -
Plaintiffs claimed employers fired them after cancer diagnosis -
Motorcycle collison with bus caused multiple injuries: plaintiff -
Defense: Paint spray-gun was safe when cleaned properly -
Plaintiff claimed spine and hip injuries after being run off road -
Sideswipe accident caused knee injury, motorcyclist alleged -
Resident claimed exceedingly hot water caused burns -
Defense disputed which plaintiff was driving at time of crash -
Daughter: Assisted living facility failed to properly watch mother -
Auto accident caused neck injury, plaintiff claimed -
Pedestrian struck by vehicle claimed head and back injuries -
Plaintiff: Family friend's dog bit without provocation -
Dispatcher claimed city fired her for PTSD behavior -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused neck injury -
Defense claimed plaintiff had a history of pre-existing injuries -
Plaintiff caused own injuries by tripping in stairwell: defense -
Facility's negligent care caused decubitus ulcer, plaintiff alleged -
Alleged injury during surgery anatomically impossible: defense -
Officers' use of gun and Taser were excessive: bipolar woman -
Antique oven explosion caused blindness, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff allegedly fell off hotel balcony with short railing -
Men's club claimed parking lot condition was not dangerous -
Firefighters claimed city undercalculated overtime pay -
Bicyclist struck by truck suffered a traumatic brain injury -
Patient: Hospital's failure to contact him led to paralysis -
Father caused 5-year-old son's 20-foot fatal fall from crane: suit -
School district claimed attacker solely to blame for teen's death -
Defense denied employee started altercation with customer -
Driver claimed child ran into the side of her vehicle -
Plaintiff claimed motorist ran red light, caused accident -
Patient's death unrelated to hospital care, defense argued -
Patient claimed dentist failed to detect tumor from X-rays -
Rear-end accident caused neck injuries, claimant alleged -
Doc. followed requests and did not abandon patient: defense -
Defense: No retaliation after officer claimed timecard fraud -
Oncologist did not steer patient to start chemotherapy: defense -
Driver working in scope of employment caused crash: plaintiff -
Pedestrian claimed back injury after hit by passing vehicle -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused bulging lumbar disc -
Crash with speeding vehicle caused injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Parties disputed the extent of plaintiff's alleged injuries/care -
Defense argued plaintiff overtreated elbow injury -
Medical group: Employee fired for making HIPAA violations -
Employee: City had no basis for unreasonable demotion -
Radiologist properly interpreted thoracic spine study: defense -
Turning vehicle struck, resulting in injuries to its occupants -
Plaintiffs: Park owners failed to maintain hill for snow tubers -
Failure to timely repair sidewalk caused trip and fall: plaintiff -
Pedestrian stuck by light rail vehicle suffered severe injuries -
Plaintiff claimed injuries and PTSD from ex-boyfriend's assault -
Defense: Lack of handrail not unreasonably dangerous -
Shooting of previously shot suspect was excessive: mother -
Plaintiffs' ongoing pain not related to crash, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed unguarded skylight resulted in 20-foot fall -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end collision caused spinal injuries -
Plaintiffs claimed nonverbal lieutenant exam was discriminatory -
Sideswipe collision caused back injury, plaintiff claimed -
Driver's unsafe U-turn sole cause of crash, city's counsel argued -
Officer's use of force against plaintiff was excessive: suit -
Defendant claimed design of IV infusion pump did not infringe -
Plane's passenger claimed he was assaulted for using restrooms -
Injured bicyclists claimed pedestrians violated trail rules -
Driver denied hitting bicyclist, claiming she fell -
Medical office claimed it properly performed ultrasounds -
Employer failed to allow him to respond to complaint: plaintiff -
Failure to warn of asbestos content resulted in death: suit -
Plaintiff's inattention caused fall on walkway, defense argued -
Plaintiffs claimed company knew of driver's violent history -
Police officer: Punch to face was to stabilize resistant plaintiff -
Plaintiff's Tweets contradicted serious injury claims: defense -
Defective nail gun fired nail into head, plaintiff argued -
Plaintiffs claimed failure to barricade road caused crash -
Plaintiff: Failure to maintain highway's shoulder resulted in crash -
Driver swerved into bike lane, struck him and fled scene: bicyclist -
Truck salespeople were fired for poor performance: defense -
Plaintiff: Property owner liable for dangerous condition at party -
Daughter witnessed mother's death after struck in crosswalk -
EEOC: Longtime cashier fired after hypoglycemic attack -
Patient benefited from surgical procedure, surgeon claimed -
Husband and wife claimed rear-end crash caused injuries -
Truck's unsafe turn caused motorcyclist's fatal crash: family -
Defense claimed cortisone injection was unreasonable -
Family claimed unsafe passing caused fatal crash -
Employer denied any adverse action against former worker -
Friend' sexually battered her, teenager alleged -
Plaintiffs claimed spinal sprains and strains from rear-end crash -
Officers reasonable in detaining suspect, defense argued -
Driver unsafely pulled out from side street, plaintiffs claimed -
Defense claimed supervisor not fired due to sexual orientation -
Failure to perform timely MRI led to paraplegia, patient alleged -
Plaintiff's claim regarding fall location was inconsistent: defense -
Elderly woman blamed dog for injuries sustained in fall -
Pedestrian: Low sidewalk caused driver to hit him -
No evidence placement of screws caused paralysis: docs -
Plaintiff claimed injuries were caused by rear-end collision -
Patient alleged cardiologist failed to timely treat heart attack -
Uplifted section of roadway not a dangerous condition: defense -
Family claimed officer wrongfully shot unarmed teen -
Married couple both fractured wrist in intersection crash -
Hospital failed to implement fall precautions, patient claimed -
City: Proposal to terminate employee was conduct related -
Student claimed school officials failed to timely stop attack -
Deputy not discriminated based on military service: defense -
Doc fired for taking photos of alleged patient abuse, he claimed -
Indifference toward inmate's medical needs resulted in death: suit -
School not trained for medical emergencies, student alleged -
Rear-ender on highway caused back injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Sergeant: Work refused return until after three psych exams -
Defense claimed tree well cover was not a dangerous condition -
Plaintiff claimed arrest and search of home were unlawful -
Plaintiff claimed vision and hearing injuries from crash -
Damaged sprinkler head caused trip and fall, plaintiff claimed -
Panel members did not know of applicant's complaints: defense -
Company singled her out as the only female investigator: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed open stairwell not guarded at construction site -
Inmate not checked on by jail staff or nurse, family claimed -
Defense: Store employee warned plaintiff about aisle -
Suit: Defendant's collision with parked vehicle caused injuries -
Rear-end collision caused neck injury, plaintiff claimed -
Muslim security guard: Co-workers made racist comments -
Plaintiff claimed multiple impact rear-ender caused neck injury -
Plumber's cancer not linked to asbestos, defense maintained -
Reversing vehicle caused crush injuries, firefighter alleged -
Servers claimed they were paid below minimum wage -
Motorists disputed cause of fatal collision with motorcyclist -
Plaintiff will need future care due to crash-related injuries: suit -
Hand problems not caused by post-operative care: doctors -
Defense claimed bicyclist's speeding caused collision -
Defense claimed plaintiffs had no future medical needs -
Firm sought payment despite release agreement: developer -
Hotel denied repair-worker breathed hazardous substance -
Plaintiff's minor injuries should have resolved, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed motorcycle crash caused hip and knee injuries -
Deputies claimed pepper spray used to subdue irate shopper -
Rear-ender aggravated prior spinal condition, plaintiff alleged -
Motorcyclist claimed deputy's lane change caused accident -
Motorist claimed truck driver ran red light, causing crash -
Fall down dangerous stairs resulted in amputation: claimant -
Compromised rail caused truck to fall from bridge: driver -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused traumatic brain injury -
Defense denied plaintiff suffered a brain injury from crash -
Defense: Knee alignment was within acceptable limits -
Plaintiff claimed lumbar injury when struck by turning car -
Extubation did not cause patient's death, doctor claimed -
Teen struck by vehicle claimed traumatic brain injury -
Bus driver struck man during unsafe turn, lawsuit alleged -
Plaintiff's alleged injuries not caused by crash, defense argued -
Child's birth defects not linked to mother's employment: defense -
Multiple vehicle crash caused cervicogenic headaches: suit -
Suit: Work discriminated against police captain's age and religion -
Child struck by vehicle in road, driver claimed not to see him -
Plaintiff claimed multiple injuries from forklift accident -
Female with less experience chosen for promotion: plaintiff -
Company misclassified him as an exempt employee: plaintiff -
Defense: Highway patrol had probable cause for arrest -
Pedestrian pinned by vehicle required leg amputation -
Boss claimed affair consensual and job abandoned -
Decedent's chest pain due to prior neck condition: doctor -
Father alleged attorney assaulted him at office -
Failure to maintain parking lot caused trip over curb: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed officer issued no warning before shooting -
Plaintiff: Other driver turned in front of her and caused crash -
Parties disputed severity of alleged injuries after collision -
Employer failed to pay overtime and provide rest periods: suit -
Family: Hospital failed to recognize fetal distress prior to delivery -
Plaintiff claimed exposure to asbestos in wires caused cancer -
Defendant claimed reversing vehicle did not strike plaintiff -
Patient claimed doctor failed to diagnose new fractures -
Plaintiff's injuries not caused by arrest, defense argued -
Defense: Plaintiff's injuries unrelated to police incident -
Caregiver claimed client's attacks caused strokes -
Bicyclist claimed wrist, head and shoulder injuries from crash -
Defense claimed request to retake test was not retaliation -
Detention officer fired after disclosing work restrictions: lawsuit -
Driver of pickup ran red light, causing crash: garbage truck driver -
Defense disputed crash caused plaintiffs' alleged injuries -
Plaintiff claimed ongoing neck issues after rear-end accident -
Doctor denied responsibility for infant's brain injury -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed limited use of arm -
Rear-end collision caused shoulder injury, plaintiff claimed -
Respondent failed to stop at stop sign, claimant alleged -
Motorcyclist suffered four fractures in collision with car -
Wife: Infection caused delay in treating husband's lung cancer -
Lack of guardrails on school's bleachers caused fall: student -
Sanitation truck drivers claimed city controlled meal breaks -
Defense denied stealing interior and exterior of Town Car -
Teen claimed she was raped by police detective -
Plaintiff: Husband exposed as boilermaker to asbestos -
Crash did not cause plaintiff's shoulder injury, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed turning tractor-trailer caused disabling injuries -
Restaurant decreased hours after learning of pregnancy: suit -
Defense: Company did not have to accept worker's offer -
Family claimed officer could have used less lethal force -
Inmate claimed he was not protected during jail riot -
Plaintiff: Inattentive day care worker missed sexual assault -
Plaintiff's spinal injuries should have resolved, defense argued -
Rear-end crash caused back and neck injuries: plaintiffs -
Motorist claimed cervical injuries from rear-end crash -
Motorcyclist claimed injuries from taxi's unsafe actions -
Mother and daughter burned from hot water at restaurant -
Second crash caused more serious back injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Failure to maintain fire safety items resulted in injuries: plaintiffs -
Defense claimed no need to warn of stopped escalator -
Caregiver claimed she was paid less than minimum wage -
Firefighter claimed coworkers harassed him about prior suit -
Family: Bowling balls' asbestos caused decedent's cancer -
Plaintiff alleged fire caused arm burn and emotional distress -
Defense: Former smoker's habits cause of cancer -
Surgery appropriate for patient with pelvic pain, doctor claimed -
EEOC: City did not hire applicants who were over 50 -
Asbestos dust from brake pads caused lung cancer: lawsuit -
Failure to repair raised sidewalk caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
Company claimed property manager did not work overtime -
Former NBA star denied assaulting female companion -
Plaintiff: Improperly maintained complex resulted in fall -
Plaintiff: Rear-end collision caused by speeding defendant -
Puddle from leaking product caused fall, plaintiff claimed -
Driving instructor sexually assaulted her, teenager alleged -
Plaintiff knowingly put himself in front of truck's tires: defense -
Defense: Tire not discovered defective until after crash -
Clinical director fired after raising concerns at boys center: suit -
Manager: Company replaced him with younger employee -
Passenger claimed drivers of bus and truck were both negligent -
Roadway's condition caused drowning in flash flood: family -
Defense disputed alleged assault by opposing attorney -
Dentist claimed no sign of infection at time of extraction -
High-speed rear-ender caused head and neck injuries: plaintiff -
Failure to warn of narrowing shoulder caused fatal crash: family -
Plaintiff claimed liquid on bodega's floor caused fall -
Driver failed to stop for red turning arrow, claimant alleged -
Inconsistent medical notes kept plaintiff from working: defense -
Suit: Student allowed to exit bus unattended despite warnings -
Daughter: Facility could not care for mother with severe dementia -
Plaintiffs struck by van claimed they suffer ongoing distress -
Company denied knowledge of doctor administering propofol -
Intra-operative examination of rotator cuff revealed tear: doc -
Crash caused only minor spinal injuries, defense argued -
Defense disputed seriousness of injuries from rollover crash -
No link to asbestos products and plaintiff's illness: defense -
Motorcyclist claimed contact with SUV knocked him down -
Crash occurred before officer had contact with plaintiffs: defense -
Passenger's fall occurred in absence of negligence: bus co. -
Veteran female police officer passed over due to gender: suit -
Failure to checked on mother in jail's safety cell led to death: sons -
Suit: Assignment of helper not reasonable accommodation -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from X-ray machine falling on head -
Tenants did not complain until rent was increased: defense -
Motorcyclist claimed accident could not have been avoided -
Valet not to blame for car rolling backward, defense argued -
Driver's speed and inattention caused rear-ender: plaintiff -
Rear-end collision caused cervical injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Defense: Officers had probable cause in questioning passenger -
Plaintiff could have avoided crash, if paying attention: defense -
Defense: Minor crash could not have caused alleged injuries -
Plaintiff raped in hotel room after key obtained from front desk -
Plaintiffs claimed defendant ran stop sign and caused crash -
Defense claimed search of home did not harm business or child -
Plaintiff: E-cigarette battery lacked warning about explosion -
Plaintiff pushed in front of car and beaten, suit alleged -
Plaintiff claimed failure to warn of open hatch door, caused fall -
Mother: Officer knew of her son's suicidal tendency -
Plaintiff claimed officers failed to double-check old warrant -
Rear-end crash caused soft-tissue spinal injuries: plaintiff -
Plaintiff: Fall during medical transport caused neck fracture -
Plaintiff: Misclassification resulted in no overtime wages -
Lawsuit: Unarmed man was shot 18 times by police -
Plaintiff: Hours changed after making sexual harassment complaints -
Dust from orchard resulted in multiple vehicle crash: family -
Decedent fought with officer before shooting, defense alleged -
Condo security failed to stop abuse from husband, wife alleged -
Secretary: City fired her for filing discrimination complaint -
Plaintiff claimed accident caused shoulder injuries -
Motorist ran stop sign, causing motorcyclist's fatal crash: parents -
Rear-ending of parked truck caused spinal injuries: plaintiff -
Passenger injured in crash where drivers each claimed right of way -
Passenger claimed arm injuries from bus's sudden stop -
Head-on collision caused lumbar injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed lumbar hernation, soft-tissue injuries -
Defense disputed plaintiff's version of apartment complex incident -
Construction worker claimed he requires future care for TBI -
Plaintiff's mesothelioma not caused by alleged products: defense -
Family: Nanny struck decedent while in scope of employment -
Plaintiff claimed defendant caused crash by failing to yield -
Plaintiff claimed dark entrance caused trip over ledge -
Plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries from sideswipe crash -
Inmate pepper sprayed due his refusal to be handcuffed: officers -
Family claimed bus's missing wheel guard caused death -
Janitors claimed they were not paid proper wages or overtime -
Defense disputed extent of plaintiff's alleged neck injury -
Hip condition made worse by undocumented fall: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused injuries to teeth and back -
Student claimed school failed to investigate alleged rape -
Plaintiff alleged earlier MRI would have detected cancer -
Patient: Attending physician failed to diagnose blocked graft -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender caused back injuries and memory loss -
Extremely minor impact did not cause injuries alleged: defense -
Spiritual advisor forcibly touched religious follower: suit -
Defense: Plaintiff not harassed for seeking accommodation -
Collision with dump truck driver caused back injuries: plaintiff -
Diver retaliated against after reporting improper activities: suit -
Plaintiff claimed security saw assault, but failed to intervene -
Plaintiff claimed hidden wires on nightclub stage caused fall -
Rear-ender caused spinal injury and vehicle damage: plaintiff -
Suit: Failure to inspect scaffold installation resulted in fatal fall -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender aggravated prior thumb injury -
Passenger claimed accident caused bulging lumbar discs -
Family: Bulldozer's restraint system defectively designed -
Plaintiff claimed railway failed to repair known walkway hazards -
Failure to cover floodgate post hole caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
Probationary driver separated after driving incidents: defense -
Defense counsel argued crash did not cause plaintiff's injuries -
Plaintiff: Failure to properly set wheelchair's brakes caused fall -
Witnesses claimed they saw no excessive force from officers -
Police: Decedent reached for waistband, prompting shooting -
Intersection collision caused ongoing spinal pain: plaintiff -
Forces in crash would not have caused injuries, defense argued -
Defense: Common bile duct injury is known risk of surgery -
Defense: Heavy equipment repair shop not liable for fall -
Intersection crash caused neck injury, plaintiff driver claimed -
Employee fired for expense report problems, not disability: defense -
Plaintiffs claimed they were fired for bringing up misconduct -
Park knew of maintenance issues with ride, plaintiff alleged -
Pedestrian claimed driver on cell phone caused accident -
Plaintiff claimed she was fired after reporting sexual harassment -
Defense claimed plaintiffs exaggerated injuries from crash -
Plaintiff required only a toe fusion, not an arthroplasty: defense -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused lower back injury -
Surgeon: No reason to suspect dehydration from info provided -
Inmate claimed deputies beat him in the jail yard -
Plaintiffs each claimed injuries from multiple vehicle crash -
Defense claimed plaintiff's injuries should have resolved -
Motorcyclist claimed bicyclist's unsafe turn caused collision -
Low speed crash did not cause or aggravate back injury: defense -
Radially placed stent was within standard of care: cardiologist -
Pedestrian claimed accident caused brain and hip injuries -
Officer not responsible for man's ulna fracture: defense -
Cemetery headstone was not a dangerous condition: defense -
Employer failed to pay wages owed, tax preparers claimed -
Pedestrian struck on highway on-ramp claimed area dangerous -
Plaintiff never recovered from previous pelvic injury: defense -
Driver claimed broadside crash caused head and back injuries -
Employees claimed restaurant owner committed wage theft -
Passenger claimed bus driver's excessive speed caused injury -
Force used only after inmate failed to comply, officers alleged -
Rear-ender caused ongoing back and neck pain: plaintiffs -
Worker fired after cooperating with audit investigators: lawsuit -
Driver claimed bicyclist struck his stopped sport utility vehicle -
Mother claimed coroner cremated body without proper notification -
Defendant denied plaintiff hurt hand inside moving pickup -
Surgeon claimed tenting of patient's skin was relieved -
Garbage truck could have avoided crash, plaintiff claimed -
Passenger claimed four cervical bulges in rear-ender -
Motorcyclist: Vehicle's improper lane change caused back injury -
Lack of slip-resistant material on loading dock caused fall: suit -
Plaintiff claimed lack of railings on stairs contributed to fall -
Customer claimed store failed to timely clean up water -
Plaintiff claimed officers caused multiple head injuries -
Deputies: Shooting of decedent with knife was justified -
Suit: Cab driver to blame for pedestrian hit in intersection -
Decedent shot after charging deputies with knife: defense -
Prisoner: Correctional officer punched him multiple times -
Improper security at center led to molestation, minor claimed -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused headaches that need future care -
Defense claimed minor impact could not have caused injuries -
Plaintiff claimed worsening back attributed to collision -
Cosmetic talc did not cause mesothelioma, defense argued -
Officers used excessive force on man in mental crisis: family -
Plaintiff claimed employers failed to accommodate her disability -
Teen crossing roadway struck by inattentive driver: suit -
Plaintiff claimed wireless workers failed to secure ladder -
Plaintiff claimed back and neck injuries attributed to collision -
Landlord interrupted electricity and laundry before eviction: suit -
Asbestos-containing talc caused mesothelioma: plaintiff -
Husband's horseplay with ice caused wife's fall, defense argued -
Defense argued incident was fabricated and not work-related -
Patient failed to follow up despite various requests: defense -
Collision caused need for cervical fusion, plaintiff claimed -
Independent contractor was in best position to assess risks: defense -
Newspaper failed to pay for overtime work, plaintiff alleged -
Restaurant managers claimed misclassified as exempt -
Fall in pothole caused knee injuries, pedestrian claimed -
Plaintiffs claimed forces in rear-end collision caused injuries -
Plaintiff denied overtime based on seniority, defense claimed -
Intersection crash caused back and neck injuries: plaintiff -
Plaintiff had notice of mopped floor, defense argued -
School district failed to investigate complaints: plaintiffs -
Hospital: Patient's postsurgical activity not cause of bad result -
Woman claimed brain injury from church bus collision -
Plaintiff: Failure to replace worn concrete caused slip and fall -
Plaintiff was not cooperative, resulting in arrest: defense -
Eye surgeries met standard of care, ophthalmologist claimed -
Defense claimed customer did not slip on water, but lost balance -
Doctor: Decedent's virus was a rare, unforeseen outcome -
Defense claimed C-section option discussed prior to birth -
Postal worker claimed sidewalk's height differential caused fall -
Pedestrian failed to check for oncoming traffic, defense alleged -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from trip and fall over 'stump' -
Parents claimed intoxication of son's driver caused fatal crash -
Landlords failed to remediate rental home, tenants alleged -
Multiple vehicle crash caused knee and spine injuries: plaintiff -
Caregivers: Residential care homes did not provide breaks -
Plaintiff fractured teeth prior to alleged incident: supermarket -
Officers' battered him after barging into apartment: plaintiff -
Plaintiff: Dangerous condition of unpaved lot resulted in accident -
Defense claimed plaintiff made unsafe turn, causing crash -
Inaccurate report of fire caused firefighter's death: family -
Defense: Employee not terminated because of disability -
Operators of hosting service denied sexual battery of student -
Defense: Perforation of colon could not have been prevented -
Underinsured motorist caused ongoing pain: passenger -
Deputies entered shack without warning and shot them: couple -
Pipe supplier responsible for decedent's cancer, family claimed -
Patient: Dermatologist failed to properly treat photodermatitis -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused traumatic brain injury -
School retaliated for taking medical leave, teacher claimed -
Plaintiff: Fall due to puddle from motel's air conditioner -
Building owners denied stairs were cluttered after initial complaint -
Defendant claimed he punched laborer in self-defense -
Patient's cystic duct leak a known risk of surgery: defense -
Plaintiff's excessive speed caused crash, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed multiple vehicle rear-ender caused bulging disc -
Plaintiff claimed attack caused permanent facial injuries -
Plaintiffs claimed multiple injuries after truck ran red light -
Crash caused ongoing pain to back, shoulder and elbow: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused bulging disc -
Rear-end crash caused lumbar, head and elbow injuries: plaintiff -
Brake grinder not responsible for plaintiff's lung cancer: defense -
Store manager forced to quit after continual sexual harassment: suit -
Breathing tube negligently removed during ambulance ride: lawsuit -
Car crash's parties both alleged right of way at four-way stop -
Suit: Employee not paid proper wages or returned to schedule -
Company claimed technician was fired for inappropriate behavior -
Defense: Plaintiffs terminated for legitimate business reasons -
Failure to timely adjust monitor, caused ankle injury: plaintiff -
Customer claimed back injury from slip on porta potty liquid -
Dentist: Implants can fail despite viable reconstruction -
Defense claimed sidewalk's defect was trivial -
Failure to maintain sink, caused its collapse, child claimed -
Excessive force used against mentally ill inmate: lawsuit -
Suspect struck with baton claimed police used excessive force -
Police officer denied causing plaintiff's injuries during arrest -
Drunken driver to blame for fiery crash, passenger alleged -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end collision caused injuries -
City employee: Hostile work environment by council member -
Defense: Patron had to be restrained after attempted theft -
Hospital and doctors failed to diagnose aneurysm: suit -
Doctors properly diagnosed patient's rare condition, defense argued -
Failure to repair center median caused amputation: motorcyclist -
Plaintiff claimed officer lacked basis to arrest or detain him -
Fall due to plaintiff's impaired vision and hearing: defense -
Sergeant failed to recognize signs of heat stroke: family -
Plaintiff: Crash with underinsured driver caused cardiomyopathy -
Doc claimed subsequent tumor not there during first surgery -
Detective denied falsifying statements during investigation -
No proof deli knew about fallen patio chair, defense claimed -
Plaintiff claimed he lost position after reporting concerns -
Driver didn't yield to police car with lights and sirens: defense -
Decedent died while being restrained at jail, plaintiff alleged -
Hospital had no reason to drug test plaintiff after accident: suit -
Defense: Fitness club not liable for members' outside relationship -
Rear-ender caused neck and back injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Worker turned on conveyor belt without warning, plaintiff claimed -
Excessive force used when he refused medical attention: man -
Crosswalk's negligent design resulted in fatal crash, family claimed -
Plaintiffs' alleged injuries not caused by rear-ender: defense -
Skier claimed construction of staging area caused accident -
Plaintiff alleged rear-end crash injured back -
Plaintiff: Deputy's unsafe left turn caused collision -
Plaintiff claimed back fractures from collision with turning SUV -
Suit: Longshoreman exposed to asbestos in ship engine rooms -
Plaintiffs claimed emotional distress from bed bug issue -
Patient claimed bacterial infection from knee surgery -
Defense claimed passenger's injuries not caused by crash -
Pedestrian claimed passenger battered her, causing injuries -
Family claimed failure to install median barrier caused fatal crash -
Plaintiff: Negligently displayed cans caused head injuries -
Speeding motorcycle could not be avoided, defense argued -
Railroad employee claimed accident aggravated back condition -
Plaintiff: Company failed to engage in interactive process -
Changes in department due to workload, defense argued -
Plaintiff's shoulder injury not caused by collision: defense -
Plaintiff: Homeowners could have cheaply illuminated ditch -
Plaintiff claimed reversing vehicle struck him -
Teacher retaliated against for reporting alleged child abuse: suit -
Plaintiff: Police used excessive force and falsely arrested him -
Plaintiff entered intersection against red light, defense argued -
Suit: Apartment heater caused carbon monoxide poisoning -
Plaintiffs: Party host failed to protect guests from attack -
Bicyclist, struck by car, alleged injuries, miscarriage as result -
Disneyland patron could not prove cause of fall: defense -
Manufacturer of limousine not to blame for fatal fire: defense -
Building owner claimed no knowledge of defective furnace -
Teen struck at bus stop suffered traumatic amputation -
Lack of full facts changed reading of CT scan: radiologist -
Plaintiff did not follow doctors' orders, defense argued -
Motorcyclist claimed teenager ran red light and caused crash -
Defense: Plaintiff exaggerated her symptoms following crash -
Casino denied plaintiff's claim of slippery bathroom floor -
Mother alleged teenager held at facility despite court order -
Defense: Tenants not exposed to asbestos from fire or cleanup -
Employee claimed supervisor ignored accommodation requests -
Surgeon's technique was appropriate, defense argued -
Tree fell on children outside of museum, causing injuries -
Deputies' own actions triggered holstered guns, defense argued -
Custodian claimed deputy in courtroom pointed gun at him -
Car crash caused neck and back injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Driver and passenger both claimed back and neck injuries -
Plaintiff: Roommate gained access to bank account, spent money -
Passenger claimed eye and back injuries from bus accident -
Passenger claimed hip fracture from fall on bus -
Plaintiff lost control of bicycle and struck door, driver claimed -
Plaintiff had no medical proof of her injuries, defense argued -
Parties in head-on crash dispute who crossed centerline -
Defense: Insurer accepted demand before pedestrian lawsuit -
Crash caused chronic pain and psychological problems: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed malignant cancer caused by talc exposure -
Bicyclist claimed driver sideswiped him -
Plaintiff claimed she was fired for complaining about supervisor -
Bicyclist claimed driver did not stop at stop sign -
Occupants of SUV blamed ambulance for rear-ender -
Plaintiff claimed automobile collision caused back injuries -
Dental damage not caused by removal of brackets: defense -
Defense: University did not breach patient confidentiality -
Plaintiff should not have been standing in roadway: defense -
Tenant responsible for ice removal, homeowners claimed -
Defense: Plaintiff stood in front of system, despite warning -
Defense claimed injuries not caused by minor crash -
Broadside crash caused need for back surgery: claimant -
Plaintiff walked around caution sign prior to fall, defense argued -
Defense claimed pothole not a dangerous condition -
Apartment owner claimed no notice of defective threshold -
Plaintiff claimed soap spill not timely cleaned up in food court -
Cancer not present during 2008 colonoscopy, defense argued -
Plaintiff's injuries not as severe as alleged, defense argued -
Suit: Plaintiff retaliated against for reporting sexual harassment -
Tenant claimed landlord failed to repair damage to apartment -
City denied notice of sidewalk damage or planting strip hole -
Broadside crash caused permanent brain injury: plaintiff -
Defense: Homeowner had other issues prior to fire in yard -
County medical staff failed to properly monitor decedent: suit -
Plaintiffs: Tractor-trailer failed to brake for broken-down pickup -
Deputies used excessive force in dealing with patient: suit -
Plaintiff claimed back, hip and head injuries require future treatment -
Plaintiffs: Multiple vehicle rear-end crash caused spinal injuries -
Parents: Dangerous crosswalk resulted in daughter's death -
Wheelchair-bound plaintiff claimed accident affected mobility -
Taxi driver accelerated before it was safe to do so: passenger -
Chiropractor denied negligence in performing adjustments -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused shoulder and cervical injuries -
Car's driver solely to blame for rear-end crash: motorcyclist -
Plaintiff: Tractor-trailer rear-ender caused lower back injury -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused foot fracture -
Underinsured driver ran red light, causing crash: claimant -
Failure to warn of open trapdoor caused fall, plaintiff claimed -
Lawsuit: Social media used for defamation following altercation -
Passenger: Breast implant leakage caused by collision -
Clinic claimed it properly placed intrauterine device -
Chiropractor did not make patient's pain worse: defense -
Injured police officer claimed city failed to accommodate him -
Defense claimed plaintiff's injuries were subjective -
Passengers claimed bus's unsafe start caused injuries -
Rear-ender caused need for lumbar fusion, plaintiff alleged -
Fall in bathtub caused ongoing lower back pain, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused protruding lumbar discs -
Defense: Prisoner failed to cooperate with medical care -
Fall from ladder caused injuries that led to infection: plaintiff -
Shopper's fall did not cause alleged lumbar injury: defense -
Plaintiff claimed soft tissue injuries from multiple vehicle cash -
Plaintiff alleged rear-ender caused neck, back injuries -
Brain damage is inherent risk of shunt placement, defense argued -
Attorney claimed she was harassed about pregnancy -
Store denied supplying furniture products infested with bedbugs -
Plaintiffs claimed injuries from collision with reversing vehicle -
Rear-end crash did not cause plaintiff's injuries, defense alleged -
Multiple vehicle rear-ender caused cervical injury: plaintiff -
Worn away non-slip surface on pool deck caused fall: plaintiff -
Collision with calf caused injuries, motorcyclists' alleged -
Plaintiff claimed dealership shouldn't have sold him vehicle -
Defense: Brakes and flooring did not cause mesothelioma -
Malfunction of railcar's cut lever caused fall, switchman claimed -
Prisoner claimed excessive force during handcuffing -
Family: Highway's dangerous crosswalk caused fatal crash -
Patron claimed fall over step in restaurant caused arm fracture -
Plaintiff: Defendant fled scene after parking lot collision -
Doctor adequately treated prison inmate, defense argued -
Seasoned motorcyclist: Crash caused by slick spot, not speed -
Plaintiff claimed employer liable for employee's head-on crash -
Skateboarder 'bombing' on road collided with turning vehicle -
Restaurant claimed runner did not pose a tripping hazard -
Officers: Force appropriate due to plaintiff reaching for gun -
Plaintiff claimed need for neck surgery due to freeway collision -
Claimant fired after complaining of racial comment: EEOC -
Plaintiff claimed back and neck injuries from rear-ender -
Mechanical failure caused sudden lane change: defense -
Shopper claimed permanent shoulder injury from fall on wet floor -
Crash-related injuries caused loss of business: motorcyclist -
No evidence pothole existed at time of accident, state claimed -
Owner failed to properly install and inspect fire alarms: plaintiff -
Laborer required multiple rehabilitation facilities after fall -
Defense: Officer appropriately responded to approaching man -
Plaintiffs: Driver's unsafe speed during sunset caused accident -
Defense claimed police officer acted in self-defense -
Passenger: Crash caused shoulder and neck injuries -
Pedestrian claimed knee injuries after vehicle struck her -
Driver claimed child darted into street from between vehicles -
Doctors claimed MRA study detected no abnormalities -
Car accident crushed plaintiff's femoral artery, lawsuit alleged -
Student struck in crosswalk claimed numerous injuries -
Officer acted in self-defense after commands went ignored: defense -
Loosening component a known risk of knee surgery: defense -
Wife claimed husband posed no threat prior to being shot -
Couple claimed security guards failed to prevent attack -
Mother not at high risk for baby suffering birth injury: defense -
School district failed to prevent student's sexual assault: suit -
Sport utility vehicle injured pedestrians on sidewalk -
Inmate claimed prison guards organized assault in retaliation -
Promotion of officer not a ratification of prior conduct: defense -
Plaintiff's injuries not a result of rear-ender, defense argued -
Family blames police for tow truck driver's death -
County didn't properly address child-abuse claims, suit alleged -
Fall in hotel lobby aggravated prior knee condition: plaintiff -
Police department: Harassment complaints timely addressed -
Hotel's failure to repair drainage cover resulted in fall: plaintiff -
School properly monitored wrestling camp, defense argued -
Defense: Subsequent injuries a result of pre-existing conditions -
Employer failed to prevent sexual harassment, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused need for lumbar surgery -
Knee injury not caused by alleged fall, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed driver's failure to secure wheelchair caused fall -
Van driver's unsafe lane change caused accident: motorcyclist -
Officer ran red light, causing intersection crash, plaintiff alleged -
Passenger: Intersection crash caused pelvic and brain injuries -
Sons: No gun found near or on father at time of police shooting -
Man with disabled motorcycle seriously injured when struck -
Student: School didn't intervene during illegal wrestling move -
Truck driver caused crash by crossing into opposite lane: bicyclist -
Claimant alleged cervical injuries from interstate crash -
Customer: Failure to warn of mopped floor caused fall -
Passenger claimed multiple vehicle crash aggravated prior injuries -
Plaintiff claimed nerve was severed during tooth extraction -
Ice cream spill in food court was open and obvious: defense -
Juvenile facility failed to monitor suicidal teen, parents claimed -
Plaintiff claimed broadside collision caused back injury -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender aggravated spine and caused thumb injury -
Rear-ender caused need for future back surgeries: plaintiff -
Female fire captain subjected to years of harassment: lawsuit -
Passenger claimed neck injury from broadside accident -
Plaintiff: Wheelchair agent not trained on safety -
Defense denied customer fell at alleged location -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused spinal injuries -
Rear-ender aggravated lower back condition, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff: Sander operator required to follow Vehicle Code -
Over-watered plants caused slipping hazard on sidewalk: suit -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash caused spinal injuries -
Defense argued passenger had gaps in treatment -
Restaurant denied waitresses were discriminated against -
Employees: Management officials used racial slurs -
Parents: Officer fatally shot son while safely away from vehicle -
Family: No speed reduction posted near school caused fatal crash -
Defense argued plaintiff fell due to fainting or seizure -
Inattentive bus driver caused crash, plaintiffs claimed -
Defense: Pedestrian suddenly entered road, causing accident -
Employer retaliated against her for taking medical leave: plaintiff -
Motorcyclist: Driver with learner's permit made unsafe left turn -
Plaintiff claimed sidewalk drop off violated building code -
City claimed rear-ender caused its employee's injuries -
Family claimed employer liable for driver that caused fatal crash -
Defense claimed plaintiff's alleged injuries pre-existed fall -
Motorcycle crash caused multiple injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Rear-ender caused by truck driver's excessive speed: plaintiffs -
Patient claimed dental office failed to resolve dental pain -
Kids struck in crosswalk blamed driver and roadway markings -
Plaintiff claimed food poisoning from contaminated sushi roll -
Patient's death during surgery not caused by malpractice: defense -
Employee claimed boss sexually harassed her during business trips -
Emergency physician denied X-rays were misread -
Motorcyclist claimed car struck knee during illegal U-turn -
Plaintiff alleged hostile work environment caused early retirement -
Passenger: Future care needed for traumatic brain injury -
Defense: Instructor fired for absence, not complaint -
Pedestrian did not have enough time to cross intersection: suit -
Parties dispute fault for plaintiff's fall down unlit stairs -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender caused head, spine and leg injuries -
Defense: Seat design did not cause plaintiff's brain injury -
Plaintiff claimed tractor-trailer driver failed to yield right of way -
Plaintiff: Truck driver crossed double yellow line, causing crash -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused neck and back injuries -
Rear-end collision caused need for future surgery: claimant -
Driver claimed pedestrian darted out into street -
Officer: Decedent's sudden movements led to shooting -
Suit: Academy officer sexually harassed and assaulted minor -
Failure to warn of dangerous drop off caused fall, plaintiff claimed -
Unsafe lane change caused injuries to hand and knees: suit -
Father fatally shot while running from police, claimed son -
Neurosurgeon negligently removed shunts, patient alleged -
Plaintiff claimed multiple vehicle collision left him paralyzed -
Lorillard included additives to increase nicotine impact: wife -
Plaintiff: Speeding driver caused multiple-vehicle crash -
Doctor claimed benign lump in breast developed into cancer -
School district denied negligence in football-related injury -
Motorcyclist claimed ankle and toe injuries after accident -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from punch at Little League game -
Defense: No evidence driver's dementia caused fatal crash -
Docs: Post-surgery treatment of patient did not cause death -
OB-GYN claimed he offered C-section prior to delivery -
Officer's inattention prior to making left turn caused crash: plaintiff -
U-turn crash caused spinal injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Defense argued plaintiff slipped due to inattentiveness -
Defective e-cigarette battery caused fire, smoker claimed -
Controller claimed company wrongfully terminated her -
Delivery drivers denied being paid overtime wages -
Plaintiff: Asbestos-containing products caused mesothelioma -
Failure to timely treat overdose resulted in death, family alleged -
Crash caused need to work sedentary job, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff arrested and jailed, despite no evidence: lawsuit -
Motorcyclist's unsafe lane change caused crash: defense -
Rear-end crash caused lower back injury, plaintiff alleged -
Pedestrian claimed injuries due to vehicle striking nearby bench -
Female janitors were sexually harassed at work, EEOC alleged -
Plaintiff: Mechanized gate malfunctioned, causing injuries -
Elevator operator claimed racial harassment forced resignation -
Motorcyclist and passenger: Truck's unsafe turn caused injuries -
Plaintiff appropriately arrested for child endangerment: officers -
Injured man sought care outside of health network -
Plaintiff's fractured elbow prior to fall at mall, defense claimed -
Defense: Excessive speed, not sensor, caused crash -
Mother claimed son shot while being handed semi-automatic rifle -
U-turn crash caused chronic whiplash injury, plaintiff claimed -
Landlord's failure to repair driveway caused fall: tenant -
Doctor: Medical provider's mistake caused patient's death -
Brother of owner negligently put in charge of house: tenant -
Plaintiff claimed lumbar and rib fractures from forklift fall -
Correctional officer: Hip pain due to motor vehicle accident -
Defense claimed plaintiff's injury was not caused by crash -
Truck driver injured at truck wash stop -
Plaintiff failed to make effort to expand business: defendants -
Plaintiff's alleged injuries not caused by crash: defense -
Use of force and search of home both proper: deputy -
Failure to repair height differential caused trip and fall: plaintiff -
Family: Police negligent in fatal shooting of unarmed teen -
Motorcyclist claimed a traumatic brain injury from crash -
Repeat test not effective in detecting ovarian cancer: defense -
Dropped tree limb caused severe head injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Company failed to stop racial discrimination, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries and tinnitus from rear-end crash -
Defense claimed pry bar adequate length for repairs -
Treat with peanut butter filling caused daughter's death: parents -
Tractor-trailer ran stop sign and caused fatal broadside crash -
Cancer went untreated due to patient's follow-up delay: defense -
Defendant: Impact caused by plaintiff not using headlights -
Defense: Motorcyclist's unsafe speed contributed to crash -
Plaintiff claimed police sergeant caused skateboarding accident -
Rear-ender caused cervical and lumbar injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Bicyclist claimed pothole caused him to be thrown from bike -
Store manager: Common practice to pick up newspaper -
Trip and fall aggravated prior brain injury, plaintiff alleged -
Defense: Motorcyclist failed to establish driver of vehicle in crash -
Defense claimed plaintiff did not have CRPS from dog bite -
Defense claimed driver must have tried to beat lowering gate -
Policy didn't cover land damage from heavy rain, insurer claimed -
Pedestrian stuck by turning vehicle sustained numerous injuries -
Car mirror struck bicyclist who fell and injured head -
Auto accident caused spinal injury, plaintiff claimed -
Police and social workers failed to recognize abuse: plaintiffs -
Failure to maintain truck's grab handle caused fall, defense argued -
Officer used excessive force for 'no reason,' plaintiff alleged -
Car crash's parties both claimed right of way -
Struck pedestrian suffered leg and hand fractures -
Car crash's parties both claimed right of way -
EEOC: Vision-impaired worker was fired rather than helped -
Plaintiff claimed car crash caused continuing neck pain -
Worker claimed report of racial discrimination resulted in firing -
Child protection agency failed to investigate calls: plaintiffs -
Motorist lost control and caused multiple vehicle crash: plaintiffs -
Deceptive loan resulted in foreclosure, plaintiff claimed -
Defective wheelchair caused permanent injuries: plaintiff -
Proper safety equipment and pay rate not given: laborer -
Brick mason: Cancer due to asbestos in joint compounds -
Motorcyclist claimed crash resulted in leg amputation -
Defense claimed design of curb was approved by city -
Asbestos-containing auto parts caused mesothelioma: plaintiff -
County ignored medical request to postpone patrol duty: deputy -
Plaintiffs lied about who was driving at time of crash: defense -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused neck injuries -
Surfer claimed paddle-boarder struck him with oar -
Unsafe U-turn caused wife to be thrown from golf cart: suit -
Mother: Failure to follow dietary restriction caused son's death -
Driver's failure to keep proper lookout caused crash: bicyclist -
Location of accident was not dangerous, defense claimed -
Defense denied patient had bile leak at the alleged location -
Employee: Company refused to accommodate work restrictions -
Company failed to provide uninterrupted meal breaks: suit -
Decedent's family: Officers failed to use less lethal force -
Mother and son claimed injuries from intersection collision -
Market claimed plaintiff failed to see open and obvious stand -
Fall over canes caused cognitive issues, plaintiff claimed -
Driver: Injuries caused by rear-end collision -
Patient claimed dentist negligently placed implants -
Family: Decedent shot as he ran away -
Patron claimed restaurant's sloped entrance caused fall -
Mobile park's failure to repair drain inlet caused fall: tenant -
Parents: Driver's speeding resulted in son's drowning -
Claimant alleged fall aggravated prior arm fracture -
Plaintiff's medical treatment was unnecessary, defense argued -
Server claimed she was fired for asking for pregnancy leave -
Worksite accident caused brain injury, iron worker alleged -
No retaliation for allegedly opposing discrimination: defense -
Plaintiff claimed she was raped, intimidated by police officers -
Property owner claimed it properly maintained building -
Plaintiff claimed cervical disc bulge from rear-end crash -
Motorcyclist fractured left foot in U-turn accident -
Doctor: Skin tears are a known risk of surgical adhesive drapes -
Fall due to leaking hydraulic fluid caused spinal injuries: suit -
Patient: Failure to timely treat condition resulted in bowel loss -
Family: Failure to communicate tactical plan resulted in death -
Defense: Minor impact did not cause disc protrusion -
Father and son pinned under car suffered multiple injuries -
Crash caused shoulder and hip injuries, motorcyclist claimed -
Property owner: Tenants never told her about exposed rebar -
Defense claimed plaintiff tried to beat merging tractor-trailer -
Woman attacked by pit bull, developed severe infection -
Defense argued store's mat was properly maintained -
School district fired her over pregnancy, plaintiff claimed -
Restaurant's patrons claimed they were beaten in altercation -
Plaintiff claimed back and neck pain from rear-end crash -
Manager: Available position offered to younger employee -
Roofer claimed fall from roof caused need for future care -
Plaintiff: Medical group failed to timely diagnose thyroid cancer -
Plaintiff claimed walkway's dangerous condition caused fall -
Passenger's fracture could not have been from crash: defense -
Defense claimed median nerve injury not related to IV placement -
Defense: Animal's escape not a dangerous condition -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries from multiple vehicle rear-ender -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash aggravated knee injury -
University claimed instructor fired for inaccurate time sheets -
Pedestrian claimed traumatic brain injury after struck by bus -
Improper supervision of student resulted in fall from height: suit -
Wife: Detectives not properly trained on building searches -
Plaintiff claimed distress from witnessing crash-related deaths -
Dilapidated mat caused fall and hip injury, plaintiff alleged -
Parties disputed details of parking lot altercation -
Employer did not believe disability, employee alleged -
Tractor-trailer driver claimed plaintiff made unsafe lane change -
Plaintiff claimed broken handrail should have been repaired -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender caused neck and shoulder injuries -
Pedestrian struck by vehicle claimed multiple injuries -
Slip and fall caused complex regional pain syndrome: plaintiff -
Crash rendered passenger partial quadriplegic: lawsuit -
Officers subjected unarmed, homeless man to excessive force: suit -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end accident caused back injury -
Student claimed school failed to adhere to anti-bullying policy -
Suit: Officers used excessive force against suicidal man -
Plaintiff should have recovered from strains and sprains: defense -
Plaintiff claimed firing due to blowing whistle on deleted emails -
Forklift driver claimed negligent use of gate caused impalement -
Plaintiff entered intersection on red light, defense argued -
Plaintiffs: Assisted care facility failed to provide contracted care -
Defense claimed rear-end accident did not cause hip pain -
Uneven sidewalk caused trip and fall, plaintiff alleged -
Fight outside of restaurant results in father's death -
Caltrans hid risk of illness from fungus, project-workers claimed -
Bicyclist caused crash by riding against traffic, defense claimed -
Freshman football player: Coaches failed to recognize brain injury -
Defense claimed legal secretary's time records a fraud -
Primary care doc solely to blame for patient's death: surgeon -
Defense: Lack of hazard lights on plaintiffs' car caused crash -
Motorists disputed cause of collision in center turning lane -
Class not properly trained in use of sander, student claimed -
Plaintiff: Sudden acceleration caused fall from golf cart -
Broadside caused cervical and wrist injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed disabling injuries after struck by police vehicle -
Inmate did not fear for life, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed accident aggravated pre-existing DISH -
Defense: Vision loss due to severe glaucoma, not assault -
Bicyclist fell by riding in active work zone, defense argued -
Surgeon delayed in treating mother's septic shock: family -
Failure to address known slippery condition caused fall: plaintiff -
Parents: Officer shot unarmed man suffering mental crisis -
Mother claimed rear-ender caused daughter's brain injury -
Car crash's drivers both claimed right of way -
Defense denied pregnant woman fell in store -
Auto accident caused spinal injury, defense contended -
Improperly maintained pool drain cover caused fall: plaintiff -
Defendants failed to prevent cow from charging her: plaintiff -
Defense: Reasonable person would have consented to hysterectomy -
Patient did not need therapy or procedure for stroke: defense -
Motorcyclist claimed driver of turning vehicle ignored right of way -
Motorist claimed back injuries aggravated by rear-end crash -
Parents: Tractor-trailer driver's unsafe turn caused teen's death -
Race not part of decision in filling full-time position: defense -
Improper warnings about open trench caused crash: bicyclist -
Plaintiffs claimed back and neck injuries from rear-ender -
Unsecured stove resulted in third-degree burns: plaintiff -
Residents claimed owner left mobile home park in disrepair -
Multi-vehicle impact to blame for neck, back injuries: plaintiff -
Improperly maintained metal slide gate resulted in injury: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash caused back injuries -
Vehicle issues caused by unplugged connectors: defense -
Cashier claimed company fired her based on disability -
Auto accident caused spinal injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Former employee claimed company failed to pay bonus -
Promotions denied due to discrimination, officers claimed -
Plaintiff claimed annular tear a result of motor vehicle collision -
Tenant in wheelchair: Complex failed to provide elevator service -
Failure to properly supervise child resulted in sexual assault: suit -
Defense: Low-speed crash could not have caused injuries -
Plaintiff's injuries not caused by bus crash, defense argued -
Surgeon: Patient's paralysis not caused by surgical complication -
Defense claimed Tweet posted without malice -
Plaintiff tackled to the ground by officer for leaving car idle -
Plaintiff's inattention while entering restroom caused fall: defense -
Dentist claimed canal fillings were within standard of care -
Defense claimed baby died from SIDS, not overfeeding -
Nurse properly accommodated prior to termination: defense -
Employee: Employer retaliated for filing harassment complaint -
Patient wanted ileostomy taken down, defense argued -
Pedestrian claimed knee injury after struck by turning truck -
Plaintiff was paid compensation owed, defense argued -
Black technician claimed age, race and gender discrimination -
Passenger did not sustain a traumatic brain injury: defense -
Poor lighting caused fall over boxes on stairs, plaintiff alleged -
Student manager knew of baseball drill, defense argued -
Plaintiff had knowledge of step prior to fall, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused shoulder injury -
Defense: Medical records stated plaintiff had no pain -
Female police chief claimed male subordinates undermined her -
Railway worker: Failure to secure heavy equipment caused injuries -
Doctor claimed patient did not require further workup -
Slip and fall in store aggravated prior injuries, plaintiff claimed -
No tendon damage during initial examination, defense argued -
Defense: Earlier testing would not have showed fatal embolus -
Rare condition made earlier diagnosis difficult, defense argued -
Intersection crash caused neck injury, taxi passenger claimed -
Journeyman fired for violating safety standards: defense -
Plaintiff overstated injuries from MVA's minimal impact: defense -
Plaintiff's firing was related to performance issues: defense -
Customer claimed water on store's tiled ramp caused fall -
Defense: No proof plaintiff ever reported concerns to company -
Decedent shot after threatening officers with gun, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Position eliminated after he complained about district -
Tractor-trailer's rear-end crash caused brain injuries: plaintiff -
Transfer due to security guard neglecting duties: defense -
Employee claimed complaints of harassment went ignored -
Employee terminated during company downsizing: defense -
Defense argued plaintiff's injury claims lacked credibility -
Plaintiff claimed bathroom's improper landing caused fall -
Pedestrian struck by turning vehicle claimed injuries -
Family: Placing coffee pot within infant's reach caused burns -
Claimant: Drunken driver caused brain and throat injuries -
Service of gas system led to explosion in home: plaintiff -
Tenants alleged code violations caused farmhouse fire -
Defense claimed inmate never asked for protection -
Patient's teeth were beyond repair, dentist claimed -
Tractor-trailer's unsafe lane change caused crash: family -
Plaintiffs: Deputy's excessive speed caused fatal collision -
Boat passenger: Operator failed to keep proper lookout -
EEOC: Workers secretly recorded in staff bathroom -
Plaintiff claimed dog bite caused nerve damage to hand -
Gardener claimed he was not paid for overtime or breaks -
Defense: At-will employee fired for performance-related issues -
Plaintiff: Electricity in bathroom water lines caused nerve injury -
Surgeon negligently excised common bile duct: patient -
Pedestrian struck by turning vehicle claimed brain injury -
Plaintiff claimed ankle injury from fall requires future care -
Plaintiff's merge and sudden stop caused crash: defendant -
Speeding police cruiser caused fatal crash, family claimed -
Defense: Condition not diagnosable during earlier ultrasonography -
Negligent injection caused paralysis, patient claimed -
Failure to warn of unloading of carpet caused fracture: plaintiff -
Defense argued motorcyclist's speeding caused crash -
Couple claimed driver's speeding in fog caused crash -
Claimants alleged employer wrongfully terminated them -
Wall's collapse led to head injury and loss of toe, plaintiff alleged -
Defense: Bus passenger lost balance while putting down items -
Plaintiff: Apartment manager failed to warn about gun -
Plaintiff's failure to listen to warnings led to dog bite: trainer -
Scaffold fall caused need for ongoing care: construction worker -
Applicant: Ongoing care required after electric shock -
No excessive force used in transfer of prisoner, defense argued -
Defense: Conditions of home caused fire, not lack of fence -
School district missed signs of sexual abuse of student: suit -
Employee: Company breached profit-sharing agreement -
Defense: Coroner gave proper assessment on cause of death -
Plaintiffs: Insurance company denied claim in bad faith -
Plaintiff claimed ongoing issues from crash-related injuries -
Minor plaintiff witnessed sister's serious injuries in car accident -
Driver and passenger injured in high-speed rear-ender -
Plaintiff claimed assault resulted in traumatic brain injury -
Defense: Knee complaints caused by lifestyle, not accident -
Defendant claimed he punched plaintiff in self-defense -
Couple denied malice in filing of small-claims action -
Pedestrian claimed driver in parking lot failed to see him -
Plaintiffs: Truck driver improperly attempted lane change -
Plaintiffs claimed multiple injuries after head-on collision -
Plaintiff claimed ongoing lower back pain after collision -
Plaintiff claimed deputies beat him despite surrendering -
Plaintiff claimed termination was based on age -
Plaintiff's trip and fall caused by vision problems, defense alleged -
Salesman entered yard despite 'Beware of Dog' sign: defense -
Plaintiff: Job fired him rather than accommodate restrictions -
Defense claimed housekeeper not at fault for leaving room -
Anesthesiologist properly administered anesthetic: defense -
City claimed plaintiff did not fall on its property -
Physician in scope of work at time of fatal crash: plaintiffs -
Plaintiff collision caused soft-tissue back and neck injuries -
Passenger: Rear-ender caused ongoing shoulder problems -
Crash would have only caused soft tissue injuries, defense argued -
Nursing officer fired for complaining about sexual harassment: suit -
Failure to fix stairway banister resulted in fall, plaintiff alleged -
Tenant claimed landlords entered room without notice -
Roofer claimed employer failed to provide restraint system -
Plaintiff claimed city failed to timely repair sidewalk deviation -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed leg and pelvis fractures -
Defense: Plaintiff ran out from between two parked vehicles -
Multiple rear-ender caused spinal injuries, claimed plaintiffs -
Defense claimed injuries related to pregnancy, not crash -
Plaintiff's speeding caused crash, defense argued -
Failure to address wet floor condition caused fall: plaintiff -
Home-rehab products lacked asbestos warnings, suit alleged -
Pedestrian claimed shoulder injury from crosswalk accident -
Class: Misclassified by Co. -
Car accident caused merely minor injuries, defense argued -
Bus dealer claimed bus driver caused crash by speeding -
Plaintiff claimed owners liable for dog attack -
Defense denied motorcycle made contact with truck -
Couple claimed spinal injuries from highway accident -
Injury at restaurant not cause of plaintiff's pain, defense argued -
Property owner and contractor dispute amount owed for work -
Plaintiff claimed sidewalk differential caused fall -
Driver ran red light and caused crash, plaintiff claimed -
Company claimed employee entitled to no additional pay -
Failure to inspect tractor-trailer resulted in fatal crash: suit -
Patient: Immediate fasciotomy should have been performed -
Below-the-knee amputation not related to fall, defense argued -
Market caused fatal accident by allowing driver on grounds: family -
Plaintiff: Co-workers harassed him because of sexual orientation -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end accident caused knee tear -
Building owner's negligence caused fatal apartment fire: daughter -
Pedestrian hit by reversing truck claimed knee problems -
Plaintiff claimed marina failed to offer safety instructions -
Talc not cause of woman's cancer, defense contended -
Prison denied inmate needed to be assigned lower bunk -
Plaintiffs claimed intoxicated driver caused spinal injuries -
Propane company's employee caused explosion, plaintiff alleged -
Alleged toxic exposure did not cause cancer, defense argued -
Employer discriminated against her based on disability: plaintiff -
Out-of-control flatbed truck struck plaintiffs' vehicle -
Family: County jail should have prevented inmate's asphyxiation -
Parents claimed deputy shot son while unarmed in car -
Employee told when substation would be re-energized: defense -
Uplifted sidewalk caused trip and fall, plaintiff claimed -
City claimed no control over location of bicycle accident -
Firing in retaliation for reporting company, plaintiff claimed -
Defense claimed plaintiff's injuries not related to accident -
Patient's discharge and follow-up plans were proper: defense -
Motorcyclist ran over object that caused blowout: defense -
Officers claimed appropriate force used against combative student -
Defense: Minor impact did not cause or aggravate neck injury -
Defense claimed minor crash could not cause alleged injuries -
Captain denied knowledge of risk to inmate's safety -
Cervical injuries not caused by running over snow chains: defense -
Plaintiff claimed tractor-trailer's sudden stop caused collision -
Restaurant claimed no notice of floor's dangerous condition -
Defense claimed plaintiff not injured in multiple vehicle crash -
Roadway condition caused fatal accident, family claimed -
Police's Taser use, compression restraint led to brain injury: suit -
Pizza delivery man claimed customers threatened him -
Brake shoes minimal factor in plaintiff's meso: suppliers -
Plaintiff's mesothelioma was caused by other factors: defense -
Firefighter's termination based on incident at party: defense -
Refinery workers did not cause alleged asbestos exposure: defense -
Pedestrian struck by parking car suffered serious leg injuries -
Refinery owner responsible for workplace safety: foreman -
Plaintiff claimed dog was inherently dangerous -
Deputy: Appropriate actions used in response to call -
Restaurant negligent for having workers clean while still open: suit -
Plaintiffs: Driver's intoxication led to head-on collision -
Taxicab caused ankle fractures and continued pain: pedestrian -
Suit: School retaliated against teacher for sexual orientation -
Owners' failure to restrain dog resulted in attack, plaintiff alleged -
Company claimed it did not blacklist former employer -
Family claimed officers escalated situation with homeless man -
EEOC accused McDonald's of religious discrimination -
Plaintiff claimed broadside crash caused lumbar injury -
Hit-and-run driver caused pedestrian's death -
Plaintiff claimed absorbent mats should have been placed -
Failure to warn about asbestos in talc resulted in death: family -
Motorist struck by drunken driver claimed thoracic fractures -
Failure to protect gas lines resulted in fatal car fire: family -
Plaintiff claimed neck injuries from multiple vehicle collision -
Bicyclist claimed turning vehicle failed to yield right of way -
Plaintiff accused police of excessive force during arrests -
Walkway deviation caused foot fracture, plaintiff claimed -
Broadside crash caused spine and shoulder injuries: plaintiffs -
Plaintiff claimed her termination was based on gender -
Plaintiff claimed low-speed impact caused disc herniations -
City claimed no retaliation after employee took medical leave -
Couple mistakenly shot during police investigation: lawsuit -
Multiple-vehicle rear-ender caused shoulder injury: plaintiff -
Truck driver claimed crash left him permanently disabled -
Employment agreement included unfair business practices: suit -
Patient's death unrelated to hospital care, defense argued -
Plaintiffs claimed broadside crash caused spinal injuries -
Truck entering highway from wrong side, caused crash: plaintiff -
Fall down elevator shaft resulted in permanent disability: worker -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused injury to lumbar spine -
Plaintiff claimed brain injury from fall out of low windowsill -
Plaintiff claimed failure to wash pool deck caused slip and fall -
Plaintiff: Police officer neighbor used excessive force in restraint -
Family claimed inattentive driver caused pedestrian's death -
Plaintiff claimed permanent neck injury after rear-end crash -
Defense argued condition on road was open and obvious -
Children struck while walking to school in fog -
Plaintiff's use of pathway, instead of sidewalk, caused fall: defense -
Faulty tires and overloaded truck caused fatal crash: family -
Failure to control rescue dog resulted in facial injuries: plaintiff -
Company denied termination was based on pregnancy -
Caretaker was told to keep dog in other room, defense asserted -
Plaintiff claimed multiple disc bulges from head-on crash -
Police department retaliated for prior lawsuit, sergeant alleged -
Lack of floatation devices resulted in drowning, family alleged -
Family claimed prison failed to protect inmate after questioning -
Rescue dogs not properly overseen, bitten woman claimed -
Rear-end crash caused bulging cervical disc, plaintiff claimed -
Minor impact could not have caused injuries alleged: defense -
Suit: Cogeneration plant's unsafe procedures caused accident -
Defense: Asbestosis caused by exposure to other products -
Plaintiff: Church knew of bible study teacher's molestations -
Police chief subjected staff to derogatory comments: lawsuit -
Parties disputed alleged back injuries following broadside crash -
Dog jumped through open window, attacked woman -
Defense claimed plaintiff had symptoms before car accident -
Defense argued plaintiff took no steps to avoid collision -
Plaintiffs: Collision with tanker truck caused multiple fractures -
Neighbor denied negligence for leaky water heater -
Defense denied minor impact aggravated lumbar condition -
Defense claimed walking backward caused fall -
Dentist claimed molds showed crowns in proper occlusion -
Thumb fracture not caused by pulling, defense alleged -
Doctor claimed patient's stroke was inevitable and unavoidable -
Inadequate barriers caused fall from quarry cliff, student argued -
Truck driver denied rear-ending plaintiff's vehicle -
Former business partner broke in and shot at them: plaintiffs -
Defense argued video showed no employee negligence -
Mailman claimed dog attack caused ulnar nerve injury -
Rear-ender caused need for continued spinal treatment: family -
Plaintiff: Employers prevented him from taking medical leave -
Suit: Company refused to find injured employee a position -
Railroad claimed locomotive hinge not dangerous -
Officer claimed he used Taser to protect himself -
Defense: Rider could have steered horse around gate -
Defendants claimed confrontation was in self-defense -
Drainage and stricture known complications of surgery: doc -
Plaintiff claimed inefficient drainage system caused fall -
Family claimed police falsely arrested them -
Police officer claimed city liable for racial harassment -
Janitorial co. claimed plaintiffs were independent contractors -
Plaintiff claimed exposure to asbestos on father's work clothes -
Surgeries did not cause alleged vascular condition, defense argued -
Rear-ender caused permanent loss of balance, plaintiff alleged -
Failure to maintain tree resulted in paralysis, plaintiff claimed -
Family: Heavy smoker still exposed to asbestos -
Defense: Motor home occupant trespassed on property -
Plaintiff: Crash injured knee and aggravated back problems -
Inmate: Medical care denied after conflict with officers -
Family: Surgical oncologist failed to diagnose cancer -
Defense claimed plaintiff started fight with defendant -
Defense: Plaintiff moved with vehicle, caused her own injuries -
Tenants introduced bed bugs when they moved in: defense -
Officer: School never warned of emotionally disturbed student -
Defense: Low-speed collision did not cause plaintiffs' injuries -
Motorcyclist claimed rear-end collision caused fractures -
Defense questioned alleged contact between vehicles -
Suit: Speed of driver caused collision with turning vehicle -
Plaintiff claimed reversing car struck her, fracturing her elbow -
Cook: Store manager verbally abused Latino employees -
Tenant claimed wrongful eviction from apartment -
Car crash's parties disputed who had right of way -
Employer claimed employees were paid, partner not owed salary -
Plaintiff driver claimed rear-end crash caused brain injury -
Man struck by car while rescuing trapped motorist -
Pedestrian claimed knee fracture after hit by turning taxi -
Failure to maintain train yard road caused back injuries: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed movers refused to return belongings -
Motorcyclist claimed knee was struck by vehicle -
City retaliated for noting problems with tunnel: plaintiff -
Defense claimed insurance company did not act in bad faith -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused shoulder injury -
Defense claimed plaintiff responsible for own ladder fall -
Plaintiff claimed soft-tissue injuries from traffic accident -
Plaintiff driver claimed lower back pain due to collision -
Fall over rain-filled divot caused shoulder injury, plaintiff alleged -
Football coach claimed he was fired for reporting sexual hazing -
Friend's dog must have bit plaintiff, defense argued -
Plaintiffs: Dog had history of biting innocent bystanders -
Defense: Plaintiff's shoulder changes were not traumatic -
Defense claimed roadway fencing not meant to stop deer -
SUV driver was faced with sudden emergency, defense argued -
Decision to place patient on Coumadin was appropriate: doc -
Defense denied allegation of hanging onto moving bus -
Hospital negligence led to schizophrenic's assault: patient -
Officer's repeated use of Taser caused father's death: children -
Defense: Unarmed man did not show hands after commands -
Plaintiff's pain due to pre-existing conditions, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed multi-vehicle accident caused back pain -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused need for pain management -
Drivers in intersection collision each claimed right of way -
Family: Driver under the influence of drugs hit jogger -
Lack of warning about ramp resulted in crash: plaintiff -
Plaintiffs claimed injuries from rollover accident -
Defense claimed bike crash caused by debris strike -
Defense: Trainee had another instance of falsifying reports -
Patient claimed doctor unnecessarily removed ovaries -
Plaintiffs claimed injuries from driver's unsafe lane change -
Plaintiff fired for selling TVs at unauthorized discount: defense -
Driver of turning vehicle failed to yield right of way: claimant -
Paragliding collision resulted in spinal injuries -
Truck sideswipe caused back injury, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff: Intersection crash caused shoulder and spine injuries -
Plaintiff alleged rear-ender caused shoulder injury -
Defense: Product could not have caused vocal impairment -
Officers claimed appropriate force used during fatal shooting -
Laborer: Order to stand on plywood caused fall from roof -
Defense argued plaintiffs' back conditions pre-existed crash -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused head and neck problems -
OB/GYN negligently performed hysterectomy, patient claimed -
Defendant: Rear-ender caused by plaintiff's inattentive driving -
Plaintiff's spinal woes not caused by accident: defense -
Defendants instigated confrontation, plaintiff alleged -
Bus driver: Employer failed to look for alternative work for him -
Plaintiff: Store should have posted signs of mopped floor -
Rear-ender aggravated prior shoulder injury, plaintiff claimed -
Defense claimed reporting misconduct was protected -
Defense: Driver attempted to squeeze past tractor-trailer -
Plaintiffs claimed back and toe injuries from sideswipe -
Defense claimed forklift not defectively designed or maintained -
Defense: Low impact could not have caused back injuries -
Plaintiff claimed collision caused radiating neck pain -
Defense questioned boy's loss following father's fatal crash -
Carrier: Homeowner was given policy amount requested -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused on-going back and neck pain -
Failure to contact specialist resulted in dad's death: son -
No sign of deep vein thrombosis until out of doctors' care: defense -
Center seat's lack of shoulder restraint caused paralysis: suit -
Motorcyclist claimed Lexus driver made illegal right turn -
Detainee appropriately cared for at facility, defense argued -
Ceiling installer claimed hole covered by carpet caused fall -
Plaintiff should have known rain made ground slippery: defense -
Surgeon claimed he operated on correct area of patient's hand -
Truck designer: Crash caused by driver, not steering design -
Plaintiff claimed driver failed to yield at stop sign -
Improper inspection caused fall over displaced wheel stop: suit -
Sudden lane change caused collision, motorcyclist claimed -
Employers liable for fatal crash with cement truck, family alleged -
Plaintiff claimed illegally converted steps caused fall -
Suit: Company continued drug trial despite heart condition -
Defense counsel argued officer shot suspect in self-defense -
Teen struck in crosswalk claimed traumatic brain injury -
Plaintiff had good recovery following back surgery: defense -
Motorcyclist: Potholes caused him to be thrown from bike -
Plaintiff: Spa failed to control faucet's hot water temperature -
Internist claimed patient failed to follow medical advice -
Fall from horse during competition resulted in teen's death -
Officers used excessive force during transport, inmate alleged -
Defense disputed plaintiff's need for chiropractic care -
Plaintiff: Contractors caused carbon monoxide poisoning -
Welder claimed he became disabled from ladder fall -
Truck's unsafe turn resulted in bicyclist's need for amputation -
City knew of defect in road used by cyclists prior to death: family -
Suit: Plaintiff fractured hand defending himself from dog attack -
Claimant alleged homeowners liable for tree removal accident -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused spinal and hand injuries -
Family blamed state for fatal freeway merge -
Plaintiff: Retaliation after reporting feeling unsafe at work -
Professor fired after failing to turn over personnel file: defense -
Street sweeper's illegal circular turn caused fatal crash: suit -
Restaurant patron claimed grease on floor caused fall -
Defense argued deputies' use of lethal force was appropriate -
Fall during bed transfer at nursing facility resulted in paralysis -
Failure to timely diagnose pneumonia resulted in death: family -
Defendant ran red light while on cell phone, plaintiff claimed -
Raised trench-plate cover caused fall, plaintiff claimed -
Pedestrians claimed accident caused by short crosswalk light -
Slip on unsecured mat caused tendon injury, plaintiff claimed -
Jogger claimed neck injury after struck by passing pickup -
Plaintiff claimed brain injury from rear-end collision -
Company failed to warn about asbestos exposure: plaintiff -
Car crash's parties both claimed right of way -
Signal installers blamed driver for fatal crash with pedestrian -
Plaintiff was not a hired employee, defense argued -
Force reasonable due to violent protest, officer claimed -
No evidence bicycle accident occurred, defense argued -
Manager claimed employer failed to continue work restrictions -
Bad office procedures caused patent to be abandoned: suit -
Police shot and killed man wielding BB gun -
Employers defamed and retaliated against him: plaintiff -
Property's owner and tenants failed to maintain sidewalk: plaintiff -
Officers claimed decedent threatened them with a knife -
Family: Confusion near railroad crossing caused fatal crash -
Driver's failure to yield resulted in pedestrian's injuries: suit -
Tenants: Complex failed to properly react to bedbug infestation -
Family claimed car dealer failed to inspect tires, led to accident -
Plaintiff: Fall at store caused permanent ankle injury, CRPS -
Defense disputed seriousness of plaintiff's alleged injuries -
Family claimed sheriff's deputy mishandled call to assist -
Chef's assistant: Overtime and minimum wages not paid -
Plaintiff improperly operated ATV, causing crash: defense -
Fatal crash caused by inebriated pedestrian in busy road: defense -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused lumbar disc herniation -
Children's Tylenol blameless in boy's death: drugmakers -
Former colleagues liable for defamation, plaintiff claimed -
Defense claimed decedent had long-standing psychiatric issues -
Car crash's parties both claimed right of way -
Plaintiff turned into passing vehicle, causing crash: defense -
Nurse claimed patient fell trying to get on gurney herself -
Unprovoked fraternity beat him, plaintiff alleged -
Rear-end accident caused spine and knee injuries: plaintiff -
Car crash necessitated two neck surgeries, plaintiff claimed -
Delivery person not aggressor during altercation: defense -
School knew allowing student to walk home was dangerous: suit -
EEOC claimed farm manager sexually harassed workers -
Student: Coaches failed to properly supervise football drills -
Female police dispatcher claimed harassment at work -
Defense: Bicyclist made no complaints of pain at hospital -
Plaintiff alleged injuries from port accident require future care -
Defense: Investigation did not substantiate harassment claims -
Molested boys claimed they will continue to require therapy -
Defense claimed truck did not cause speeding car's crash -
Defense: Forces in accident the same as everyday activities -
Plaintiff claimed neck injuries caused by rear-end collision -
Mother claimed homeless son posed no threat to officers -
Plaintiff claimed collision caused cervical injury -
Officers and assisted living home contributed to death: family -
Patient alleged hernia surgery left him with nerve damage -
Child: Police handcuffed him in response to school's call -
Family home provider: Proper care given to dependent adult -
Defense: Officer in pursuit of fleeing driver not to blame for crash -
Landscaping company: No notice of misdirected sprinkler -
Plaintiff claimed future surgery required to remove screw -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash caused cervical injury -
Plaintiff claimed shoulder and spinal injuries from sideswipe -
Plaintiff claimed pretrial detention was unconstitutional -
Auto shop's repair not cause of tire's later failure, defense argued -
Rear-ender caused back and neck injuries, plaintiffs alleged -
Dog bite wounds resulted in permanent scarring: plaintiff -
Man: Officers pepper sprayed and beat him without cause -
Contract not renewed due to poor performance: defense -
Plaintiff claimed bus operator was liable for fight -
Truck's lane change caused abdominal injuries: motorcyclist -
Plaintiff claimed he was fired to conceal discriminatory practices -
Deputy negligent in fatal shooting of son, parents argued -
Defense denied plaintiff was struck by motorized cart -
Broadside crash caused multiple injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Failure to safely erect scaffold resulted in fall, painter claimed -
Plaintiff driver failed to yield right of way, defense argued -
Multiple vehicle crash resulted in need to restrict motion: claimant -
Property owners denied notice of any hole on hill -
Lumbar injury impossible for seat-belted driver: defense -
Family claimed losses as a result of woman's murder -
Defense: Company did not discriminate against non-South Asians -
Sergeant demoted after reporting violations, suit alleged -
Defense claimed plaintiff's concern caused surgery delay -
Physicians: Patient had partial, not complete, tendon tear -
Motorcyclist claimed ongoing spinal problems after collision -
Lawsuit: Hospital patient fell off sofa after not getting a bed -
Motorcyclist claimed SUV came into his lane and struck him -
Laborer claimed rear-end crash aggravated knee condition -
Plaintiff: Trip over landing caused multiple facial fractures -
Plaintiff claimed injuries caused by rear-ender on freeway -
Mother negligently entrusted vehicle to teen son: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries from collision -
Failure to supervise coach, resulted in sexual assault: kids -
Firefighter claimed department subjected him to racial abuse -
Plaintiff claimed failure to warn of wet floor caused fall -
Doctors denied improper prenatal treatment of patient -
Plaintiff claimed injections needed after rear-end crash -
Failure to assist mother at hospital resulted in death: family -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused cervical and shoulder injuries -
Motorcyclist claimed distracted police officer caused crash -
Labs not needed after patient responded well, hospital argued -
Sales clerk: Bakery owner harassed her with ethnic epithets -
Comments about surgical skills constituted slander: plaintiff -
Policeman shot and injured unarmed man, lawsuit alleged -
Chrysotile fibers did not cause abdominal cancer: defense -
Attack occurred when teacher left room, student claimed -
Apprenticeship program denied failing to accommodate plaintiff -
Plaintiff fractured knee in slip and fall at market -
Dog bite resulted in child's facial scars, mother claimed -
Hit-and-run resulted in father's death, son alleged -
Emotional distress not caused by neighbor's actions: defense -
Failure to place "wet floor" signs caused slip and fall: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed defective knife packaging resulted in injury -
Charging dog caused bicycle accident, bicyclist claimed -
Homemade ramp not part of egress, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed employer failed to engage in interactive process -
EEOC: Call center's supervisors sexually harassed employees -
Class sought recovery of fees from bankrupt company -
Degenerative knee changes not caused by collision: defense -
Suit: Mismanagement of blood thinners, resulted in death -
Failure to keep dog on leash resulted in attack, plaintiffs claimed -
Motorcyclist: Intersection crash caused cervical injuries -
Plaintiff claimed collision caused multiple fractures -
Skateboarder claimed vehicle failed to yield to pedestrian -
Plaintiffs claimed rear-end crash caused spinal injuries -
Plaintiff claimed second crash caused shoulder injury -
Father claimed hospital could have prevented son's murder -
Plaintiff claimed employer retaliated after reporting assault -
Plaintiffs' injuries not due to rear-end crash, defense argued -
Defense: No injuries caused by minor rear-end impact -
Notice through regular mail was acceptable, defense claimed -
Manager claimed she was fired for being a whistleblower -
Patient denied agreeing to burning of endometriosis -
Driver and passenger claimed spinal injuries from rear-ender -
Plaintiff: Treatment necessary for resolution of symptoms -
Officer sexually assaulted elderly woman at housing complex -
State claimed roadway was properly maintained -
CT scan not warranted at each hospital presentation: defense -
Navy responsible for man's asbestos exposure: defense -
Former employees claimed they proper wages not paid -
Plaintiff claimed wet mats caused slip and fall -
Defense blamed fatal crash of small plane on pilot error -
Security guard: Company failed to pay for overtime and breaks -
Ex-felon reached for waistband, prompting force used: officer -
Plaintiff claimed soft-tissue spinal injuries from rear-ender -
Plaintiff had seen object that caused fall, defense argued -
Trampoline's defects caused knee injury, plaintiff claimed -
Failure to maintain control of car caused crash, plaintiffs alleged -
Cement pipe supplier claimed decedent died from other causes -
Plaintiff claimed deputy used excessive force during arrest -
Suit: Child should have been removed from home -
Plaintiff claimed gutter was too deep, causing trip and fall -
Suit: Plaintiff discriminated for allergies to scented products -
Plaintiff knocked over by store's employee claimed brain injury -
Patient: Cardiologist failed to offer alternative heart medicine -
Class: Company failed to pay for missed breaks and overtime -
Plaintiffs' vehicle ran stop sign, causing fatal crash: defense -
Drunken driver ran red light and caused crash, plaintiff alleged -
Student claimed school incident traumatized her -
Pedestrians claimed injuries after being struck by motorist -
Plaintiff: Merging accident caused need for cervical fusion -
Rear-ender caused soft-tissue injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiffs claimed rear-ender caused back and neck injuries -
Plaintiff's injuries not due to neighbor dispute, defense argued -
Tenant claimed fall in parking lot caused head and neck injuries -
Defense claimed talc products did not cause cancer -
Plaintiff claimed she was fired for questioning court -
Plaintiff: Furnace caused carbon monoxide exposure -
Plaintiffs claimed collision on exit ramp caused injuries -
Low-speed impact did not cause plaintiff's injuries: defense -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused debilitating lower back pain -
Plaintiff claimed inattentive forklift driver struck him -
Plaintiff claimed homeowners responsible for fall in manhole -
Failure to obey stop sign caused crash, plaintiff alleged -
Defense argued patient reinjured head after discharge -
Driver claimed plaintiff ran into street and struck side of car -
Defense: Reduction of patient's anticoagulant was appropriate -
Defense argued officer fired shots in self-defense -
Intersection crash caused facial trauma and brain injury: bicyclist -
Rear-end collision exacerbated prior jaw injury, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed neck injuries from rear-end collision -
Skilled nursing facility claimed it adequately cared for patient -
Motorist and bicyclist blamed crash on each other's intoxication -
Plaintiffs claimed injuries after street sweeper struck vehicle -
Plaintiff claimed police unnecessarily used Taser -
Broadside crash caused back and ankle injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Imprisoned schizophrenic not monitored with medication: suit -
Exposure to chemicals in weed killer caused cancer: plaintiff -
Driver struck head-on claimed continued lumbar pain -
Plaintiff alleged collision caused disabling injuries -
Need for shoulder surgery not due to crash, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed reputation damaged by false news article -
Supplier not liable for fence design defect: defense claimed -
Disabled man: Officer used excessive force during traffic stop -
Plaintiff claimed knee injury in golf cart collision -
Branch manager: Younger male promoted on day of termination -
Plaintiff's injuries not due to police misconduct, defense claimed -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused back injury -
Defense argued procedure did not cause patient's hematoma -
Former employee claimed he was terminated due to age -
Surgeon claimed surgical technique was appropriate -
Plaintiff should have used comprehensive care: defense -
Crash did not cause plaintiff's alleged soft tissue injuries: defense -
Defense claimed plaintiff's alleged damages were unreasonable -
Laparoscopic surgery led to emergency colectomy: patient -
Manager fired for depression following pregnancy loss: suit -
Plaintiffs claimed collision with city bus caused injuries -
Defense claimed waterslide passed all safety checks -
Defense: Low speed accident could not have caused injury -
EEOC: Latino supervisor harassed Mexican workers -
Road's dangerous condition led to altercation: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed prior injuries aggravated by intersection crash -
Fired worker claimed company fabricated theft allegation -
Plaintiff: Apartment complex failed to repair rusted handrails -
Defense claimed plaintiff knew of erosion prior to fall -
Police retaliated against for reporting wrongdoing: lawsuit -
Defense claimed there was no evidence of bedbugs in room -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk suffered traumatic amputation -
Plaintiff claimed injuries due to intersection crash -
Class: Employer failed to reimburse for sales materials -
Driver claimed pedestrian saw reversing truck, but didn't move -
Forklift operator run over in trucking yard suffered fractures -
School knew of coach's improper behavior: student -
Plaintiff: Backhoe accident resulted in toe amputation -
Defense argued rider's abuse of bicycle caused it to fail -
Intersection crash caused orthopedic injuries: plaintiffs -
Company claimed supervisor fired for mistreating employees -
Friction among psychiatric nurses not due to race, defense claimed -
Experts couldn't testify as to any dental negligence: attorney -
Plaintiff was traveling too fast in middle of road, defense argued -
Woman: Company gave higher wages to man who replaced her -
Deputy claimed retaliation after refusing to change report -
Passenger diagnosed with back pain prior to crash: defense -
Rear-end crash caused back and neck injuries: plaintiff -
Pedestrian struck by out of control vehicle -
Teenager claimed unsecured pool led to paralysis -
Plaintiff claimed lumbar injury from multiple vehicle accident -
Parents witnessed vehicle fatally striking 6-year-old son -
Roofer claimed trip over protruding nail caused fall from roof -
Plaintiff terminated for loss of trust, defendants claimed -
Children claimed father was in good health prior to bus crash -
Fall in pothole caused foot fracture and neuropathy: plaintiff -
Multiple vehicle rear-ender caused cervical injury: plaintiff -
Inmate: Eye loss due to denial of pressure-reducing medicine -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed knee and ankle injuries -
Plaintiff: City failed to address coworker's offensive actions -
Plaintiff claimed she was fired for taking maternity leave -
Plastic surgeon claimed risk of scarring noted on consent form -
Man said he was fired for reporting warehouse safety issues -
Plaintiff claimed continued neck pain after broadside crash -
Renter injured self by failing to ensure safety, defense argued -
Motorcyclist claimed shoulder and back injuries from accident -
Different barrier would not have prevented fatal crash: defense -
Harassment caused resignation on second day: telemarketer -
Pedestrian almost struck by turning van fractured wrist -
Tenants' complaints were properly addressed: property owners -
Mother: Childrens' development impaired by lead paint exposure -
Improper body mechanics caused alleged injury: defense -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused lower back injury -
Motorcyclist claimed rear-ender caused brain and other injuries -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused lower back injuries -
Family claimed unsafe crosswalk resulted in fatal crash -
Failure to maintain parking lot's sliding gate caused injury: suit -
Officers reasonably detained plaintiffs, defense argued -
Father: Paraeducator failed to intervene in daughter's assault -
Family argued failure to repair home caused lead poisoning -
Pedestrian: Impact caused brain, chest and pelvic injuries -
Patient's ankle complaints due to fracture, not surgery: doc -
Landlord harassed them to move out, tenants alleged -
Plaintiff claimed multiple vehicle crash caused brain injury -
Pedestrian struck by vehicle claimed shoulder and spinal injuries -
Crash caused shoulder, knee and brain injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Alcohol can's bad condition resulted in explosion: plaintiff -
Driver accelerated bus before passenger sat down, causing fall: suit -
Driver negligent in crosswalk collision, pedestrian claimed -
Parents claimed dangerous intersection caused son's death -
Negligently patching of hole caused accident: bicyclist -
City demoted and fired officer for testifying in another case: suit -
Plaintiff claimed car crash aggravated prior injuries -
Driver not injured in collision, defense counsel argued -
Plaintiff: Driver's speed during rain caused guardrail crash -
Rear-end crash caused sciatica, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff properly arrested after eyewitness ID: defense -
Crash into illegally parked truck caused son's death: mother -
Plaintiff claimed hand nonfunctional after accident -
Supervisor's statements constituted defamation, plaintiffs claimed -
Defense: Motorcyclist failed to see 'uneven pavement' signs -
Defense: Employee's injury not a basis for elimination of position -
Plaintiff claimed unsafe turn caused wrist fracture -
Plaintiffs: Landlords failed to abate lead-based paint -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused shoulder and elbow injuries -
Patient claimed doctor failed to recognize bowel laceration -
Compartment syndrome not present at ER admission, per defense -
Principal/superintendent sexually abused minor girls: suit -
Improper supervision during extreme heat resulted in son's death: parents -
Plaintiff claimed broadside crash caused spinal injuries -
Patient not coerced into pacemaker surgery, cardiologist claimed -
Defense questioned reasonableness of damages alleged -
Supervisors failed to stop racial 'jokes,' plaintiff claimed -
Company accommodated employee's disability: defense -
Driver failed to check for pedestrians in turning lane: suit -
Failure to warn of energized circuit caused shock: plaintiff -
Plaintiff recovered after chiropractic care, defense argued -
Defendant's sudden lane change caused crash: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed reversing vehicle fractured elbow -
Claimant: Failure to administer antibiotic resulted in vision loss -
Suit: Owner refused to send employee to doctor after injury -
Taxi driver: Collision resulted in shoulder and spinal injuries -
Dentist maintained patient's oral cancer was diagnosed early -
Police wrongfully attempted an arrest and shot dog: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed overturning of freightliner caused injuries -
Plaintiffs: Light rail crash caused physical and emotional injuries -
Patient claimed bariatric surgeon lacerated esophagus -
Parents were responsible for ensuring children's safety: defense -
Parents killed in head-on crash after vehicle crossed into lane -
Multiple crashes resulted in neck and shoulder injuries: plaintiff -
Defense argued patient's surgery not negligent -
Commuter claimed deputies unlawfully detained him -
Driver: Roadway's dangerous condition caused crash -
Sergeant denied use of force on inmate during transfer -
Complex owner failed to have functioning fire alarms: tenant -
Plaintiff did not cooperate with accommodation program: city -
Driver talking on cell phone struck her, pedestrian claimed -
Multiple vehicle accidents resulted in fianc‚e's death -
Garbage truck collision caused cognitive impairment: plaintiff -
Motorcyclist injured in collision with postal truck -
Peace officer claimed plaintiff violently resisted arrest -
Plaintiff claimed he endured racial harassment by co-workers -
Failure to warn of unsafe ladder resulted in fall, plaintiff alleged -
Coach claimed dismissal was due to Title IX disclosures -
Company retaliated after report of wage/hour violations: plaintiff -
Passenger claimed bulging lumbar discs from rear-ender -
Patient claimed neurosurgeon's error resulted in paralysis -
Plaintiff arrested after ignoring police officer's orders: defense -
Defense: Driver had significant pre-accident medical history -
Plastic surgeon claimed patient gave consent for breast lift -
Plaintiff: Hotel negligently set up event, causing fall over curb -
Suit: Plaintiffs fired for investigating claims against school's founder -
Patient left hospital against medical advice, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed shoulder and knee tears from fall at strip mall -
Investigation of harassment claim took too long: plaintiff -
Parents blamed boat rental companies for son's drowning -
Cookie from salon's hospitality tray contained marijuana: patron -
Plaintiff claimed shoulder and neck injuries caused by crash -
Intersection crash resulted in cervical fusion: plaintiff -
Vacant end cap caused trip and fall, customer alleged -
Bank misclassified assistant branch managers, suit claimed -
Class: Company misclassified employees' employment status -
Unprovoked police used Taser on dad on Father's Day: family -
Plaintiff claimed back injury from intersection crash -
Bicyclist fatally struck by tractor-trailer -
No proof motorcyclist rode over specific area, defense argued -
Female officer claimed police chief denied her promotions -
Rear-end crash aggravated lower back condition: plaintiff -
Hairdresser claimed rear-end accident caused neck injuries -
Plaintiff claimed fall down wet stairs caused thoracic fracture -
Tractor-trailer driver's unsafe turn caused fatal crash: family -
Farm workers claimed firing due to harassment complaints -
Drivers blamed each other's speed for cause of crash -
Plaintiff claimed retaliation for complaining about paycheck -
Plaintiff claimed employers set her up to be 'managed out' -
Veteran not accommodated for professional exam: lawsuit -
Plaintiff should have seen trailer prior to crash, defense argued -
Sergeant: Retaliation after reporting superior's violations -
Failure to repair handrail caused staircase fall, plaintiff claimed -
Truck driver fatally struck by train in railroad crossing -
Plaintiff contributed to fall by walking through mud: defense -
County's warnings about bridge closure were insufficient: suit -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused lumbar injury -
Claimant claimed ankle and knee injuries from unseen hole -
Plaintiff: Male officer removed religious headcovering -
Fall in store caused ongoing shoulder problems, customer alleged -
Defense claimed motorcyclist could have avoided accident -
Defense denied plaintiff was injured in rear-end collision -
Rolling door was properly made and installed: defense -
Plaintiff's injuries should have resolved within weeks: defense -
Plaintiff claimed crash made prior spinal injuries symptomatic -
Officer's excessive speed caused fatal crash, family alleged -
Robbery could not have been foreseen, defense argued -
Failure to detect cancer led to finger amputation: patient -
Collision with jackknifed truck resulted in traumatic injuries -
Defense claimed banana peel was open and obvious -
Dog's vicious propensities should have been known: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed cervical injury after struck in haunted maze -
Stairway's code violations did not cause fall, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Employer fired her for complaints of unpaid overtime -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries from rear-end accident -
EEOC: Health care companies fired disabled employees -
Defense: Sergeant transferred because of medical restriction -
Security guard's excessive force caused injuries: patron -
Black workers subjected to harassment at work site: EEOC -
Chiropractic treatment not reasonable or necessary: defense -
Bus camera showed passenger did not fall out of seat: defense -
Termination due to complaint of being called racial names: suit -
Plaintiff claimed nerve condition caused by fall at grocery store -
Plaintiff claimed knee and neck injuries caused by rear-ender -
Family: Secondhand smoke complaints not remedied -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries following second crash -
Staircase's code violations caused fall, plaintiff claimed -
Defendant claimed plaintiff attempted turn without signaling -
Drywaller: Exposure to stucco product caused mesothelioma -
Suit: Supervisor harassed about perceived sexual preference -
Sergeant claimed he properly obtained medical care for arrestee -
Flooding on roadway caused fatal crash, parents alleged -
Complex failed to prevent nightly bedbug bites: plaintiffs -
Passenger claimed rear-ender caused need for lumbar fusion -
Doctor not to blame for amputated leg, defense argued -
Cable box fall caused severe injuries, technician claimed -
Plaintiff's spinal injuries caused by prior crash, defense claimed -
Defense: Mom and daughters not injured in low-speed crash -
Plaintiff's combative response led to arrest, officers claimed -
Plaintiff claimed surgery ruined future earnings and lifestyle -
Defense disputed seriousness of injuries following multiple vehicle crash -
City denied retaliation and noted captain eventually promoted -
School officials failed to report coach's alleged conduct: suit -
Plaintiff quit because of decreased pay and hours, defense argued -
Female manager fired for opposing males in mayor's office: suit -
Pedestrians struck by turning vehicle each claimed injuries -
Employer terminated her after complaining of harassment: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed water in store aisle caused slip and fall -
Sexual assaults due to improper supervision of paraeducator: suit -
Customer claimed store employee hit ankle with cart -
Defense: Resident fired because of unsatisfactory performance -
Detox center's failure to monitor patient resulted in suicide: family -
Supervisor terminated after reporting misconduct: lawsuit -
Defense: Patient died from lethal, pre-existing conditions -
Crash caused injuries neck, back and shoulder: plaintiff -
Neck injuries preclude doc from performing surgery, he claimed -
Officer's complaints were appropriately addressed: defense -
Officer feared murder suspect was armed, defense argued -
Defense: Failure to wear knee brace caused injury during fall -
Tenants claimed landlords discriminated against them -
Plaintiff claimed shoulder and spine injuries from rear-ender -
Plaintiff: Fall on store floor caused ankle and spine injuries -
Driver: Seized cannabis and cash funded police department -
Defense: Decedent shot while lowering hands, despite orders -
Pedestrian negligent for walking on roadway edge, defense argued -
Student claimed instructor continued sexual abuse -
Officers claimed appropriate force was used during arrest -
Infection and delayed healing known risk of procedure: doctor -
Suit: Restaurant liable for death after serving intoxicated minor -
Family claimed city knew road was dangerous for cyclists -
Plaintiff claimed herniated discs due to intersection crash -
Plaintiff fired after returning from medical leave: lawsuit -
Plaintiffs: Vehicle sold without functioning air bags or seat belts -
Plaintiff's inattention caused collision, defense argued -
Plaintiff: High-speed rear-ender aggravated lower back injury -
Restaurant allowed argument to escalate in parking lot: plaintiffs -
Plaintiff: No accommodations provided after back injury -
Jail failed to monitor detainee, resulting in death, family alleged -
Broadside collision caused injuries, claimants alleged -
Bicyclist claimed officer falsely arrested him -
Nursing staff properly placed patient back into bed: defense -
Fatal shooting caused by man's out-of-control actions: officers -
Plaintiff claimed track work created tripping hazard -
Separate rear-enders caused neck injury, plaintiff claimed -
Negligently maintained truck caused occupants' death: heirs -
Collision caused toe and wrist fractures, plaintiff claimed -
Crash caused eventual need for knee replacement: passenger -
Premature cremation caused emotional distress: family -
Parents: C-section would have prevented infant's brain injury -
Defense: Minimal impact couldn't have caused any injury -
Pedestrian: Driver struck her backing out of parking space -
Driver claimed broadside collision caused knee injury -
Defense: Bicyclist failed to stop for stop sign, causing accident -
Pedestrian claimed serious leg injuries when hit by turning car -
Pressure cooker's dangerous design caused burns, plaintiff alleged -
Companies had no knowledge of Ponzi scheme: defense -
Defense claimed property had no water intrusion or mold -
Police Officer denied injuring plaintiff's knee during search -
Defense: Pain syndrome a known complication of surgery -
Guest claimed employee bumped her, causing fall down stairs -
Pedestrian alleged disabling injuries after struck by vehicle -
Plaintiff's complaints due to degenerative conditions: defense -
Rear-ender caused soft-tissue neck and back injuries: plaintiffs -
Failure to see prior collision resulted in man's death: family -
Family friend sexually battered her, plaintiff claimed -
Shopper claimed market lacked warning signs of wet floor -
Motorist's hasty turn caused accident, motorcyclist claimed -
Companies used inaccurate excuses to not accommodate worker: suit -
Worker claimed city's retaliation forced him into early retirement -
Police detective forced her to engage in sex acts: plaintiff -
Couple claimed employer failed to obtain green cards -
Defense claimed engineer was not discriminated against -
Plaintiff: Assault at boat slip caused neck and foot injuries -
Officer escalated situation prior to shooting, plaintiff claimed -
Child: Dog attack caused facial injuries and emotional trauma -
Nursing home's failure to give shower resulted in fall: plaintiff -
Defense disputed cause of plaintiff's back and neck injuries -
Driver's failure to stop at stop sign caused crash, plaintiff claimed -
Suit: Teacher retaliated against for making discrimination claims -
Hospital claimed son delayed patient's treatment -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed numerous severe injuries -
Plaintiff's treatment was excessive and unnecessary: defense -
Motorist turned across motorcyclist's path, lawsuit alleged -
Insured misrepresented building on application: carrier -
Laborer: Skip loader crash caused knee, shoulder and back injuries -
Deterioration after extubation not due to delay in care: defense -
Manager abandoned position, car dealership alleged -
Passenger: Driver lost control by pushing too hard on gas -
Woman claimed neck, back injured in rear-ender at light -
Employee claimed company failed to pay for overtime -
Nurse violated patients' privacy by viewing records: defense -
Claimant alleged crush injury left her with ongoing pain -
Plaintiff claimed no notice of empty elevator shaft at job site -
Defense claimed curb's uplift was open and obvious -
Plaintiffs claimed injuries from collision with speeding police car -
Dealerships sold vehicle after causing brake problem: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed officers lacked consent to enter house -
Mother had no time to react to speeding bus, son alleged -
Defense argued plaintiff's injury claims lacked credibility -
Family: Head-on crash caused teen's death and mom's injuries -
Park rangers unlawfully arrested and searched camper: suit -
Deputy fire marshal fired for pointing out violations: suit -
Surgeon: Clinical observation of patient was appropriate -
Plaintiffs claimed continued pain after broadside collision -
Owner suggested quid pro quo relationship, receptionist alleged -
Slippery floor between mats caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
G-tube misplacement occurred without any negligence: doctor -
Flagger struck by truck at airport claimed a brain injury -
Rideshare driver's unsafe actions caused fatal crash: family -
Pregnant employee fired for requesting health benefits: suit -
Plaintiff: Crash caused injuries to head, spine, arm and leg -
Officer: Control hold needed so plaintiff's blood could be drawn -
Woman's bowel condition caused fatal fall, estate alleged -
Rear-end crash aggravated lower back injury, plaintiff alleged -
Property owners left stairway in unsafe condition, tenant alleged -
Defense: Plaintiff's treatment unreasonable and unnecessary -
Baggage handler: Employer had incorrect wage statements -
Plaintiff's inattention caused trip and fall, defense argued -
Surgeon correctly performed gallbladder surgery: defense -
Rotting tree crushed driver, family claimed -
Plaintiff claimed she was demoted for taking maternity leave -
Doctor not required to report patient who caused crash: defense -
Shoplifter: Officer forced her onto hot asphalt, causing burns -
Plaintiff claimed Alzheimer's disease aggravated by accident -
Seat belt system properly functioned as designed: defense -
Bicyclist claimed driver failed to yield right of way -
Plaintiff claimed unlawful arrest after construction complaint -
Plaintiff claimed discrimination due to age and race -
Plaintiff knocked down in parking lot, claimed knee injury -
Defense alleged surgeon not negligent in treatment of patient -
Suit: Police wrongly arrested, prosecuted and jailed plaintiff -
Infant's burns from cooktop not foreseeable, defense argued -
Defense argued officers' used reasonable force on passenger -
Defense: Pet retailer properly warned of possible rat infection -
Decision to use pre-auricular incision was appropriate: surgeon -
Surgeon appropriately decided to close wound, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed truck's unsafe lane change caused crash -
Diagnosis concealed prior to transfer: decedent's family -
Caregiver claimed donative transfer not a product of fraud -
Defense disputed the extent of plaintiff's injuries following crash -
Missing pavement caused crash, bicyclist alleged -
Server: Forearm injury prevents her from returning to work -
Plaintiffs claimed bulging lumbar discs from rear-ender -
Officer denied being on duty when stairway fall occurred -
Plaintiff does not require future care or treatment, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed arm fractures from high-speed, rollover crash -
Plaintiff claimed lower back pain from impact during merge -
Asbestos exposure not caused by baby powder, defense argued -
Plaintiff fired for complaining about alleged backlog of cases: suit -
Family alleged fatigued tractor-trailer driver caused fatal crash -
Nurses failed to properly monitor patient, suit alleged -
Defendant denied telling plaintiff to get on scooter -
City retaliated for testifying against it, police officer claimed -
Doctor failed to detect patient's fatal internal bleeding: daughter -
Suit: Company failed to provide proper meal and rest breaks -
Laborer claimed need for lifelong care after struck by falling wall -
Motorcyclist: Officer ran red light without stopping, causing crash -
Forklift accident caused need for amputation, plaintiff claimed -
Use of duct tape to cover floor drain caused ladder fall: plaintiff -
Pedestrian claimed bus crash caused need for back surgery -
Plaintiff claimed accident caused lower back injuries -
Glass panel shattered for some unknown reason: defense -
Defense: No exposure to asbestos in plastic cement -
Failure to use police for traffic control caused crash: motorcyclist -
Plaintiffs: Drivers' unsafe speed and distance caused crashes -
Plaintiff did not suffer injuries during traffic stop: defense -
Server claimed she was fired for making wage violation complaints -
Patient claimed doctor injured nerve performing arm surgery -
No need for healed plaintiff to have future surgery: defense -
Caregiver: No responsibility for patient's fall while on break -
Motorist claimed sideswipe caused ongoing back pain -
Defense claimed crash did not cause plaintiff's spinal injuries -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused chronic coccygeal pain -
Plaintiff claimed fall from city curb caused lifetime pain -
Professor: Tenure denied due to sex discrimination -
Plaintiff claimed cervical injury from multiple-vehicle rear-ender -
Employer failed to prevent distribution of explicit video: plaintiff -
Employee appropriately fired after investigation, store claimed -
Plaintiff: Prisoner left alone with him in retaliation of complaints -
Bus company failed to ensure safety of passengers: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused chronic lower back pain -
Truck driver terminated after refusing to return to work -
Family claimed defendants failed to timely diagnose cancer -
Officer claimed plaintiff resisted arrest in violation of Penal Code -
Worker claimed unsafe facility resulted in injuries to both feet -
City fired employee who was recovering from surgeries: suit -
Truck towing SUV was too slow on highway, defense claimed -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused spinal injuries -
Job offer rescinded after perceived disability: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused neck and back herniations -
Driver: Motorcycle 150 feet away before turn was executed -
Motorcyclist claimed crash left him completely disabled -
Employers failed to address new supervisor's ageist comments: suit -
Plaintiff claimed truck driver's illegal U-turn caused crash -
Failure to warn of retractable wall resulted in arm fractures -
Store claimed shopper's sandals caused fall -
Family: Decedent's exposure to asbestos resulted in death -
Defense: Plaintiff fired for recruiting employees to rival co. -
Surgeon walked out on cardiac procedure, lawsuit alleged -
Plaintiff claimed dog's owner had notice of earlier attack -
Officer: Speed of oncoming bike could not be appreciated -
Police lieutenant: Warrantless search was not unreasonable -
EEOC: Female employees harassed by franchise owner -
Motel guest claimed failure to maintain railings resulted in fall -
Teenager claimed negligent injection caused infection -
Brake grinder use resulted in fatal asbestos exposure: family -
Plaintiff claimed neck injury caused by rear-end accident -
Plaintiff blamed two separate incidents for spine aggravation -
Toddler injured her arm at preschool, father claimed -
Employee abandoned position, employer alleged -
Pitcher claimed end of baseball career due to hand injury -
Plaintiff: Unsafe lane change caused multiple vehicle crash -
Truck driver claimed lumbar herniation from rear-ender -
Cancer patient relied on alternative practitioner's claims: suit -
Negligently installed shower door caused foot injury: plaintiff -
Pedestrian struck by turning van claimed multiple injuries -
Failure to warn of mopped floor caused fall, plaintiff claimed -
Sheriff's station's culture prevented female promotions: deputy -
Plaintiff claimed he complied with orders, but officers beat him -
EEOC: Company paid female employee less than male employee -
Plaintiff claimed ongoing wrist limitations caused by crash -
Patient's condition caused by other factors, doctor claimed -
Plaintiff's stop on narrow shoulder contributed to crash: defense -
Homeowner Association denied notice of dangerous condition -
Installation of unsafe windows caused child's fall from height: suit -
Plaintiff's arrest due to threats and prior complaints: officers -
Defense argued plaintiff's knee injury was pre-existing -
Crash caused neck and wrist injuries, motorcyclist claimed -
Plaintiff claimed unsafe lane change caused back injury -
Autistic female student harmed by sexual assault, family argued -
Injured worker claimed he requires long-term neurorehabilitative care -
Defense: Bicyclist contributed to crash by riding against traffic -
Plaintiff claimed lack of security at bar led to physical altercation -
Plaintiff fired for complaining of illegal collection activities: suit -
Plaintiff claimed ceramic chip in soup caused teeth fractures -
Intersection crash caused neck injury, plaintiff claimed -
Defense: Swing's location and knot change not cause of fall -
Electrician claimed injuries from fall require future medical care -
Paralysis caused by lighting and motorist's inattention: bicyclist -
Doctor disputed sexual battery allegation from former patient -
Grocery receiver: False theft allegation damaged reputation -
Parents: Children subjected to exams without parental consent -
Columnist: Loss of reputation caused severe emotional distress -
Runner claimed vehicle slid into her -
Sales rep fired after reporting timeshare buy-back scheme: suit -
Second surgery did not need to be performed immediately: defense -
Plaintiff: Senior officers failed to investigate co-worker's threats -
Retired EMT manager claimed city denied her retiree benefits -
Plaintiff claimed multiple impact accident caused neck injury -
Television writers alleged age discrimination -
Fall during physical education class resulted in head injury: suit -
Defense claimed store did not have constructive notice of spill -
Police officer ran over him a second time, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed security guard failed to prevent shooting -
Pedestrian claimed ongoing leg condition due to accident -
Plaintiff's misuse of door caused glass break, defense argued -
Surgeon put too much pressure on brachial plexus nerve: suit -
Plaintiff claimed uneven portion of alleyway caused fall -
Plaintiff: Condition of converted bathroom caused trip and fall -
Plaintiff: Parking lot crash aggravated hip and back woes -
Plaintiff did not need injections for alleged injuries: defense -
Pedestrian struck by motorist claimed ankle injury -
Defense: Man's handling of deep fryer caused burns -
Collision caused soft-tissue injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Man struck by police car, suffered disabling injuries -
Wife died after being injected with contraindicated drug: husband -
Family: SUV failed to yield to motorcyclist, resulting in death -
Deputies used excessive force against mentally ill man: family -
Janitor claimed bad reviews began after taking off for doctor -
Employers did not pay overtime or for breaks, plaintiff claimed -
Trainer: Improper exercise equipment instructions resulted in fall -
Plaintiff claimed soft-tissue injuries from broadside crash -
Other tug operator's inattention caused crash, plaintiff alleged -
Driver traveling too close to vehicle, caused crash: plaintiff -
Defendant crossed center line and caused crash: plaintiffs -
Police officers' raid based on illegal warrants, claimant alleged -
Defense: Ativan necessary for patient to use ventilator mask -
School negligent in supervising students on trip, student alleged -
Wound infection known risk of excision, defense argued -
Dental assistant claimed dentist touched her inappropriately -
Minimal impact could not have aggravated prior injuries: defense -
Failure to perform inspection led to sidewalk fall, plaintiff alleged -
Motorcyclist claimed crash caused by driver's unsafe turn -
Plaintiff's symptoms attributed to weight, prior crash: defense -
Near head-on collision caused need for cervical fusion: plaintiff -
Plaintiff's speed contributed to 2011 accident, defense argued -
Crash into concrete divider caused back injury: passenger -
Plaintiff claimed driver attempted negligent U-turn -
Wireway in front of treadmills caused trip and fall: gym-goer -
Plaintiff claimed accident aggravated prior hip condition -
Plaintiff claimed broadside crash caused shoulder tear -
Unmaintained iron security gate caused multiple injuries: plaintiff -
Collision with deputy caused wrist and spinal injuries: plaintiff -
Premature discharge resulted in death of wife and child: suit -
Plaintiff: Homeowners' use of defective product caused burns -
Doctor: Perforation caused by stress ulcer, not surgery -
Plaintiff claimed officer failed to control K-9 -
Worker concocted harassment allegation, superior claimed -
Defense claimed minor crash could not have caused injuries -
Trip on pothole caused ankle and knee problems: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed excessive force due to officer drawing gun -
Rear-end collision caused neck injury, plaintiff alleged -
Intoxicated pedestrian claimed speeding driver caused accident -
Doctor was oblivious to signs of fetal distress, family alleged -
Motorist claimed scooter rider fabricated collision -
Plaintiff claimed ankle injury from displaced ballast in rail yard -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end impact caused neck injuries -
Store failed to clean deli meat off floor, customer claimed -
Plaintiff's spinal injuries related to other accidents: defense -
Daughter of decedent: Security interfered with bystanders' aid -
Motorist's unsafe turn caused fatal crash, estate contended -
Defense claimed mother was high risk even prior to delivery -
Deputy: Reasonable force used during drunken man's arrest -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from officers use of force -
Taekwondo teacher sexually assaulted three students: suit -
Plaintiff claimed surgical delay caused hemiparesis -
Defense: Perforation a known complication of dilation -
Shooting victim's family claimed policeman fired without warning -
Plaintiffs claimed crash caused or exacerbated back injuries -
Restaurant claimed its steps were readily apparent -
Defense: No proof chemical compounds caused cancer -
Defense: Decedent jumped from bridge and did not fall -
Officer speeding and running red light caused fatal crash: family -
Psychologist terminated after reporting alleged violations: suit -
Reserve police officer not an employee, defense argued -
Manhole explosion caused crash that injured plaintiff: suit -
Rear-ender exacerbated migraines, plaintiff claimed -
Defense disputed plaintiff's alleged back injuries following crash -
Plaintiff's coworkers removed safety rails, defense argued -
Caregivers not responsible for preventing suicide, defense claimed -
Plaintiff: Deputies wrongfully detained and questioned her -
Broadside crash caused thumb ligament injury, plaintiff claimed -
Health club guest assumed risk in using sauna, defense argued -
Urologist: Rectal tear an accepted risk of prostatectomy -
Barista not injured from chemicals at work: defense -
Residential community failed to provide safe environment: resident -
Defense: Plaintiff not subjected to adverse employment action -
Pedestrian struck in intersection claimed multiple injuries -
Court-appointed attorney accused of sexual assault -
Plaintiff struck in intersection sustained head injuries -
Defense: Central line never entered patient's carotid artery -
Surgeon failed to diagnose necrotizing fasciitis: patient -
Claimant alleged injuries from multiple vehicle rear-ender -
Defense: Performance issue reason fellowship not renewed -
Wife: Improper CPR caused husband's brain damage -
Defense: Guard's injuries were not caused by beams falling on car -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused ongoing spinal pain -
Defense: Plaintiff not discriminated against -
Pedestrian claimed injuries from accident with turning truck -
Former employee: Boss offered raise in exchange for oral sex -
Unsafe left turn caused collision, motorcyclist claimed -
Plaintiff claimed shoulder, back and neck injuries from rear-ender -
Speeding tractor-trailers caused multiple vehicle crash: plaintiff -
Child's injury did not support a fall-from-height claim: defense -
Plaintiff claimed vehicle rear-ended him on freeway -
Plaintiff claimed he was subjected to racial slurs at work -
Bicyclist entered intersection on wrong side of the road: defense -
Mesothelioma due to radiation treatment, not asbestos: defense -
Intersection crash caused injuries to both knees: plaintiff -
Plaintiff struck vehicle in front of her, causing second crash: defense -
Surgeon negligently severed common bile duct, patient alleged -
Injuries from transformer explosion led to stroke: applicant -
Motorcyclist claimed shoulder and elbow injuries from crash -
Pedestrian claimed motorist failed to yield right of way -
Plaintiff: Parking lot accident caused depression to be worse -
Special-ed student claimed sex assaults caused PTSD, anxiety -
Officers failed to de-escalate situation before shooting: family -
Defense argued plaintiff exaggerated alleged symptoms -
Placement of wet mat on wet floor created hidden danger: plaintiff -
Manager had performance problems, defense argued -
Delay in treating wrist fracture caused pain condition: patient -
Multiple vehicle crash only caused whiplash injury: defense -
Sports columnist: Management critical of him after mini-stroke -
Plaintiff: Negligent supervision resulted in sexual assault -
Mother: Hospitals' negligent care caused son's brain injury -
Psychiatric hospital claimed patient's rape was unforeseeable -
Family claimed fatal rollover caused by other vehicles' crash -
Failure to properly maintain highway caused crash: bicyclist -
Intoxicated driver caused crash that killed daughter: family -
Plaintiff claimed police conspired to imprison him -
Driver claimed he suffered spinal injuries from rear-ender -
Sap not sticky enough to cause plaintiff's fall, defense argued -
Motorist struck by tractor-trailer claimed back injuries -
Property owner not to blame for crash into escaped cow: defense -
Insured claimed carrier failed to pay full amount for repairs -
Suit: Bus's driver should have seen child before fatal accident -
County denied ignoring prisoner or causing psychotic episode -
Defense denied a propane leak existed for almost a year -
Cleavage fragments found in talc not asbestos: defense -
Teacher's improper supervision resulted in child's injury: suit -
Mother claimed officers did not need to shoot her son -
Officer could have used Taser instead of deadly force: family -
Laborers claimed intersection crash caused spinal injuries -
Hotel claimed slope of walkway was appropriate, not dangerous -
Surgeon denied negligence in treatment of hip pain -
Plaintiff's injuries caused by prior collisions, defense argued -
Unsafe lane change caused crash, motorcyclist claimed -
Plaintiff had back problems before crash, defense argued -
City's failure to repair sidewalk caused finger fracture: plaintiff -
Co. failed to warn decedent of dangers of dry ice: family -
Plaintiff claimed he was wrongfully imprisoned -
Multiple vehicle rear-ender caused injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Claimant alleged he requires future medical care in the U.S. -
Defense claimed plaintiff's arrest justified after grabbing officer -
Plaintiffs over-dramatized U-turn accident, defense argued -
Defense argued plaintiffs' medical care was excessive -
Parents: Bipolar son arrested for being drunk, no tests done -
Plaintiff claimed hotel failed to protect concrete walkway -
Defense: Nurses properly treated pre-existing bedsore -
Plaintiff struck by driver suffered multiple bodily trauma -
Plaintiff: Infection would have been cured if fax was sent -
Parents claimed failure to check on inmate resulted in death -
Drivers in intersection crash each claimed right of way -
Gas station customer had actual notice of spill: defense -
Motorcyclist's speed caused crash with turning truck: defense -
Defense: Employee was the harasser and abandoned job -
Motorcyclist: Intersection crash caused lumbar fractures -
Mom claimed son shot despite following officer's command -
Defense claimed plaintiff's injuries caused by prior crash -
Plaintiff claimed collision caused lower back pain -
Defense: Several of plaintiff's injuries pre-existed crash -
Defense claimed criminalist did not suffer retaliation -
Plaintiff was not injured in multiple vehicle crash: defense -
Hotel: Security had no time to prevent DJ from jumping -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused neck strains with neuralgia -
Employee claimed she was fired for being a whistleblower -
Rear-end crash caused lumbar fracture, plaintiff alleged -
Road defect caused loss of control and collision: plaintiffs -
Plaintiff: Officers trespassed on property with guns drawn -
Electrician claimed removal of lifts led to fall from height -
Truck driver's U-turn caused collision, claimant alleged -
Former workers not owed for unused vacation time, defense argued -
Truck's crash into store caused emotional distress: plaintiffs -
Student: Batting drill should have been better supervised -
Defense: Panic caused scooter rider to lose control and crash -
Defense: Decision to prescribe medications did not cause death -
Restaurant denied causing vomiting fit -
Post-concussion syndrome caused by rear-ender: plaintiff -
Roofer claimed fall resulted in need for 24-hour care -
Defense claimed immigrant's husband did not commit abuse -
Insurance adjuster claimed discrimination based on age -
Defective drug patch caused death, family alleged -
Plaintiff claimed slip on worn stairs caused knee injury -
Store claimed no evidence grape caused plaintiff's fall -
Teenager claimed officer shot him despite dropping toy gun -
Intersection crash caused neck and back pain, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff's inattention caused trip over curbside, defense argued -
Mother claimed relative knew of daughter's molestation -
Plaintiff claimed multiple-vehicle rear-ender caused neck injury -
Plaintiff: Deputy's failure to clear intersection caused crash -
Failure to warn of dangerous condition caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
Motorcyclist: Coverage sought after driver fled scene -
Plaintiff claimed he was beaten and restrained by deputies -
Church responsible for pedophile parishioner: victim -
Passenger claimed vehicle crash caused schizophrenia -
Amputation not caused by injury on roller coaster: defense -
Tractor operator claimed crash caused need for future medical care -
Defense: Crash caused by driver negligence, not road defect -
Neurosurgeon: Decompression surgery done appropriately -
Plaintiff: Head-on crash caused shoulder and spinal injuries -
Trucker trapped under falling gate suffered multiple fractures -
Plaintiff claimed charter school retaliated against her -
Unsecured gym equipment fell on her, plaintiff claimed -
Defense: Bus safety standards followed during break down -
Plaintiff claimed brain injury resulted in personality change -
Misleveling of elevator resulted in fall, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed defendant assaulted her -
Officer denied promotion after ending text communication: suit -
Plaintiff claimed he lost work due to defamatory statements -
Plaintiff failed to reasonably search for new job: defense -
CEO was uncooperative with leadership, defense argued -
Staging company claimed wood stairs were not defective -
Injured roofer claimed he requires long-term rehabilitation -
Defense claimed no future care needed for plaintiff's neck -
Mom and daughter: Broadside crash caused spinal injuries -
Patient: Negligent injection caused bacterial infection -
Officers claimed plaintiff interfered with an arrest -
Tractor's unsafe turn caused motorcyclist's death, family claimed -
Plaintiffs claimed rear-end crash caused spinal injuries -
Plaintiff claimed 2012 crash aggravated back and injured knee -
Truck driver relied on another driver who waved him on: defense -
Implanting of mechanical valve was appropriate, defense argued -
Excessive use of Taser caused son's death, mother claimed -
Fired worker claimed he was target of smear campaign -
Plaintiff: Electric cart accident led to symptomatic arthritis -
Plaintiff's injury due to other person defending himself: defense -
Motorcyclist claimed pothole caused crash -
Defense counsel: Bicyclist's 'drafting' caused accident -
Motorcyclist claimed car ran red light, resulting in crash -
Patient: Surgeon failed to close gallbladder surgical wound -
Close proximity of SUV on road caused bicyclist's death: family -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused lumbar herniations -
Deputies used excessive force in response to protest: inmates -
Defense claimed plaintiffs' treatments were excessive -
Employee never complained of alleged harassment: defense -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused spinal and calf injuries -
Plaintiff alleged algae growth on sidewalk caused slip and fall -
Defense claimed plaintiff's stroke unrelated to rear-ender -
Patron claimed shard in shot glass caused abdominal injuries -
Plaintiff claimed back injury due to unmaintained pavement -
Police recruits: City failed to accommodate for injuries -
Plaintiff claimed inadequately lit detour caused trip and fall -
Claimant alleged sheriff removed from position harassed her -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused neck and back injuries -
Clothing manufacturer claimed shirt met flammability standards -
Bus co. failed to accommodate for knee pain, driver alleged -
Husband: OB-GYN failed to perform lymphadenectomy -
Plaintiff: Officer used excessive force during handcuffing -
Firefighters: Promotions exam had numerous flaws -
Uterine inversion a risk of vaginal delivery, doctor claimed -
Defense: Social media posts showed no post-crash changes -
Plaintiffs' vehicle caused crash by swerving into lane: defense -
Cable Installer claimed traumatic brain injury from 30-foot fall -
Defense: Low-speed impact could not cause injuries alleged -
Trip and fall caused wrist injury, plaintiff claimed -
Officer feared for life prior to shooting, defense argued -
Police dog bit suspect who hid from officers in office: defense -
Property owner not to blame for fatal shooting, defense argued -
Skateboarder failed to avoid collision, pedestrian alleged -
Toothpick swallowed by plaintiff not from deli, defense argued -
Pregnant correctional officer: Alternate assignment not offered -
Plaintiff claimed driver ran red light, causing broadside crash -
Vendor caused fall by leaving boxes strewn about: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed knee and lower back injuries from fall -
Pedestrian claimed accident caused on-going pain -
Pedestrian claimed injuries after struck by reversing vehicle -
Plaintiff claimed TMJ and neck injuries from broadside crash -
Plaintiff: Broadside crash exacerbated neck injury -
Passenger claimed spinal injuries from truck crash -
Dealership failed to take steps to prevent slip and fall: patron -
Plaintiff's symptoms predated multiple vehicle crash: defense -
Pedestrian required amputation of toes after truck struck her -
Physician: Treatment of patient with chest pain was appropriate -
Officer claimed she faced retaliation for reporting sexual battery -
Store disputed amount of liquid on floor and claimed no notice -
Triathlete: Cervical injuries affects her ability to compete -
Failure to repair faulty stairs caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed deputies used excessive force -
Patient's amputations unrelated to heparin, defense argued -
Bicyclist claimed foot drop developed after collision -
Plaintiff struck by vehicle claimed ankle and back injuries -
Defense: Pool's drainage area was reasonably safe -
Defendant claimed plaintiff's attempt to pass caused crash -
Low velocity impact could not have caused injuries: defense -
Plaintiff claimed defendant ran red light and caused collision -
Teen: Officers failed to follow court's order to release her -
Plaintiffs claimed rollover resulted in injuries and death -
Customer struck by auto shop's unlicensed driver -
Plaintiff claimed broadside caused spinal injuries -
Hospital negligently retained physical therapy assistant: suit -
Truck driver: Head injuries caused need for continued care -
Plaintiff: Crash-related injuries resulted in army discharge -
Golf cart driver claimed motorist failed to yield at intersection -
Rear-ender caused soft-tissue neck and shoulder injuries: suit -
Plaintiff claimed officer struck him several times during stop -
Officer claimed decedent shot to stop him from hitting partner -
Plaintiff claimed unsafe turn caused multiple fractures -
Defense: Family of man killed in collapse exaggerated damages -
Mother claimed loss of daughter's support due to fatal accident -
Judge fired for cooperating with investigation: lawsuit -
Suit: Bus company failed to report dangerous actions near bus stop -
Plaintiff claimed multiple fractures from intersection crash -
Correctional officers denied using excessive force on inmate -
Plaintiff claimed officer used excessive force during arrest -
Supervisor's conduct highly inappropriate, waitress claimed -
Use of illegal fireworks caused boy's hand injuries: plaintiffs -
Doctor's membership terminated after questioning leadership: suit -
Defense: Plaintiff's surgery unnecessary -
Parents claimed detox facility's negligence caused son's death -
Parents: Children wrongly removed from care during hospital visit -
Plaintiff: Company fired her for not returning to moldy office -
Decedent struck crossing street outside of crosswalk -
Surgeon claimed patient's hand required extended fixation -
Waste disposal co.'s negligent training caused crash: officer -
Police officer claimed driver's unsafe turn caused crash -
Plaintiff: Third-degree burns from detached shower faucet -
Bicyclist claimed uneven pavement caused accident -
Decedent fatally shot after car chase ended, family alleged -
Plaintiff claimed elevated, backyard deck was a fall hazard -
Low-speed crash caused knee, back and shoulder injuries: suit -
No warning of step at raised booth caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
Defense denied chair caused plaintiff's fall or injuries -
Cardiac surgery error results in daughter's death: parents -
Delivery co. denied racial discrimination against driver -
Failure to warn of broken hatch, caused injuries: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed sunken planters caused trip and fall -
Laborer struck by reversing truck claimed clavicle fracture -
Dirt bike rider: Pickup driver cut inside of turn and caused crash -
Doctor never told parents pregnancy could be viable: suit -
Defense claimed plaintiff's back surgery was unnecessary -
Plaintiff missed three months of work due to back injuries: suit -
OB-GYN: Ectopic pregnancy diagnosis was reasonable -
Parents: Caretakers failed to follow decedent's special diet -
Plaintiff's trigeminal neuralgia not caused by crash: defense -
Defense: Motorcyclist's attempt to pass truck resulted in crash -
Passenger claimed her cab was struck by other driver -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused soft-tissue back injuries -
State: Fatal crash caused by drunken driver, not roadway condition -
Defense denied man suffered PTSD after bitten by dog -
Home health services' nurse caused mom's death: daughter -
Defense counsel blamed drunken driver for fatal collision -
Defense: Cataract not caused by demonstration of device -
Job eliminated after making fraud claim against employer: plaintiff -
Crash caused emotional distress over unborn child: plaintiff -
Fleeing gang member aimed gun at partner, officer claimed -
Pedestrian claimed driver failed to yield at marked crosswalk -
Plaintiff: Store should have immediately cleaned cat litter -
Deputies used excessive force during traffic stop, plaintiff alleged -
Defense: Death due to heart problem, not medication administered -
Passenger on scooter claimed shuttle failed to ensure his safety -
Plaintiff: Bin slipped from forklift, pinning him against truck -
Patient not harmed by required ankle fusion, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused soft-tissue injuries -
Plaintiff claimed U-turn crash caused lower back injuries -
Crash caused permanent neck injury, truck driver claimed -
Plaintiff claimed neck and lower back injuries due to rear-ender -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused permanent shoulder restriction -
Plaintiff claimed crash aggravated prior injuries -
Poultry plant: Tainted chicken not a cause of plaintiff's paralysis -
Plaintiff's subjective complaints not caused by crash: defense -
Defense claimed chiropractic treatment not necessary -
City police wrongfully helped immigration agents: claimant -
Parents claimed drunken driver killed daughter -
Mother: Medical center delayed birth, causing infant's injury -
Debris from blasting could not travel distance alleged: defense -
Plaintiff: Motorcycle crash aggravated asymptomatic conditions -
Police response to crisis was inappropriate, plaintiff alleged -
Employees removed from schedule after issuing complaints: suit -
Wheelchair design caused injury to upper thigh: plaintiff -
Dog attack resulted in bite, scratches and back injuries: plaintiff -
Defense claimed plaintiff's injuries due to prior crash -
Sudden and unexpected lane change caused crash: plaintiff -
Crash caused injuries to shoulder and spine, plaintiff alleged -
Manager retaliated against for reporting discrimination: suit -
Pedestrian claimed vehicle struck her in hotel parking lot -
Failure to recall defective scaffold resulted in fall: plaintiff -
Defense: Chapter 13 plan not confirmed due to plaintiffs' actions -
Officers claimed firing upon pickup was reasonable -
Plaintiff claimed luggage cart accident caused injuries -
Elderly man claimed knee injuries after struck by vehicle -
Plaintiff: Multiple vehicle crash caused new lower back injury -
Decedent's mesothelioma diagnosis was wrong: defense -
Inmate claimed jail's deputies orchestrated fight -
Suit: Plaintiff fired for making too many discrimination complaints -
Plaintiff claimed unprovoked punch fractured jaw -
Plaintiff claimed radiating lower back pain from rear-end crash -
Plaintiff: Neighbor's failure to fix depression caused ankle injury -
Plaintiff claimed fall from scaffold caused brain injury -
Plaintiff claimed tractor-trailer entered intersection on red light -
Plaintiff had emotional issues before crash, defense argued -
Appropriate force used when plaintiff resisted arrest: defense -
Officers: Decedent held hand behind back while advancing -
Intoxicated driver caused rear-end accident, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff did not require wheelchair, defense argued -
Defense claimed plaintiff's vehicle stopped short -
Rear-ender caused neck and back injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Surgeons: Patient knew risks of breast reduction surgery -
Complaints about prisoner mistreatment resulted in retaliation: suit -
Parents claimed defective scuba hose caused son's death -
Plaintiff claimed he was arrested without probable cause -
Plaintiff claimed neck problems from rear-end accident -
Plaintiff: Broadside crash caused cervical disc bulge -
Defense: Shock due to electrical short and ungrounded pipe -
Companies failed to warn of asbestos in talc products: plaintiffs -
Defense argued parents failed to watch child at security station -
Suit: Deputy could have avoided striking decedent on freeway -
Spa workers claimed they were not paid appropriate wages -
Property owners and manager denied notice of septic tank issues -
Plaintiff raped by deputy under investigation for prior rape -
Multiple-vehicle crash caused shoulder injury, plaintiff alleged -
Doorman opened door too quickly and struck her: plaintiff -
Freeway accident caused disabling injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Family doctor delayed delivery of twins, guardian claimed -
Surgery proper despite patient's loss of testicle, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed persistent cognitive deficits after accident -
Passenger fractured tibia and tore tendons in ankle -
Estate: Roadway fatality due to lack of guardrail and warning -
Patron claimed restaurant chair caused finger injury -
Forklift accident caused by inattentive worker: plaintiff -
Bicyclist struck by hit-and-run driver suffered multiple injuries -
Shooting justified due to threat made against officers: defense -
Employees: Public works contractor committed wage fraud -
Former resident not qualified to be promoted, university claimed -
Family: Address improperly disclosed in protective order -
Engineer laid off due to lack of security clearance: defense -
Defense claimed plaintiff's injuries caused by prior crashes -
Plaintiff: Nursing staff failed to monitor admittee with fall risk -
Plaintiff claimed hole in community park was dangerous -
No instructions given on how to use trampoline, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff suffered no new injuries to neck, defense argued -
Security satisfied the 'observe and report' requirements: defense -
Plaintiffs claimed multiple impact caused lumbar injuries -
Owner failed to repair wooden boards at entrance: claimant -
Plaintiff claimed collision caused back injury -
Plaintiff claimed collision exacerbated prior wrist injury -
Officers denied allegations of leaving plaintiff in hot car -
Plaintiff claimed lower back injury from truck collision -
Applicants were subjected to illegal medical inquiries: EEOC -
Patient denied consenting to off-label use of medical device -
Nurse terminated for harassing coworker, hospital claimed -
Former employer failed to find him work while injured: plaintiff -
Officers used excessive force against sleeping patient: family -
Plaintiff: Striped lanes would have prevented fatal collision -
Passenger: Drivers' negligence caused intersection crash -
Plaintiff fired for not reporting to work after leave ended: defense -
Plaintiff claimed co-workers harassed her because of race -
Plaintiff: Treatment of back injuries led to second accident -
Family: Failure to repair leaking transmission caused fatal fire -
Parties disputed location of plaintiff's vehicle during crash -
Plaintiff claimed wrist and spine injuries from broadside crash -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused neck and shoulder pain -
Property owner: Damage due to construction project -
Claimants became trapped in vehicle following crash -
Crash-related injury will cause early retirement: motorcyclist -
Plaintiff fired for altercation with other employee, defense argued -
Defense claimed transfer of title not financial elder abuse -
Company negligently hired and trained security guard: plaintiff -
Suit claimed improper exam after unattended patient's fall -
Doctor claimed patient agreed to nerve block prior to surgery -
Plaintiff: Multiple vehicle crash caused brain and spine injuries -
Student claimed she was thrown to the ground while handcuffed -
Attorney fired after reporting potential bribery scandal: suit -
Suit: Officers did not warn family they left distressed woman alone -
Plaintiff arrested for only standing in front of building: suit -
Reversing vehicle struck child, causing multiple fractures: suit -
Older attorneys claimed boss discriminated against them -
Plaintiff: Jail indifferent to his medical and mental health needs -
Rear-ender aggravated prior cervical injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Suit: School districts failed to prevent student's sexual abuse -
Bile duct injury occurred in absence of negligence: surgeon -
Defense: Repositioning of patient before surgery not uncommon -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk, claimed head injuries -
Photographer properly arrested during hotel event: defense -
Family pointed to toxic mold in house for inducing sickness -
Driver's unsafe turn caused accident, bicyclist claimed -
Refusal to sign declaration resulted in retaliation: detective -
Servers claimed new owner fired them because of age -
Crash caused cervical and shoulder injuries: claimant -
Plaintiff claimed dangerous turn signal caused crash -
Pickup truck failed to stop prior to intersection, plaintiffs alleged -
Fertility doctor and agency denied fault for infant's birth defects -
Suit: Collision between bicyclists caused hip fracture -
Motorcyclist claimed wrist and knee injuries from crash -
Vineyard owner denied sexually harassing employees -
Former employee claimed direct supervisor harassed her -
Passenger claimed collision caused chest and back fractures -
Defense: Fire chief did not believe in jumping positions -
Physical therapist's excessive force caused fracture: patient -
Defense: Couple offered proper insurance coverage -
Hospital's chain of emails to patient below standard: plaintiff -
Plaintiff: Defective spa device caused nerve damage in hand -
Bicyclist claimed driver failed to keep a proper lookout -
Plaintiff claimed exposed rebar in parking lot caused fall -
Fleeing unarmed driver fatally shot by CHP officers -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries from rear-end crash -
Defense claimed plaintiff's dog not on leash prior to encounter -
Student claimed knee injury during physical education class -
Defense argued plaintiff did not injure knees at location alleged -
Surgeon: Patient's arm and leg injuries were properly treated -
Defense claimed patient's bladder was fine after surgery -
Plaintiff's inattention caused fall over concrete bollard: defense -
Plaintiff: Security guard's employers liable for shooting -
Police department retaliated after report of harassment: plaintiffs -
Deputies shot at man who was surrendering, lawsuit alleged -
Employer created degrading environment for women: plaintiff -
Sexual assault of minors during class did not occur: defense -
Laborer alleged celebrity event planner failed to pay overtime -
Inmate claimed deputy at jail sexually abused her -
Parking lot depression caused trip and fall, plaintiff alleged -
Trivial defect in field did not cause player's injury: defense -
Diagnosis difficult to reach given medical effort results: defense -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused back and neck injuries -
Orthopedic trauma surgeon denied patient refractured foot -
Plaintiff's injuries caused by subsequent accidents: defense -
Decedent shot playing Russian roulette, defense argued -
Suit: Engineer fired for reporting access to classified information -
Plaintiff: Van struck shoulder after entering construction zone -
Defense disputed plaintiff's alleged traumatic brain injury -
Rear vehicle caused three-car collision, plaintiff claimed -
Bicyclist claimed vehicle turned without signaling -
Worker who fell off ladder claimed lifetime care is required -
Plaintiff claimed discrimination and termination based on race -
Defense: Accident could not be avoided due to lane change -
Initial crash led to decedent's subsequent fatal collision: suit -
Plaintiff: Collision caused neck, shoulder and knee injuries -
Company hired younger, less qualified workers: plaintiff -
Defendant's negligent U-turn caused spinal sprains: plaintiff -
Defense: Treatment excessive for minor impact collision -
Physician assistant negligent in use of surgical boot: patient -
Homeowners failed to maintain fence, boy's parents claimed -
Plaintiff claimed reckless driving caused wheelchair to topple -
Cervical CT should have been performed, patient alleged -
Rare complication caused facial nerve damage, defense argued -
School district: Aide could not perform essential job functions -
Fire truck sticking out into roadway caused crash: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed customer negligent in use of electric cart -
Pickup truck buyer claimed dealership concealed vital info -
Plaintiff claimed officer's use of K-9 dog was excessive -
Defense argued plaintiff not injured in incident with officers -
Plaintiffs claimed rear-ender caused their spinal injuries -
Estate blamed detached trailer for driver's fatal collision -
Liquor store: Customer chose to walk toward obvious hazard -
Employer failed to alter work requirements for disabled man: suit -
Suit: Employees planned to use information for new company -
Wife: Asbestos exposure from former husband's work clothes -
Multiple vehicle crash caused shoulder injury, plaintiff claimed -
Defense claimed plaintiff's injuries not caused by crash -
Plaintiff fired because of disruptive management style: defense -
Tenant blamed paint fumes from unit below for illness -
Car crash's parties both claimed right of way -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused need for future spinal surgery -
Passenger claimed crash caused cognition impairments -
Plaintiff claimed cervical disc bulge from rear-end collision -
Hospital: Visitor asked for floor to be mopped, knew it was wet -
Firing retaliation for class action suit, UPS worker alleged -
Warehouse worker: Brain injury caused need for continued care -
Outrageous workplace conduct forced her to quit: plaintiff -
Defense: School aide wasn't harassed by student -
Defense claimed plaintiff passed four 'caution ice' signs -
Doctor and nurse claimed patient was properly monitored -
Failure to reinstall safety chains caused fall, plaintiff claimed -
Assault by store employees caused injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Police dog attacked him and lacerated hand, plaintiff alleged -
Correctional officers denied using excessive force on inmate -
Defense: Uncovered storm drain was open and obvious -
Juvenile not protected in locked facility, guardian alleged -
Rear-ender caused neck and back injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed she did not feel mid-back symptoms until later -
Deputies denied interfering with gunshot victim's care -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused cervical disc bulges -
School district did not have good cause to fire her: plaintiff -
Unnecessary angiogram caused quadriplegia: patient -
Religious treatment program violated atheist parolee's rights: suit -
Driver claimed child darted into vehicle, causing accident -
Plaintiff claimed permanent vision problems from assault -
Plaintiff claimed job terminated while on pregnancy leave -
Doctor denied negligence in performance of fistula repairs -
Defense claimed officer feared teen with gun in each hand -
Plaintiff claimed falling ceiling tiles caused her to stumble -
Pharmacy tech allegedly caught in crossfire of managers' feud -
Restaurant claimed patron's inattention caused fall on stairs -
Nail salon wrongfully deducted wages from each shift: suit -
Driver's failure to look left caused crash, state alleged -
Gate not maintained prior to T.V. show filming, plaintiff alleged -
Railroad failed to train others on emergency procedures: machinist -
Passenger only suffered neck strain, at most, defense argued -
Hospital failed to accommodate worker's disability: EEOC -
Foreign object in body not a retained sponge, doctor alleged -
Pedestrian blamed path's closure for vehicle striking her -
Defendant stole back towed pickup, plaintiffs' counsel alleged -
Husband claimed city's failure to move weir caused fatal crash -
Plaintiff: Wrongful termination following on-the-job injury -
Employer retaliated against her for having back surgery: director -
Patient's knee condition fully resolved, defense claimed -
Plaintiff: Unsecured patio umbrella led to neck injury -
Carpenter not hired due to eligibility lapsing, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Broadside caused neck, shoulder and head injuries -
Defense: Car crash could not have caused the injuries alleged -
Plaintiff claimed ongoing knee pain after fall in store -
Roofers: Improper wages and disability discrimination -
Anti-depressant's label misled on dangers, user contended -
Plaintiff claimed shoulder and other injuries from crash -
Bicyclist hit by truck door claimed shoulder and knee pain -
Sidewalk's offset should have been remedied, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed ankle fracture caused by unrepaired sidewalk -
Injuries occurred after patient returned to pre-op baseline: defense -
RV's turn caused fall from bike, resulting in brain injury: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed he was not fighting when officer pulled up -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused herniated lumbar discs -
Plaintiff claimed oysters were not properly inspected -
Plaintiff: Multiple vehicle crash caused ankle and back injuries -
Hospital claimed patient did not suffer respiratory arrest -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries from rear-end collision -
Patron claimed bartender's jump caused foot injury at bar -
Plaintiff's alcohol consumption led to fall, defense argued -
Long-time renter was aware of pathway's condition: defense -
Plaintiff claimed police officers coerced witness's identification -
Plaintiff claimed tree strike at store caused cervical herniation -
Patient: Cold therapy device was inherently dangerous -
Defense claimed plaintiff's back injections were unnecessary -
Drug marketer failed to warn of side effect, patient alleged -
Wife claimed auction failed to warn of dangerous power lines -
Intersection crash caused back and knee injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff: School district failed to fire teacher after allegations -
Vehicle caused injuries when it struck cart, shopper alleged -
Plaintiff claimed probation officer wrongly ordered arrest -
Mall janitorial service denied responsibility for slip and fall -
Electrician claimed multiple fractures from ladder fall -
Turning vehicle failed to yield to bicyclist, suit claimed -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender on freeway caused back injury -
Plaintiff claimed multiple injuries caused by speeding driver -
Plaintiff: Low-speed rear-end crash caused shoulder injury -
Truck driver's unsafe turn caused collision: motorcyclist -
Defense: Sink accident couldn't have occurred as alleged -
Alleged injuries not related to mold exposure, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed conflict with neighbor led to emotional distress -
Police officer alleged dishonesty claim ended his career -
Plaintiff claimed owner knew wages were underpaid -
Defense claimed plaintiff over-treated her minor injuries -
Store's defective sliding door caused injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Subletter claimed complex owner wrongfully evicted him -
Plaintiff claimed she still suffers ongoing pain due to crash -
Rear-end collision caused spinal injuries, plaintiffs alleged -
Minor females alleged school district failed to stop assaults -
Plaintiff: Intersection collision caused need for surgeries -
Company: Employee was fired for threatening co-worker -
Bicyclist claimed truck failed to allow her to pass, causing crash -
Delivery drivers claimed wage violations by employer -
Motorcyclist: Traumatic arthritis from crash-related knee fracture -
Officers claimed plaintiff injured arm by struggling during arrest -
Passenger: Multiple vehicle crash caused bulging discs -
Plaintiff questioned treatment while under psychiatric hold -
Patient: E.R. doctor failed to detect bowel obstruction -
Students: School district knew of coach's unseemly behavior -
On-call doctor: Breach of contract by transferring patients -
Bus's driver didn't notice bicyclist, plaintiffs claimed -
Failure to repair broken wall caused child's injuries: mother -
Family claimed nurses' failure to monitor patient led to death -
Packing of nose bleed did not cause optic neuropathy: doctor -
Flight attendants not provided proper wage statements: suit -
Defense: Jail deputies used appropriate force against plaintiff -
Defense: Crash did not cause plaintiff's knee and back injuries -
Masseuse: Employer did not investigate harassment claims -
Negligent surgery left her unable to ambulate: patient -
Plaintiff claimed pain and suffering from dog bite -
Plaintiff claimed lifelong ankle injuries from fall at a party -
Plaintiff claimed sexual meeting turned into assault and battery -
Patient verbally consented to dental implants, dentist claimed -
Pedestrian caused accident by jumping into lane, driver alleged -
Pedestrian struck on sidewalk claimed ongoing heel condition -
Motorcyclist: Exacerbation of back injury after struck by truck -
Test should have been ordered for ankle sprain, patient alleged -
Patient knew abscess formation was risk of surgery: defense -
Surgeon: Gallbladder surgery was appropriately performed -
Curve on roadway not a dangerous condition: defense -
Plaintiff: Company negligently entrusted tractor-trailer to driver -
EEOC: Company fired employee undergoing cancer treatment -
School staff acted reasonably during earthquake, defense argued -
Police canine's bite duration was reasonable, defense argued -
Suit: Social worker terminated for making discrimination claims -
Family claimed doctors failed to prevent fatal internal bleed -
Motorboat owner: Inattentive ferry operator caused crash -
Plaintiff claimed motorcycle's front brake had design defect -
Pedestrian walking in middle of road caused accident: defense -
Family: Tree trimmer's boom did not have adequate chain -
Plaintiff: Crash caused cervical herniations and back pain -
Family: Officer struck man with flashlight before shooting -
Jail staff failed to meet medical needs of inmate, family alleged -
Defective hip implant caused need for replacement: plaintiff -
Sonographer claimed doctor sexually assaulted her -
Hilton: Plaintiff's fall in shower from comparative negligence -
Plaintiff's ongoing complaints not caused by accident: defense -
Man hired to paint rental home claimed labor code violations -
Plaintiff: Employer failed to accommodate work restrictions -
Negligent delivery caused son's shoulder injury, father claimed -
Defense: Low impact rear-ender not cause of aggravation -
Defense: Treatment outside of initial visit was excessive -
Rear-ender caused injuries to shoulder and spine: plaintiff -
Social worker failed to protect child at risk of injury: mother -
Broken chair caused neck and back injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Store employees failed to stop customer altercation: plaintiffs -
Motorcyclist claimed wrist injury from collision with turning taxi -
Parents claimed police officer shot unarmed son at store -
Truck driver made illegal turn, causing child's injuries: suit -
Defense: Low-speed impact would not have caused injuries -
Car collision's force caused shoulder injury, plaintiff alleged -
Customer claimed store failed to clean spill, causing fall -
Police had probable cause to arrest woman, defense argued -
Defense: Reasonable force used after inmate struck officer -
Termination sought before completing investigation: suit -
Failure to warn of hole caused heel fractures, plaintiff claimed -
Doctor claimed mother had normal blood pressure at visit -
Defense claimed neck injury not caused by accident -
Defense: No guarantee surgery would have improved condition -
Police communications center did not hire males, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed insufficient lighting at restaurant caused fall -
Plaintiff claimed multiple injuries after being dropped -
Scooter rider claimed crash caused traumatic brain injury -
Father and daughter claimed auto accident caused injuries -
Caretaker's failure to properly supervise son led to injuries: parents -
Officers' excessive force caused man's death: estate -
Rear-ender caused placenta abruption and other injuries: suit -
Mail carrier misdiagnosed with PTSD after dog bite: defense -
Car wash's failure to repair broken concrete caused fall -
Defense claimed plaintiff's elbow issues were pre-existing -
Defense denied plaintiff was prevented from seeing ailing mother -
Markets denied him entry with service dog, shopper claimed -
Plaintiff claimed injuries due to electrical shock from light switch -
Pedestrian suffered multiple fractures in crosswalk accident -
Dentist denied any improper conduct toward dental assistant -
Moped rider claimed head and knee injuries from crash -
Patient: Plastic surgeon stated scar would be lower than it was -
City failed to maintain septic tank in safe condition: plaintiff -
EEOC: Employees subjected to sexually hostile work environment -
Dangerously placed ping-pong table caused nose injury: plaintiff -
Pedestrian hit by SUV claimed back and shoulder injuries -
Plaintiff: Multi-vehicle crash caused mild brain injury -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender caused multiple back injuries, surgery -
Pediatrician rejected blame for patient's stroke -
Out-of-control SUV pinned plaintiff to food truck -
City attempted to cover up lieutenant's assault, plaintiff alleged -
Appropriate actions used during growing threat of riot: officers -
Intersection crash aggravated prior hip injury, plaintiff claimed -
Supervisor's sexual obsession created hostile workplace: suit -
Fall down stairs in darkened theater caused leg fracture: suit -
Shopper claimed fall in grocery store caused spinal herniations -
Defense: Second shoulder surgery not related to crash -
Employee: Company retaliated for her taking medical leave -
Doctors' failure to diagnose disease caused stillbirth: mother -
Plaintiff: Cart's defect and lack of warnings caused tip over -
Plaintiffs claimed deputies conspired to have them framed -
Neighbor denied notice of driveway's dangerous condition -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused herniated discs -
Plaintiff claimed multiple vehicle crash caused lasting injuries -
Defense argued roadway not a dangerous condition -
Plaintiff: Failure to properly clean produce spill caused fall -
Plaintiff: Minor's foot run over by vehicle in driveway -
Former deputy police chief: Termination due to retaliation -
Shoulder injury existed prior to rear-ender, defense argued -
Cement wall's dangerous condition resulted in leg injuries: plaintiff -
Defense: Student missed no school despite alleged injuries -
Drunken driver caused collision that left plaintiff paralyzed: suit -
Resident claimed trip over parking block caused injuries -
Bus driver's condition not aggravated by collision: defense -
Train's sudden stop could not have been predicted: defense -
Suit: Child's leg broke due to unsupervised trampoline use -
Defense claimed gear shifter was not defective -
Plaintiff: Ranch had to be sold due to injuries from crash -
Defendant: Plaintiff swerved into lane and caused crash -
High-speed rear-ender aggravated injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Detective not singled out for reassignment, county claimed -
Defense: Commercial grade meat appropriate for seniors -
Hairstylist's failure to perform scalp test resulted in burns: claimant -
Family claimed emotional distress from seeing car hit kids -
Plaintiff stripped of supervisory duties after filing complaint: suit -
Failure to install handrails on bleachers caused fall: plaintiff -
Installation of slippery tile in restaurant caused fall: plaintiff -
Improper left turn caused wrist and shoulder injuries: plaintiff -
Lawsuit: Dog owners strictly liable for plaintiff's finger injuries -
Defense: Pressure sores due to unavoidable medical conditions -
Plaintiff wrongfully terminated while on pregnancy leave: suit -
Plaintiff claimed collision caused shoulder injuries -
Defective door caused disabling shoulder injury: suit -
Defense: Surgeon obtained proper informed consent -
Tenant blamed knee injury on poor building maintenance -
Defense disputed injuries alleged from separate crashes -
Failure to repair or warn of loose tiles resulted in fall: plaintiff -
Officers did not need to shoot decedent, plaintiff's counsel argued -
Facility had insufficient staff to safely transfer patients: suit -
Plaintiff fell after grabbing bouncer's shirt, defense argued -
Forklift operator failed to look prior to reversing: plaintiff -
Chiropractor claimed spinal injury due to car crash, not treatment -
Appropriate force used during arrest, sheriffs alleged -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from crash left him disabled -
Police officer claimed she was harassed about medical status -
Dog walker claimed continued pain from bites after attack -
Plaintiff claimed driver of turning vehicle caused crash -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from dog attack and broken step -
Plaintiff: Defendant liable for injury under rescue doctrine -
Investigator claimed firm failed to pay for overtime and breaks -
Family: Rehabilitation centers mismanaged patient's treatment -
Failure to maintain sidewalk caused paralysis: scooter rider -
Surgeons denied injuring patient during surgeries -
Plaintiff claimed turning driver's failure to yield caused collision -
Family claimed officer fatally shot unarmed parolee -
Agents claimed minimum and overtime wages not received -
Defense disputed radiculopathy claim following crash -
Defense claimed suspect caused his own fall from vent -
Defense claimed plaintiff's inattention caused slip and fall -
Dealership failed to disclose vehicle's prior collision: plaintiff -
Officer discriminated against because of knee injury: lawsuit -
Lawsuit: School staff negligent for physically restraining student -
Rear-ender caused lower back injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Doctor: Plaintiff's postsurgerical activities caused reinjury of toe -
Office retaliated for filing police report, dental hygienist claimed -
Suit: Sister died from fire due to negligent repair of mobile home -
Doctors did not misdiagnose infant's condition, defense argued -
Nurse fired via text message days after reporting violation: suit -
Nurse fired for longstanding performance problems: defense -
Dog bite incident resulted in knee injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Defective harvesting machine crushed arm: farmworker -
Doc properly managed patient's deteriorating condition: defense -
Hotel denied having any bedbug problems in its rooms -
Intersection crash caused need for treatment, plaintiff claimed -
Trucker's speeding caused fatal head injury, family alleged -
Plaintiff had enough visibility to avoid trash receptacle: defense -
Failure to maintain trees caused branch to strike her: plaintiff -
Suit: Unlicensed driver struck pedestrian, causing brain injuries -
Sciatic nerve injury a known risk of total hip replacement: defense -
Patient: Physician's assistant never said she was not a doctor -
Family claimed motorist dozed off, fatally striking bicyclist -
Plaintiff: Alcohol level did not contribute to dog bite incident -
County claimed officers transferred for legitimate reasons -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from slip and fall in lobby -
Plaintiff: Shoulder injury due to fall from misleveled elevator -
Photos showed plaintiff acting uninjured after crash: defense -
Plaintiff unable to perform essential job functions: defense -
Plaintiffs claimed officers beat them with batons -
Roadway's lack of guardrail caused fatal crash: family -
Forklift operator claimed head injury requires future care -
Facility failed to stop unlawful sexual activities, teen claimed -
Bicyclist injured when motorist fell asleep at the wheel -
Nerve condition related to fall into uncovered trench: electrician -
Plaintiff claimed insurance company acted in bad faith -
Plaintiff fired for complaints about not being promoted: suit -
Plaintiff claimed jail officers used excessive force against him -
Plaintiff saw therapist prior to alleged harassment: defense -
Plaintiff blamed motorist for crash that caused lingering pain -
Defense: Bicyclist negligent for riding on sidewalk against traffic -
Plaintiff: Negligent design of shoring jack caused canopy collapse -
Employee failed to return after medical leave, company argued -
Branch snapped off of tree and struck park visitor -
Plaintiff failed to mitigate damages after recovery: defense -
Patient claimed delayed treatment caused loss of finger -
Plaintiff's counsel disputed driver's claim of sleep-driving -
Defense claimed rear-ender did not cause significant injuries -
Plaintiff claimed officer broke her arm during arrest -
Unmaintained Eucalyptus tree impaled driver, family claimed -
More warnings would not have prevented pool accident: defense -
Bus's passenger made no claim of injury after alleged fall: defense -
Plaintiff: Deputies threw unarmed man to ground -
Police use of force at station was reasonable: defense -
Hospital did not adequately monitor baby's heartbeat: mother -
Plaintiff: Other means to test applicant could have been used -
Motorist violated right of way and caused crash: motorcyclist -
Plaintiff: Crash caused lumbar protrusions and other injuries -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender caused neck, back and shoulder pain -
Plaintiff claimed open planter hole caused fall -
Plaintiffs claimed dangerous intersection caused crash -
Herbicide product failed to warn of cancer risk, plaintiff alleged -
Afghan American employees claimed they were harassed -
Passenger claimed ongoing pain from parking lot crash -
Employee's termination due to failure return to work: defense -
Defense argued police sergeant waived right to appeal -
Plaintiff claimed broadside accident caused bulging discs -
County employee claimed deputy sheriff attacked her -
EEOC: Company failed to provide interpreter for all meetings -
Martial arts instructor denied kicking student during drill -
Couple divided assets to avoid paying restitution: plaintiffs -
Dentist overtreated patient to correct gummy smile: suit -
Lowering security arm caused shoulder injury, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff's future treatment not reasonable, defense asserted -
Defense blamed man crushed by container for own death -
Motorcyclist claimed driver's unsafe turn caused collision -
Plaintiff claimed injuries and aggravations from rear-ender -
Plaintiff: Negligent placement of feeding tube caused death -
Defense: Plaintiff never called to be placed in open position -
Pedestrian claimed accident caused a loss of business -
Plaintiff claimed dog attack caused humerus fracture -
Plaintiff: Failure to tighten nut on bicycle resulted in knee injury -
Motorist's unsafe lane change caused crash, bicyclist claimed -
Elderly woman claimed placement of sign caused fall -
Plaintiff claimed ongoing pain from crash-related spinal injuries -
Plaintiff struck in store claimed she required future care -
Pedestrian crossing intersection struck by minivan -
Tenant claimed foot injuries from falling shower door -
Defense claimed plaintiff driver exaggerated PTSD claims -
Man watching arrest claimed he was beaten by police -
Exposure to asbestos dust resulted in death, family alleged -
Employees fired after reporting records were destroyed: suit -
Defense argued passenger's injuries were pre-existing -
Failure to tie off ladder caused fall from height, plaintiff claimed -
Whistleblower claimed she was retaliated against -
Motorcyclist suddenly made left turn to strike bicyclist -
Surgical mesh was defective, lacked proper warnings: plaintiff -
Surgical resident negligently inserted trocar, patient claimed -
Model: Game show terminated position due to pregnancy -
Family claimed negligent wall design caused fatal fall -
Fence post left uncapped at site caused eye injury: glazier -
Plaintiff claimed removal from position was in retaliation -
Police sergeant claimed supervisor harassed about race -
Rear-end collision caused child's multiple injuries: father -
Motorcyclist and passenger struck by van claimed multiple injuries -
Husband: Canoe lacked flotation devices, resulting in wife's death -
Doc denied patient's death was due to diabetic ketoacidosis -
Bicyclist entering intersection on blinking light struck by car -
Pedestrian claimed drivers' negligent actions caused crash -
EEOC: Retailer's requests for medical info. violated ADA -
Improperly installed gate caused child's injuries, plaintiff's counsel -
Plaintiff's right shoulder pain present before fall: defense -
Intersection crash aggravated prior medical issues: plaintiff -
Shopper had previous brain malformation prior to fall: defense -
Deputy used excessive force after vehicle stop: plaintiff -
Pedestrian claimed tailbone, hip and spine injuries from accident -
Sideswipe caused knee and back injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender accident cause of neck pain -
Plaintiffs: Officers' use of flash grenade was excessive -
Defense: Medical care not entirely reasonable or necessary -
Plaintiff claimed sideswipe with bus caused heart attack -
Defense claimed minor sideswipe did not cause injuries -
Officer denied promotion for legitimate reasons, defense argued -
Rear-ender exacerbated prior spinal condition: plaintiff -
Laborer claimed employer failed to pay overtime wages -
Employee claimed company retaliated by changing her job -
Plaintiff: Hospital damaged her professional reputation -
Plaintiff claimed she was let go for reporting sexual assaults -
Failure to check for anyone left on bus resulted in teen's death -
Court vacates verdict regarding bladder mesh placement -
Passenger claimed shoulder injury after bus crash -
Tree not removed despite construction plan: plaintiffs -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused new herniation -
Wife claimed unsecured mat in store caused trip and fall -
Plaintiff retaliated against after complaining of harassment: suit -
Pedestrian struck by mirror on passing vehicle claimed injuries -
Mobile home park failed to maintain sewer line: plaintiff -
Neighbors had a right to enter property to cut down trees: defense -
Retained cannula not from anesthesia during knee surgery: defense -
Injury from flying hockey puck was unforeseeable: defense -
Plaintiff claimed driver entered intersection despite red light -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end collision caused injuries -
Plaintiff had vascular issues prior to toe amputation: defense -
Bicyclist claimed county's failure to repair pothole caused crash -
Failure to repair excessive drop-off caused crash: plaintiff -
Patient did not have a heart attack at hospital, defense argued -
Defendant's unsafe turn caused accident, plaintiff alleged -
Tractor-trailer's U-turn caused motorcyclist's fatal crash: family -
Family's damages not linked to mold, landlord maintained -
Car exiting driveway caused fatal crash with motorcyclist: suit -
Plaintiff: Crash caused ruptured cervical disc, requiring fusion -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused back and neck injuries -
Mold and repairs not made at home caused damages: plaintiff -
Reverse impact insufficient to cause any injury, defense argued -
Printer's cancer was not related to printing press inks: defense -
Motorcyclist struck by another motorcycle claimed injuries -
Employee claimed retaliation after reporting on coworkers -
Bicyclist claimed collision caused thumb and knee injuries -
Defense: Plaintiff should have heard forklift's beeping -
Back pain due to pre-existing condition, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed neurological deficits from head-on crash -
Deputy: Man's sudden actions and resistance justified arrest -
Unpitted olive in sandwich caused dental injuries: plaintiff -
Store's failure to guard against overflowing toilet led to fall: suit -
Plaintiffs claimed sexual discrimation at workplace -
Driver's illegal maneuver caused fatal crash: decedent's family -
Family: Semi-truck fatally struck pedestrians in crosswalk -
Store claimed sweep logs showed it properly inspected floors -
Manufacturer: No prior fires or sparks caused by trimmer -
Landscapers claimed employer retaliated for making complaints -
Defense claimed passenger's injuries not related to crash -
Pharmacist claimed she was fired for reporting overpriced meds -
Bicyclist stopped by police claimed he was beaten -
Plaintiff: Cancer from exposure to asbestos in pipe insulation -
Suit: Sheriff's Department failed to engage in interactive process -
Laborer had no proof of exposure to asbestos: defense -
Defense claimed crash didn't cause plaintiff's incontinence -
Parents: Officers' use of force against son resulted in death -
Doctor claimed decedent refused cardiology referral -
Driver claimed pedestrian did not avoid reversing vehicle -
Store denied notice of hazard blamed for patron's fall -
Plaintiff claimed dog bit her on lip and caused ankle fracture -
Employee claimed he was not paid overtime or given proper breaks -
Manufacturer made false claims about medical device: patient -
Former employee harassed about sexual orientation: suit -
Crash still fatal, even if barrier stopped truck: defense -
Pedestrian struck by bicyclist claimed permanent facial injuries -
Defense claimed cone properly warned of wet floor from rain -
Property owner knew gate that hit girl was damaged: plaintiff -
Family claimed deputies repeatedly shot decedent -
Plaintiff exposed to asbestos in the Navy, employers maintained -
Defective crushing machine caused death, family claimed -
Defense: No surgeon can control formation of scar tissue -
Antibiotic was best treatment option despite allergy: defense -
Officer: Force used only to break free from inmate's grip -
Defense denied plaintiff was injured during interview -
Defendant tried to damage reputation in community: plaintiff -
Employers misrepresented his role in the company: employee -
Pharmacy overcharged for prescription drugs: plaintiff -
Pedestrian claimed speeding vehicle caused Achilles injury -
Hospital followed standard of care during childbirth: defense -
Defendants failed to inform her about IVC filter: patient -
Plaintiff claimed multiple-vehicle rear-ender caused injuries -
Teen claimed teacher failed to properly supervise students -
Owner: Guest caused own injuries by throwing tennis ball -
Store didn't inspect freezer drain, fallen customer claimed -
Passenger claimed rear-ender caused knee tears -
Suit: Failure to notify surgeon of signal loss resulted in paralysis -
LAPD retaliated against officer for complaints of racism: suit -
Auto accident ended dancing aspirations, plaintiff claimed -
HVAC technician claimed he can no longer work due to crash -
Detectives failed to turn over exculpatory evidence: suit -
Plaintiff: Woman who ran over toes was driving too fast in alley -
Driver: Crash caused brain injury and passenger's death -
Plaintiff claimed property owner failed to maintain balcony -
Defense: Employee terminated for outburst directed at boss -
Plaintiff claimed toe fracture after valet drove over foot -
Plaintiff claimed he was retaliated against for voicing concerns -
Female sales representative claimed founder regularly insulted her -
Secondary asbestos exposure caused cancer, plaintiff alleged -
Student driver and instructor both to blame for crash: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed herniations from unsafe lane change -
Tenants claimed landlords failed to remedy mold condition -
City: Landfill-turned-park not a health hazard to residents -
Security guard's excessive force, resulted in death: family -
Patient: Doc's failure to provide eye protection caused injuries -
Driver: Rear-ender caused spinal injuries and headaches -
Unattended elder died in dangerous building: family -
Couple claimed collision exacerbated pre-existing conditions -
Plaintiff not promoted due to her conflicts with coworkers: firm -
School district and church failed to report abuse concerns: suit -
Defense argued plaintiffs' injuries not related to accident -
Patron claimed inadequate lighting caused trip on stairs -
Rear-end collision caused spinal injuries, plaintiffs alleged -
Defense: Cause of accident was inexperienced teen driver -
Defect in trailer's jack stand led to amputation, plaintiff claimed -
Rental company claimed car stolen prior to hit-and-run crash -
Defense: Force of impact could not cause injuries alleged -
Display rack not a dangerous condition, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed emotional distress from revenge porn -
Driver claimed company knew of employee's violence -
Decedent's family: Jail failed to treat withdrawal symptoms -
Lineman claimed he was fired after making complaints -
Scientist terminated due to loss of funding, defense claimed -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash aggravated lower back injuries -
Urologist claimed antibiotics masked patient's rare condition -
Inadequate security resulted in shooting, mall patrons claimed -
Sidewalk fall caused breast implants to rupture: plaintiff -
Driver claimed intoxicated pedestrian ran in front of vehicle -
Defense claimed plaintiff's unsafe left turn caused crash -
Plaintiffs claimed they were denied meal and rest breaks -
Trucker's hasty turn caused fatal accident, plaintiffs alleged -
Low-speed rear-ender caused back and knee injuries: plaintiff -
Superintendent claimed firing was in retaliation of complaints -
Handling of contract not related to consultant's cancer: defense -
High-speed rear-ender caused multiple injuries: passenger -
School properly supervised gang-affiliated students: defense -
Plaintiff claimed city failed to accommodate her disability -
Suit: Gambler made slanderous statement about casino CEO -
Defendant denied hitting plaintiff while leaving scene -
Collision caused constant back and neck pain, plaintiff claimed -
Kindergarten student sustained TBI after fall from swing: lawsuit -
Plaintiff did not suffer PTSD from seeing motorist's death: defense -
Driver's failure to wait for traffic caused accident, family claimed -
Failure to maintain apartment building caused fall: plaintiff -
Defense: Contract not renewed due to failures city manager -
Surgeon properly performed hernia repair surgery: defense -
Crash aggravated prior asymptomatic spinal injuries: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed elbow and toe injuries from fall in park -
Roofer claimed he cannot compete in job market after fall -
Intubation unsuccessful due to bronchospasm, defense argued -
Plaintiffs did not suffer PTSD from early cremation: defense -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries from rear-end collision -
Defense claimed turning driver could not predict passing vehicle -
Second crash exacerbated injuries from first crash: plaintiff -
Workers claimed their hours were cut after harassment complaints -
Plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries due to collision -
Cyclist wore helmet too high, resulting in brain injuries: defense -
EEOC claimed company terminated pregnant employees -
Plaintiff claimed councilwoman assaulted her -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused lumbar disc herniation -
Teacher claimed school district breached her privacy -
Scooter rider claimed hip injury from intersection crash -
Plaintiff claimed extensive injuries to legs after being run over -
Defense disputed severity of plaintiff's alleged injuries -
Theater's failure to warn of swinging door, caused fall: plaintiff -
Doctor: Fair hearing following discrepancy not provided -
Negligent filler injection caused facial deformity, actress claimed -
Defense denied harassment based on lieutenant's failure to report it -
Defendant failed to yield for stop sign, plaintiff alleged -
Collision caused by tire being shot out, defense argued -
Officers' actions appropriate for plaintiff resisting arrest: defense -
Deputy caused crash by failing to clear intersection: plaintiff -
Landlords rejected blame for tenant's fall on attic stairs -
Quadriparesis due to tumor, not hematoma, hospital claimed -
Student left in cell for five days claimed DEA forgot about him -
Driver and passenger claimed crash caused serious injuries -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused back injuries -
Motorcyclist killed when driver unsafely entered roadway: suit -
Ongoing care required after forklift crushed arm: applicant -
Family: Tractor-trailer's lane change resulted in fatal crash -
Make up of curb constituted a dangerous condition: plaintiff -
Hotel failed to use reasonable care when checking on guest: suit -
EEOC: Worker fired after making religious modification request -
Death caused by trauma before interaction with police: defense -
Defense disputed shopper's injuries from falling cots -
Landlords refused to address uninhabitable conditions: tenants -
Female vineyard workers alleged sexual harassment -
Plaintiffs claimed defendant attempted left turn on red arrow -
Family claimed Cessna crash due to mechanic's negligence -
Police officer claimed plaintiff was the aggressor during incident -
Sudden myocardial infarction was unpreventable: defense -
Defense argued evidence did not prove driver ran stop sign -
Deputies acted appropriately to believed danger: defense -
Shooting justified by plaintiff appearing to pull gun: officers -
Plaintiff's back and neck claims not related to crash: defense -
Plaintiff claimed ongoing back problems from rear-end crash -
Plaintiffs each claimed spinal injuries from side-swipe crash -
C-Section should have been recommended, patient claimed -
Plaintiff alleged crash caused head injury and vehicle losses -
Plaintiff claimed date gave her alcohol and raped her -
Passenger: Paramedic failed to clear intersection prior to crash -
Safety installations could have prevented crash: plaintiff -
Plaintiffs claimed injuries after officer made an unsafe U-turn -
Premature hospital discharge hastened patient's death: family -
Unsafe opening of parked vehicle's door caused crash: bicyclist -
Teenagers claimed program failed to screen sponsor -
Plaintiffs thrown from car claimed brain injuries -
Employee fired for violating company policy: defense -
No evidence of lumbar facet syndrome, defense argued -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk suffered traumatic injuries -
Long-term physician: Plaintiff had no issues prior to crash -
Taxi driver not liable for death after passenger exited taxi: defense -
Plaintiff claimed defendant's unsafe turn caused crash -
Doctors: Patient did not have an unstable angina prior to death -
Plaintiff claimed employer failed to prevent co-worker's attack -
Sideswipe collision caused neck and back injuries: plaintiff -
Officers entered home without warrant, plaintiff claimed -
Sergeant claimed denied promotion based on gender -
Plaintiff sustained dog bite, resulting in facial lacerations -
Plaintiffs claimed spine and knee injuries from rear-ender -
Plaintiff claimed fall from height due to defendant's directions -
Employee never asked to return to work after surgery: defense -
Placement of portable toilet caused fall, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff's account of location of fall was inconsistent: defense -
Family claimed negligent post-operative care led to death -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender caused numbness in arms and hands -
Teenager struck by police vehicle while riding dirt bike -
Managed care provider caused delay in treatment: plaintiff -
Defense: Unsafe turn with filled water truck resulted in rollover -
Family claimed deputies unnecessarily shot father -
Plaintiff claimed failed hip implant will cause lifelong pain -
Deaf applicant claimed store failed to set up interview -
Defense claimed improper lane change led to accident -
Plaintiff claimed shoulder and spinal injuries from collision -
Plaintiffs: Termination due to making complaints of favoritism -
Military family claimed base housing's mold sickened them -
Employee claimed he was fired for taking disability leaves -
Patient claimed nurse negligently injected thigh -
Plaintiff claimed spill at restaurant caused slip and fall -
Employee did not provide notice for absences: defense -
EEOC: Employee with breast cancer fired for medical leave request -
Parties disputed incident that resulted in plaintiff being struck -
Club waited hours before calling 911, decedent's mom claimed -
Plaintiff claimed shoulder tears and brain damage from crash -
Car crash's parties both claimed right of way -
Restaurant hostess claimed boss sexually harassed her -
Elderly plaintiff claimed facility ignored repetitive falls -
Teen claimed watercraft's steering defect caused crash -
Engineer claimed he suffered electric shock inside locomotive -
Family alleged hit-and-run driver caused pedestrian's death -
Broadside crash caused permanent back injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff: Exposure to asbestos-containing cement caused cancer -
Plaintiff: Multiple vehicle crash caused knee and leg fractures -
Trainer claimed owner hid horse's history of bucking -
Defense: Prisoner caused officers' fall and resisted escort -
Plaintiff's neck pain unrelated to crash, defense alleged -
Defense argued skateboarder failed to stop at stop sign -
Plaintiff claimed defendants failed to address dangerous step -
Veterinarian claimed surgery on dog not below standard of care -
Plaintiff claimed cognitive problems from bus crash -
Mother: Officers failed to recognize son's medical need -
Worker claimed respirator did not protect him from asbestos -
No evidence medication caused resident's fall: defense -
Tech company claimed it fired worker for false posting online -
Claimant alleged head-on collision caused ankle fractures -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused cervical bulge and radiating pain -
Plaintiff claimed officers unlawfully arrested him -
Man struck by car, blamed intersection's configuration -
Defense: Damage to vehicles indicated plaintiff caused crash -
Defense claimed ankle fracture not caused by collision -
Broadside collision caused spinal injuries, couple claimed -
Defense claimed engineer was fired for misreporting hours -
Broadside crash caused herniated discs, plaintiff alleged -
Patient claimed she was not told of abnormal test result -
Suit: Vaginal delivery should not have been abandoned -
Defense claimed cow's escape was unpredictable -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed injuries to head and spine -
Plaintiff claimed deputies used excessive force against him -
Defense: Brake manufacturer did not cause mesothelioma -
Landlord should have known about dog on property: plaintiff -
Defense claimed neck injuries not causally related to crash -
Defendants denied blame for incident involving pickup's cover -
Defense: Low-speed collision did not cause alleged injuries -
Camp denied offering health insurance or discriminating against plaintiff -
Brawl between attorney and investigator resulted in injuries -
Home's staircase was not defective, defense argued -
Tenant complained apartment was uninhabitable -
Plaintiffs: Ex-boyfriend stalked them and destroyed reputations -
Taxi company denied any hostile work environment -
School ignored coach's inappropriate actions: student -
Rear-end collision caused lower back injury, plaintiff alleged -
Parties dispute liability after both vehicles changed lanes -
Plaintiff changed story about how he fractured leg: defense -
Plaintiff claimed eye injury from thrown stone -
Plaintiffs claimed driver's inattention caused crash -
Plaintiff claimed thrift store illegally fired stocker -
Pedestrian using a crosswalk fatally struck by motorist -
Plaintiff fired for violating company policy, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed U-turn crash caused lower back injury -
City worker claimed he was called 'dumb white guy' -
Defense claimed plaintiff's unsafe turn caused collision -
Pedestrian: Wet electrical box cover caused slip and fall -
Road's dangerous condition caused accident, cyclist alleged -
Defendant shot nonthreatening trespasser, plaintiffs alleged -
Property owner: No notice of enclosure's unsafe condition -
Suit: Improper maintenance of HVAC unit caused lung disease -
Repackaged insulation without warnings caused death: suit -
Life-long pain management required for toe injury: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed agency fired her for taking medical leave -
Inmate did not break nose on way to medical ward: deputies -
Defense disputed plaintiff's alleged elbow injury -
Defense: General contractor not at fault for helicopter crash -
Defense claimed plaintiff's condition tied to prior brain traumas -
Store's failure to sweep aisle caused fall, alleged customer -
Defense: Leading questions led to student's false memory -
Motorcyclist claimed driver crossed line, caused collision -
Student: School failed to act on complaints about teacher -
Dementia patient's fall was not due to negligence: defense -
Family claimed police fatally shot unarmed man -
Siblings sought damages from brother after alleged fratricide -
Plaintiffs: Office knew of supervisor's inappropriate behavior -
Spinal treatment required after freeway crash, plaintiff alleged -
Principal not discriminated against for pregnancy leave: defense -
Failure to repair sidewalk crack caused fall, plaintiff claimed -
Stabbing victim: Bar owner failed to provide adequate security -
Defendants failed to address known forklift defect: plaintiff -
Jogger claimed injuries after struck by rolling tire -
Firefighter claimed wrongful termination following fight -
Driver did not assault plaintiff with vehicle, defense argued -
Makers of talc failed to warn of potential ovarian cancer: plaintiff -
Rear-ender caused back and neck injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Nothing he could have done would have prevented death: surgeon -
Failure to warn of unsafe attic condition resulted in fall: plaintiff -
Hit-and-run resulted in leg amputation, plaintiff alleged -
Deputy: Shooting of masked man with gun was justified -
Roadway design caused daughter's fatal crash: mother -
Motorists disputed who crossed double yellow line prior to crash -
Family: Brain death caused by head trauma during arrest -
Leg fracture decreased quality of life, plaintiff claimed -
Restrained man claimed dog bite was excessive force -
Family: Rear-ender caused mother to be unable to work -
Plaintiff claimed negligent left turn caused back injuries -
Golfer claimed country club did not properly build tee box -
Plaintiff claimed knee injuries after her parked car was struck -
Plaintiff claimed motor vehicle collision caused spinal injuries -
Rear-end crash caused spinal injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Defense: Employer not liable for worker injured in horseplay -
Pedestrian struck by driver claimed future treatment is required -
Defense claimed driver only aggravated prior shoulder injuries -
Complaints about aircraft safety resulted in discipline: technicians -
Neighborhood dogs attacked her, plaintiff claimed -
Defense: Plaintiff caused fall by not lowering recliner's foot rest -
Coaches' lack of heat illness training resulted in death: family -
Suit: Policeman's use of choke hold caused man's death -
Oral surgeon appropriately disclosed risks, defense argued -
Employee claimed he was fired for supporting former co-worker -
Failure to monitor drug dependent patient resulted in death: family -
Multiple vehicle crash caused shoulder deviation: plaintiff -
Deputy excessively fired second round and stomped on head: suit -
Delay in handling emergency call led to minor's death: family -
Plaintiff claimed fall from ladder on scaffold caused injuries -
Crash caused lower back injury and aggravated knee injury: suit -
Shopper claimed knee injury from slip on thrown grapes -
Pizza delivery person's unsafe turn caused death, parents claimed -
Plaintiff mishandled coffee cup at drive-through, defense argued -
Parties dispute cause of steel tubing accident -
Defense denied excessive force was used against inmate -
Defense: Daily activities, not accident, caused aggravation -
Speeding driver caused fatal head-on crash, estate alleged -
Lurching truck caused fall onto wooden pallets, plaintiff claimed -
Failure to secure ladder to vehicle caused crash, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries from slip and fall at supermarket -
Plaintiff's chiropractic treatment was excessive, defense argued -
Plaintiff's back injuries were pre-existing, defense argued -
Lunging dog caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
Defense: Plaintiff assumed risk by pushing car from behind it -
Officers shot fleeing suspects, resulting in injuries and one death -
Mother: Baby seized by social workers without warrant -
Casino rejects claim of slippage on floor -
Intersection crash caused soft-tissue injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff: School failed to report suspected sexual abuse -
Woman claimed shoulder and spine injuries from car collision -
Student claimed officer used excessive force against him -
Plaintiff: Meniscal tear caused by crash with drunken driver -
Woman fatally shot by officers during welfare check -
Family claimed aircraft and firefighting personnel delayed rescue -
Union Carbide argued Calidria asbestos not cause of disease -
Defense claimed X-ray findings consistent with sciatica -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash caused neck injuries -
Motorcyclist struck paper roll on road, causing traumatic injuries -
Tractor-trailer's unsafe U-turn caused crash: motorcyclist -
Defense: Rare complication could not be prevented -
Pedestrian's injuries due to pre-existing conditions: defense -
Plaintiff claimed broadside crash caused wrist fractures -
Plaintiff claimed family history prolonged chronic pain recovery -
Pharmacy manager claimed she was fired for refusing to lie -
Manufacturer claimed weed killer does not cause cancer -
Suit: Delay in birth caused infant's brain injury -
Firefighter fired for reporting incident to CAL-OSHA: suit -
Defense claimed crash caused by plaintiff's unsafe left turn -
Customer's fall not caused by water on floor, store claimed -
Plaintiff claimed suspension was because of race -
Program failed to supervise plaintiff who had fall history: suit -
Officer shot teen in park playing with toy handgun -
Defense: Decedent died due to swallowing bag of heroin, not force -
Pedestrian's dark clothes contributed to crash: defense -
Sudden stop caused collision between other vehicles: plaintiff -
Riders claimed injuries after motorist struck horses -
Family claimed deputy did not issue order before shooting -
Plaintiff claimed SUV failed to yield to oncoming traffic -
Plaintiff alleged store owner filmed her changing her clothes -
Truck driver turned down accommodations: defense -
Plaintiffs claimed rear-end collision caused spinal injuries -
Bicyclist claimed contact with truck caused him to be run over -
Intersection crash caused bulging discs, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end collision caused lasting injuries -
School unjustly terminated contract, rabbi claimed -
Plaintiff claimed seat belt injured penis during collision -
Lawsuit: Man's health deteriorated after wheelchair fall -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused need for future care -
Auto accident caused injury of spinal disc, plaintiff claimed -
Social workers failed to stop child's sexual abuse: lawsuit -
Husband claimed hospital failed to take aspiration precautions -
Bicyclist caused crash by riding against traffic, driver alleged -
Collision aggravated prior pain condition, plaintiff claimed -
Emotional distress not caused by manager's actions: defense -
Plaintiff claimed dog bite resulted in traumatic amputation -
Property manager and owner not liable for drowning: defense -
Plaintiff struck by unattended umbrella claimed injuries -
Drunken driver's truck crushed leg, passenger claimed -
Parents and child killed after colliding with parked truck -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused pinky fracture and lumbar bulge -
Company terminated job after disability disclosed: plaintiff -
Plaintiff not seriously injured by cart strike, defense argued -
Defective road design caused fatal crash, husband claimed -
Hospital's failure to timely treat condition led to stroke: patient -
Plaintiff claimed broadside crash caused spinal injuries -
Car crash aggravated prior neck and back pain, plaintiff claimed -
Officers' improper use of chokehold caused death: family -
Bicyclist: Man in stopped truck negligently opened door -
Reporting on superior's friend resulted in retaliation: plaintiff -
Plaintiffs claimed motel failed to pay appropriate wage rates -
Plaintiff: Failure to properly repair elevator resulted in injuries -
Defense: Fallen rock climber had assumed risk of injury -
Mechanic lost fingers when unguarded mechanism started -
Defense: Minor rear-ender did not cause plaintiff's injuries -
Defense disputed plaintiff's residual complaints after crash -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused neurologic deficit to spine -
Inmate taken down after turning toward officer, defense argued -
Employer defamed employee because of medical condition: suit -
Crash caused shoulder and spine injuries: passenger -
Doctor claimed laser procedure was properly performed -
Police dog fatally attacked man and injured bystander -
Plaintiff: Crash caused multiple injuries to neck and back -
Bicyclist: Collision with vehicle during turn caused injuries -
Family unclaimed detective shot unarmed teen -
Defense counsel argued plaintiff faked accident -
Passenger claimed rear-end collision caused back injury -
Multi-vehicle crash resulted in later clinic injury, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused neck injuries -
Plaintiff's start-and-stop at red light caused crash: defense -
Plaintiff hit by SUV claimed head and psychological injuries -
Plaintiff: Company refused to accommodate disability -
Plaintiff knew the risks of baseball, defense argued -
Officers struck him while he was being cooperative: plaintiff -
Claimant alleged rear-end crash caused ongoing fibromyalgia -
Ambulance drivers: Employer failed to pay for overtime -
Collision caused injuries to pelvis and groin: motorcyclist -
Parents: Restaurant failed to warn of dangerous driveway exit -
Fast-food restaurant claimed no proof it caused food poisoning -
Plaintiff's quality of life unaffected by crash, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Bowling alley failed to clean sticky lane approach -
Driver turned around after fatally striking bicyclist: lawsuit -
Defense claimed there was no objective findings of alleged pain -
Patient: Delay in diagnosis and treatment resulted in organ loss -
Motorcyclist claimed officer illegally entered HOV lane -
Improperly installed light switch caused shock: hotel guest -
Pedestrian: Bus ran over foot, causing degloving injury -
Failure to do background check resulted in sexual abuse: plaintiff -
Parties disputed visibility of stalled truck prior to impact -
Police officer alleged promotion denied due to race -
Company's rule for equipment operators was dangerous: family -
Property defects not disclosed prior to lease signing: plaintiffs -
Turning bus crushed leg and caused amputation: pedestrian -
EEOC: Employee fired while recovering from cancer surgery -
Psychiatrist wrongly disclosed patient's information: lawsuit -
Tour directors claimed they were misclassified -
Woman claimed talcum powder exposed her to asbestos -
Customer claimed stepladder left in aisle caused fall -
Ramp agent claimed position eliminated in retaliation -
Police officers: Retaliation after not participating in arrest quota -
Driver's attempt to overtake two trucks caused crash: plaintiff -
Plaintiff caught fire from energized circuit breaker -
Defendants claimed altercation with plaintiff never happened -
Plaintiff: Landlord failed to maintain tree, resulting in injury -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused neck and abdominal trauma -
Plaintiff: Medical care necessary to treat sprains and strains -
Defense claimed plaintiff tripped prior to street repair -
Plaintiffs claimed spinal injuries from auto accident -
Trip over shoe bench caused cervical injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Pedestrian hit by car claimed arm limitations from fracture -
Plaintiff's psychological issues were pre-existing: defense -
Crash caused chronic pain and eating disorder: plaintiff claimed -
Defense claimed plaintiff's attempt to pass caused crash -
Teenager: School counselor sexually harassed her -
Distracted tractor-trailer driver caused crash, bicyclist claimed -
Street sweeper's illegal U-turn caused crash, bicyclist claimed -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused spinal injuries -
Janitor claimed she was paid fixed rate, despite working overtime -
Police escalated situation, resulting in son's death: parents -
Intersection crash aggravated prior herniated disc: claimant -
Frequent sexual harassment and battery forced her to quit: plaintiff -
Patient's post-operative care was appropriate, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed back and neck injuries from rear-ender -
Restaurant failed to adequately warn of mopped floor: plaintiff -
Assisted living facility did not properly address wound: plaintiff -
Employer: No evidence worker was harassed or not fully paid -
Family claimed man was facing away from officers when shot -
Train conductor: Decedents could not be seen until too late -
Police used excessive force during improper arrest: plaintiff -
Roofer claimed he requires ongoing care for head injury -
Parties disputed cause of sideswipe in parking lot -
Child claimed bus struck him in marked crosswalk -
Plaintiff: Bone from BBQ chicken pizza caused vocal cord injury -
Staff neglected elder with mild dementia, causing fall: lawsuit -
Suit: Multiple collisions in fog resulted in fatal head-on crash -
Bicyclist: Motorist failed to use caution before making right turn -
Father claimed officers shot son 23 times to stop vehicle -
Whistleblower claimed he was fired for making complaints -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed extensive injuries -
Driver denied being the cause of multiple vehicle collision -
Injuries caused by failure to wear seat belt, defense argued -
Plaintiffs claimed spinal injuries from rear-end collision -
Exposure to pesticides caused loss of senses, plaintiff alleged -
Elevator activation while working above it caused injuries: painter -
Restaurant denied claim of slippery floor near bathroom -
Party guest claimed unsafe sunken living room caused fall -
Patient claimed overdose of medicine caused heart attack -
Plaintiff claimed repair shop held Lamborghini -
Plaintiff claimed lumbar injuries a result of intersection crash -
Plaintiff claimed multiple vehicle rear-ender caused neck injury -
Plaintiff claimed knee injury during fall while exiting elevator -
Councilman requested sexual favors, city manager claimed -
Sanitation truck's pull out into road caused crash: plaintiffs -
Military jet crashed into house, fatally burning occupants -
Plaintiffs: Driver of vehicle with problems caused crash -
Female officer not retaliated against, defense claimed -
Plaintiff: Intersection crash caused ankle and spinal injuries -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash caused cervical injury -
Plaintiff retaliated against for reporting illicit material at work: suit -
Plaintiff was run over after rushing back to truck: defense -
Crash caused ongoing cervical and lumbar pain, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff's knee condition was degenerative, defense claimed -
Deputies' response resulted in son's wrongful death: parents -
Plaintiff properly arrested for obstructing investigation: officer -
Pedestrian struck by garbage truck suffered multiple injuries -
Rear-end crash caused cervical injury, plaintiff alleged -
Cardiologist: Patient gave informed consent to perform angiogram -
Defense: Force of impact couldn't cause plaintiff's injuries -
Failure to trim overgrown tree created blind spot: plaintiffs -
Man fatally run over during multiple vehicle collision -
Passenger grabbed wheel of speeding driver, causing crash: suit -
Plaintiff: Collision aggravated pre-existing back problems -
Plaintiffs: Collision with tractor-trailer caused spinal injuries -
Patient claimed doctor failed to timely diagnose cancer -
Broadside crash caused shoulder injury, plaintiff claimed -
Collision with turning car caused lumbar injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed near head-on crash caused cervical injuries -
Defendant claimed plaintiff ran red traffic light -
Defense claimed weed-killer did not cause boy's cancer -
Truck driver claimed lower back limitations from rear-end crash -
Defense: Decedent did not treat with enough blood thinner -
Sales associate claimed employer sexually harassed her -
Motorcycle passenger claimed leg injuries from collision -
Plaintiffs claimed school district failed to prevent molestations -
Construction worker injured on job claimed total disability -
Female employees not paid the same as men at company: suit -
Police shooting of armed robber was justified: defense -
Passenger claimed head-on crash caused neck injury -
Defense disputed injuries alleged from supermarket fall -
Tractor-trailer crash caused injuries to head and spine: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed arm and wrist fractures from fall on stairs -
Defense: Hospital visitor suffered no injury in slip and fall -
Pregnant correctional officer claimed she was denied light duty -
Plaintiff: Hospital's failure to repair leaking toilet caused fall -
Failure to warn of empty pool resulted in head injuries: plaintiff -
Suit: Attorney's renegotiated contract set athlete up for failure -
Shift manager not terminated for hand injury, defense argued -
Plaintiffs claimed neck injuries after truck crept into their lane -
Defense claimed there was no objective findings of injury -
Kitchen worker: Requests for accommodation were ignored -
Rear-end crash caused lost business opportunity: plaintiff -
Defense questioned plaintiff's injuries from rear-end accident -
Plaintiff claimed other passenger battered him -
Defense: Motorcyclist only sustained soft-tissue injuries -
Driver's unsafe turn caused collision, motorcyclist alleged -
Suit: Co-worker used slurs and sexual innuendo to bully plaintiff -
Rear-ender caused neck and back injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Patron claimed cashier's actions caused foot injury -
Student lost eye helping janitors paint football field -
Plaintiff claimed broadside crash caused bulging discs -
Rear-end collision caused lumbar injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed fall on waxed floor caused protruding disc -
City and school district denied notice of alleged sidewalk condition -
Hotel's pest control protocols followed standard of care: defense -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash aggravated prior neck condition -
Pedestrian struck by motorist claimed leg injuries -
Defense claimed minor impact did not cause plaintiff's injuries -
Fall on restaurant floor caused elbow injury, plaintiff claimed -
Laborer claimed permanent disability after fall from ladder -
Bar liable for negligently installed sink, plaintiff alleged -
Family: Lack of four-way stop contributed to fatal crash -
Deputy didn't properly secure police dog, bitten man claimed -
Man struck by falling tree branch claimed shoulder injuries -
Female director lost title after complaining of discrimination: suit -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed multiple head injuries -
Defense claimed plaintiff was terminated for insubordination -
Plaintiff claimed trainer dropped barbell on face -
Suit: Officer ordered canine to bite non-resisting plaintiff -
Bronchoscopy was proper and appropriate, surgeon claimed -
Defense claimed librarian not disabled, voluntarily resigned -
Doctors failed to place patient's A-line and monitor levels: suit -
Patient: Failure to properly treat infection led to amputation -
Swim association: Training and policies met standard of care -
Human resources had grudge against Hispanic employee: suit -
Carrier: Insured submitted an overstated storm damage claim -
Defense: Risks of procedure stated on signed consent form -
Plaintiff's mesothelioma diagnosis was questionable: defense -
Plaintiff: Multi-vehicle collision caused lower back problems -
Intubation did not cause patient's alleged injuries, defense argued -
Construction worker run over by forklift suffered multiple injuries -
Multiple impact collision caused neck injury, plaintiff claimed -
Understaffed assisted living facility caused death: suit -
Roofer claimed he requires lifelong care after fall from roof -
Legislative director fired after reporting harassment of intern: suit -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused neck injuries -
Teacher worked another job while out on medical leave: suit -
Employees claimed they were fired without reasonable cause -
Plaintiff claimed defective water drainage in stairwell caused fall -
Tractor-trailer accident caused spinal injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff: Collision caused brain injury and wrist fracture -
Defense disputed passengers' alleged damages following crash -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash caused continued wrist pain -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end accident caused spinal injuries -
Probation officer claimed office space denied in retaliation -
Plaintiff claimed officer tackled him at his residence -
Plaintiffs claimed drunken driver cause of rear-end collision -
Parents: Failure to monitor child on bus resulted in asphyxia -
Bicyclist struck by turning vehicle claimed spinal injuries -
Doctor claimed he properly diagnosed and treated knee condition -
Plaintiff claimed head injury from bus's disengaged pole -
Plaintiff's complaints of neck pain pre-existed crash: defense -
Defense: Plaintiff's medical treatment not necessary -
Defendant driving too close caused collision, plaintiff alleged -
Patient denied consenting to extend fusion to other levels -
Pedestrian struck by bicyclist claimed traumatic brain injury -
County, state failed to timely fix dangerous intersection: plaintiff -
Worker fired for failing to finish assignments, defense argued -
Defense: Injury impossible during particular plastic surgery -
Taxi driver's injury claims were inconsistent, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from multiple impact crash -
Company: Paralegal terminated for legitimate business reasons -
Batting cage owner failed to repair hole in safety netting: suit -
Motorist overcorrected and lost control, causing crash: defense -
Police dislocated shoulder during handcuffing: plaintiff -
Defendant claimed plaintiff ran light and made unsafe turn -
Company misrepresented facts of employment, plaintiff alleged -
Daughter did not commit suicide, but was strangled: plaintiff -
Motorcyclist claimed driver's hesitation caused accident -
Officer unnecessarily sprayed him with pepper spray: plaintiff -
Skateboarder denied being on skateboard at time of crash -
Defense claimed memory loss not linked to ECT sessions -
Plaintiff claimed father's policy covered injuries from crash -
Plaintiff's psychiatric issues pre-existed dog bite: defense -
Inadequately secured chain link fencing caused injuries: plaintiff -
Negligently installed guardrail caused serious injuries: plaintiffs -
Plaintiff claimed collision caused neck and back injuries -
Inattentive truck driver caused collision with tractor: plaintiff -
Failure to properly monitor patient resulted in fall: lawsuit -
Plaintiff wrongly housed with inmate despite court order: suit -
Unmaintained property leased to college caused fall: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed officers beat him during traffic stop -
Broadside crash caused head injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Defense: Man's psychological woes not caused by dog bite -
Couple discovered hidden cameras in apartment -
Plaintiffs: Trucker's speed and closeness caused crash -
Rear-ender caused spinal injury and vehicle damage: plaintiffs -
Defendant denied causing collision at intersection -
Inmate claimed deputies failed to intervene in jail attack -
Struck pedestrian claimed brain and neck injuries -
Intoxicated plaintiff climbed on moving vehicle's roof: defense -
Plaintiff entering home shot in self-defense, defense argued -
Officers transferred in retaliation for supporting competitor: suit -
School ignored signs of sexual abuse, student alleged -
Company retaliated for filing harassment claim: plaintiff -
Truck ran over laborer's foot, crushing it -
Rear-ender caused lumbar disc bulge, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed neck injury caused by rear-end accident -
Officers' excessive use of force resulted in father's death: children -
Termination due to reporting sexual harassment: dishwasher -
Rear-end crash caused lower back injury, plaintiff claimed -
Truckers' actions during snowy weather caused crash: plaintiff -
Failure to maintain trench cover caused trip and fall: plaintiff -
Fall from height left him totally disabled, applicant alleged -
Plaintiff claimed officer slammed cell gate on his hands -
Family: Improper use of force against son in mental health crisis -
Pedestrian struck by vehicle claimed memory problems -
Intersection crash caused multiple injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Failure to timely install four-way stop resulted in fatal crash: suit -
Plaintiff claimed police used excessive force in shooting son -
Employer: Termination based employee's poor performance -
EEOC: Company failed to accommodate worker with COPD -
Bicyclist claimed shoulder injury after hitting parked car's door -
Plaintiff claimed deputy sexually assaulted her after accident -
Defense: Whistleblowing was not a cause of promotion denial -
Police grossly mishandled incident, resulting in death: family -
Doctor claimed he believed decedent had not obtained X-ray -
Defense: Black golf instructor treated the same as others -
Bullying ignored at after-school activities, student claimed -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from improperly secured inflatable slide -
Students claimed teacher molested them during class -
Correctional officer harassed after gender transition: lawsuit -
Golf Instructor claimed dog bite caused elbow injuries -
Egyptian worker claimed company allowed harassment -
Plaintiff claimed permanent thoracic injuries from rear-ender -
Plaintiff's injuries pre-existed accident, defense argued -
Driver failed to stop, despite seeing crossing guard: plaintiff -
Plaintiffs: Other vehicle's driver made negligent U-turn -
Plaintiffs: Negligent security at bar/restaurant resulted in shootings -
Intoxicated driver being chased struck other car -
Window's dangerous condition resulted in fall, plaintiff claimed -
OB-GYNs claimed fetal monitor strips dictated type of delivery -
Employer discriminated against females, manager alleged -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash caused lower back pain -
Officers properly responded to man advancing with knife: defense -
Plaintiff struck by rolling car claimed bodily injuries -
Employee claimed he was owed overtime pay -
Plaintiff claimed employer failed to pay him overtime -
Employee's discipline not due to religion, employer claimed -
Sale's attendee injured while trying to reach locked dressing room -
Dredge mate properly provided with post-injury work: defense -
Plaintiff: Manufacturer failed to warn of risk of using talc -
Bar claimed unarmed security could not deter fatal shooting -
Bicyclist tore shoulder in crash with taxicab -
Hospital not required to report unwitnessed altercations: defense -
Family claimed tractor-trailer ran red light, causing crash -
Plaintiff: Police never identified themselves prior to shooting -
Parking lot's dangerous condition caused fall: plaintiff -
Patient: Surgical error during hip replacement caused foot drop -
Defense claimed motorist's rollover due to speeding, not puddle -
School failed to provide her with a safe environment: student -
Plaintiff failed to see open and obvious drop cloth: defense -
Plaintiff fractured leg when door closer failed to work properly -
Defense: Classification of type of cancer was not negligent -
Towing company workers claimed unpaid wages -
Officer shot unarmed suspect at close range, family claimed -
Defense claimed construction had nothing to do with collision -
Law firm: Client refused to follow advice or pay fees -
Prisoner placed in segregated housing in retaliation: suit -
Oral surgeon extracted healthy tooth, patient claimed -
Plaintiff: Mayor and officers assaulted her during meeting -
Pilot error, not design defect, caused crash, defense argued -
Inadequately lit walkway caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
Multiple-vehicle crash caused neck and back injuries: plaintiffs -
Deputy's sudden acceleration resulted in head-on crash: plaintiff -
Plaintiff never offered position at California restaurant: defense -
Negligent supervision resulted in child's head injury: suit -
Plaintiff's unexpected stop caused crash, defense argued -
Officers used excessive force in shooting teen in van: parents -
Defense: VP terminated as part of staffing layoffs, not retaliation -
Deputy's use of takedown was excessive, prisoner alleged -
Shuttle operator closed door on hand, crushing plaintiff's fingers -
Plaintiff: Employer responsible for employee's reckless driving -
Limousine driver exiting driveway caused crash: plaintiff -
Inadequate safety precautions resulted burns, student alleged -
Family: Lack of working smoke detectors resulted in deaths -
Officer: Chief retaliated for questioning text message -
Passenger: Speeding bus's accident caused jaw problems -
Defense: Social media posts inconsistent with concussion -
Mattress pad resulted in infant's suffocation, argued parents -
Neither rear-end crash caused injuries, defense argued -
Defense: Vehicle's restraint system adequately designed -
Plaintiff: Fall over raised sidewalk caused knee and back injuries -
Plaintiff claimed promotion denied due to her race -
Prisoner claimed liver damage due to medical indifference -
Psychiatrist: Depressed teen appropriately treated with Prozac -
Defense: Amount of force not enough to cause heel injury -
Parents claimed school failed to properly supervise student -
Plaintiffs struck by out-of-control driver claimed injuries -
Position eliminated for non-discriminatory reasons: defense -
Doctors denied negligence in their care of decedent -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused lumbar herniation/bulge -
Employee not fired in retaliation of husband's actions: defense -
Pipe distributor failed to warn about asbestos dangers: plaintiff -
Pedestrian struck by bus suffered multiple injuries -
Hit-and-run driver caused severe injuries, bicyclist alleged -
Plaintiff claimed freightliner impact caused disc bulge -
Defense: Plaintiff failed to avoid clearly visible wheel stop -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused need for spinal surgeries -
Triathlete claimed she needed surgery after broadside crash -
Suit: Teens kept in handcuffs for hours despite one being shot -
Parent's molestation claims were false, defense argued -
Doctor: Patient's consent forms same as with prior amputations -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused neck, shoulder and arm injuries -
Defense: Injuries degenerative and not caused by accident -
Plaintiff claimed multiple vehicle crash caused leg amputation -
Plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries from low-speed crash -
Police statements defamed couple after kidnapping: suit -
Officers: No out of the ordinary force used on erratic man -
Plaintiff claimed failure to inspect stairs resulted in fall -
Police department claimed officers took excessive leave -
Deficient web training caused nude images to be posted: surgeon -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries from 2010 collision -
Airport shuttle's abrupt stop caused fall, passenger claimed -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused cognitive deficits -
Plaintiff claimed instructor failed to make sure table was secure -
Plaintiff claimed other driver ran red light, causing crash -
Patient died from rare epidural complication, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed company failed to accommodate her injuries -
Dentist: Patient's lip burn did not cause mouth numbness -
Employer claimed employee was not terminated -
Manhole's dangerous condition caused accident, bicyclist alleged -
Children: Security company failed to prevent mother's murder -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused lower back pain -
Defense: Street performer had no documentation of wage loss -
Defense argued deputy shot pit bull in self-defense -
Motorcyclist claimed accident caused knee and hip injuries -
Defense claimed minor impact could not have caused injuries -
Doctor claimed treatment of patient was appropriate -
Patient chose mesh placement from options given: surgeon -
Defendant claimed non-party driver caused collision -
Drug rehabilitation facility failed to monitor suicidal son: mother -
Raised sidewalk caused trip and fall, pedestrian claimed -
Plaintiff claimed Alzheimer's exacerbated by dog incident -
Boyfriend's ex-wife attacked her, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused spinal injuries -
Ranch worker, burned by flame sanitizer, sought damages -
Bus stop obstructed view, causing crosswalk accident: pedestrian -
Patient claimed surgeon failed to monitor her after surgery -
Treadmill stress test showed no sign of heart problem: doctor -
Suit: Emergency staff failed to report suspected child abuse -
Failure to replace crash barrier caused death: family -
Lack of security in bathrooms led to rape, plaintiff alleged -
Drug manufacturer failed to warn of cancer risks: plaintiffs -
Customer: Store didn't follow policies regarding sweep -
Plaintiff: Defendant failed to yield at intersection, causing crash -
Speed and slope of road led to crash, defense argued -
Secretary complained of inappropriate touching at work -
Police dispatcher: Terminated after voicing concerns on officer test -
Pedestrian claimed city driver ran red light and jumped curb -
Plaintiff claimed employees failed to warn of mopped area -
No asbestos in insulation products, maintained defense -
Head-on crash caused need for several future surgeries: claimant -
Failure to supervise coach resulted in molestation: teen -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused spinal injuries -
Family claimed other vehicle's wide turn caused collision -
Skateboarder claimed driver failed to look while making turn -
Defense: Shuttle passenger to blame for not wearing seat belt -
Filipino workers claimed they faced racial discrimination -
Plaintiff: Termination based on discrimination complaint -
Fitness director not rehired because of age, lawsuit alleged -
Plaintiff: Clinic failed to test parents for platelet antibodies -
Plaintiff claimed failure to warn of wet floor caused fall -
Cart handler claimed continued back problems after hit by van -
Driver claimed plaintiff's injuries caused by prior incident -
Pedestrian hit by car claimed scarring and hip pain -
Plaintiff: Crash caused arm, shoulder, knee and eye injuries -
Plaintiff wrongfully terminated, despite no conviction: lawsuit -
Ice arena: Hockey player assumed the risk of injury -
Intersection crash aggravated prior lower back pain: plaintiff -
Plaintiffs' accounts of incident were inconsistent, defense claimed -
Defense: It was appropriate to wait on test until after pregnancy -
Rear-ender aggravated prior lumbar injury, plaintiff claimed -
Defense: House's pathway did not violate any residential codes -
Defense disputed seriousness of plaintiff's alleged injuries -
Driver claimed ongoing spinal and calf pain from rear-ender -
Assistant claimed chief made her translate for housekeeper -
Two unleased dogs viciously attacked him, plaintiff claimed -
Pedestrian struck by turning motorist claimed ankle fracture -
Nursing home's failure to turn mother resulted in death: daughter -
Company failed to pay balance of promissory notes: plaintiffs -
Defense claimed force of crash insufficient to cause injury -
Failure to clean up oil caused slip and fall, plaintiff claimed -
Elder struck by truck claimed ankle and face injuries -
Surgeon: Pre-surgery meds not to blame for post-surgery bleeding -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused need for spinal surgery -
Driver claimed he lost control because of misplaced floor mat -
Family: Docs failed to monitor patient's methadone dosage -
Attendance policy discriminated against those with disabilities: suit -
Plaintiff: Diabetic should have boosted sugar before driving -
Plaintiff: Race organizer failed to warn of dangerous course -
Deputy did not have to do more to prevent second crash: defense -
Plaintiff: Employee injured during boom lift pick up -
Defendant's unsafe turn caused crash, plaintiff claimed -
Tourists claimed uncareful bus driver struck low hanging wire -
Store discriminated against those wearing hijabs: EEOC -
Plaintiff claimed salary and commissions were owed -
Auto accident necessitated spinal implant, plaintiff claimed -
Parents claimed defective dresser caused infant's death -
Ex-boxer defamed her in interviews, ex-wife claimed -
Defendant claimed he had solid green light while in intersection -
Urinary tract infection does not cause pre-term labor: defense -
Employee claimed job fired him for taking military leave -
Defense: Device would not have prevented nerve injury -
Intersection crash aggravated prior back injury, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff: Rear-end collision caused herniated cervical disc -
Plaintiff's medical treatments were unnecessary: defense -
Plaintiff claimed back injuries require additional treatment -
Intoxicated minor driver caused subsequent bus crash: defense -
Store denied any gender or sexual orientation harassment -
Rear-end collision caused neck injury, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff: Crash caused knee, spine and shoulder injuries -
Intersection crash aggravated prior lower back condition: plaintiff -
Officers claimed treatment of irate motorist was appropriate -
Defense claimed child fell after unnecessarily climbing on sink -
Driver ran over woman lying in park, causing fatal injuries -
Plaintiff claimed shoulder injury from fall over parking lot chain -
Failure to perform annual tree inspection resulted in injuries: motorcyclist -
Plaintiff: Employee negligence cause of ankle ligament tear -
Failure to balance truck load caused accident, driver alleged -
Plaintiff claimed brain and spine injuries from broadside crash -
Plaintiff: Social worker failed to notify him of court proceeding -
Scooter riders claimed injuries from intersection collision -
Pedestrian struck by tractor-trailer claimed traumatic injuries -
Tour bus hit elevated boom that was extended over roadway -
Defense claimed plaintiff was partially to blame for crash -
Shooting of driver while out of harm's way was excessive: suit -
Multiple vehicle rear-ender caused herniations: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed termination was based on age -
Plaintiffs struck by vehicle that ran red light claimed head injuries -
Plaintiff claimed head and shoulder injuries from crash -
Claimant alleged underinsured driver caused spinal injuries -
Assembler claimed he was fired after suffering knee injury -
Patient: Nursing staff failed to timely contact orthopedist -
Store did not have sufficient notice about spill, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Use of non-opioid allowed for freedom from pain -
Anesthesiologist: Dry eyes a known risk of anesthesia -
Passenger claimed brain injuries from intersection crash -
Defense claimed passenger was unbelted during rollover -
Sales manager claimed he was fired for making complaints -
Passenger not injured in collision, defense argued -
Pothole plaintiff fell over not on property it controlled: defendant -
City retaliated against officer for complaining about website: suit -
Truck driver complained of chronic pain after collision -
Plaintiff alleged tractor-trailer impact caused permanent neck pain -
Motorcyclist claimed holes left in roadway caused crash -
Officer acted in the interest of officer safety, defense argued -
Motorcyclist: Utility covers not flush in roadway caused crash -
Bus passenger claimed fall aggravated pre-existing injuries -
Sideswipe collision caused neck and back injuries: plaintiff -
Patient's refusal to follow up caused treatment delay: defense -
Defense argued jail incident never occurred -
Defense claimed no evidence of harm from bed infestation -
Plaintiff claimed broadside crash exacerbated wrist injuries -
Plaintiff: Driver turned too tightly when executing left turn -
Defense disputed seriousness of plaintiff's alleged head injury -
Defense counsel disputed the extent of pedestrian's injuries -
Plaintiff claimed brain injury from crash with drunken driver -
Claimant: Hit and run caused need to replace medical device -
Decedent unarmed at time of shooting, family claimed -
Decedent partially liable for fatal stabbing, defense argued -
Defense disputed plaintiff's claim of bailiff using excessive force -
Passenger claimed medical van driver ran red light, causing crash -
Worker terminated for unethical behavior, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed arrhythmia caused syncope, car wreck -
Plaintiff claimed dental injuries from rear-end collision -
Renal biopsy reasonable under circumstances, defense argued -
Hospital and doctor conspired to cover up cause of death: suit -
Defendant caused crash by driving through red light: plaintiff -
City claimed proper procedures followed in selecting candidate -
Injured passenger: Driver's employer knew about prior DUI -
Plaintiff claimed unprovoked beating caused injuries -
Salesperson claimed employer wrongfully withheld commission -
Plaintiff: Power line too close to roof, resulting in paralysis -
Meat processing company accused of sexual harassment -
Rear-ender aggravated back injuries, plaintiffs claimed -
Truck driver claimed cyclist ran red light and struck truck -
Minor impact could not cause injuries alleged, defense argued -
Defense claimed plaintiff quit after office dispute -
Road's dangerous condition contributed to fatal crash: family -
Plaintiff: Unmaintained tree at county park resulted in injury -
Plaintiff claimed force of crash caused neck fractures -
Plaintiff claimed red light crash caused lower back injuries -
Parents claimed sheriff's deputy had no reason to shoot -
Defendants failed to timely clean-up spill, plaintiff alleged -
Manager's job eliminated while being treated for cancer -
Plaintiff: code violations could have played role in trip and fall -
Defense claimed garage doorway threshold had no code violations -
Parties involved in intersection crash disputed right of way -
Plaintiff claimed highway accident caused herniated discs -
Plaintiff claimed wrist injuries from being struck by drawer -
Falling light tree at restaurant caused shoulder injury: plaintiff -
Employer: Paralegal was paid in excess of what was owed -
Plaintiff: Neck injuries related to multiple-impact rear-ender -
Plaintiff claimed flooding on roadway caused accident -
Defense: Assault at medical center could not be prevented -
Multiple vehicle crash caused traumatic brain injury: plaintiff -
Multiple vehicle rear-ender caused spinal injuries: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused head, spine and ankle injuries -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused spinal injuries and anxiety -
Family: Driver inattentive in backing up truck, caused death -
Turning driver's failure to yield caused crash: bicyclist -
Driver's unsafe turn caused fatal crash with motorcyclist: parents -
Company failed to re-employ him after reserve duty: plaintiff -
Defense claimed plaintiff was to blame for rear-end crash -
Patient alleged failure to test, resulted in brain injury -
Parents: Residential program negligent in care of son -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash aggravated prior neck injury -
Plaintiff claimed broadside crash caused lower back injury -
Defendants denied plaintiff was physically assaulted -
Defense claimed injury did not occur as plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff fired for violating code of conduct, company claimed -
Officer: Force used during escort due to fear for safety -
Family claimed juvenile hall failed to properly care for minor -
Plaintiff claimed officers used excessive force at sports bar -
Waiter terminated for poor performance, restaurant alleged -
Plaintiff claimed other driver did not yield right of way -
Suit: Broadside crash caused injuries to driver and daughter -
Driver claimed lookout could have moved away from vehicle -
Motorcycle crash caused shoulder joint injury: passenger -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused spinal injuries with radiating pain -
Defense: Minor collision could not have caused aggravation -
Plaintiff not told of modified gate in loft prior to fall: lawsuit -
Seat belt would not have prevented head injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Defense: Teenage patient not usually expected to have stroke -
Tenant claimed defendants failed to fix dangerous ceiling -
Defense claimed supervisor had no bias against women -
Plaintiffs' injuries do not need future care, defense argued -
Former employer failed to pay commissions owed: plaintiff -
Most orthopedists would not have considered condition: defense -
Teacher and district not liable for sudden event: defense -
Plaintiff: Spinal treatment still needed after three months -
Child: Dog bite caused severe scarring and emotional distress -
Claimant: Rear-ender caused knee tear and aggravated spine -
Failure to inspect driveway traffic caused crash: plaintiff -
Trailer's detached tire and rim caused accident, plaintiff alleged -
Negligent placement of flatbed cart caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
Defense counsel claimed plaintiff voluntarily left position -
Driver claimed soft-tissue injuries, aggravation of old injury -
Plaintiffs not hurt in rear-ender, defense argued -
Numerous delays in delivering baby caused injuries: parents -
Surgery wouldn't have been considered until subacute phase: docs -
Patient claimed eye injury from botched LASIK surgery -
Plaintiff: RV park's failure to repair concrete slab caused fall -
Plaintiff claimed knee and elbow injuries from slip and fall -
Defense counsel argued plaintiff had no ongoing injuries -
Prison worker claimed she was harassed by correctional officers -
Bus passenger claimed sudden stop caused fall -
Pedestrian claimed inattentive driver of taxicab struck him -
Open and obvious sidewalk conditions not dangerous: city -
Plaintiff claimed ankle and pelvic injuries from collision -
Plaintiff claimed injuries from owners' failure to control dog -
Defense: Method of delivering electronic pay stubs was lawful -
Plaintiff relentlessly scrutinized after reporting misconduct: suit -
Plaintiff claimed metal ball in sandwich aggravated TMJ -
Plaintiff claimed teen party's host furnished alcohol to driver -
Pedestrian struck while vehicle exited driveway -
Failure to discipline supervisor caused resignation: plaintiff -
Vet fired for refusing to take photos on military base: lawsuit -
Delivering doctor waited too long to order C-section: suit -
Supervisor shortened shifts in response to complaints: bartenders -
Defense denied bus accident caused passenger's injuries -
Defense denied crash caused need for shoulder surgery -
Failure to warn of wet floor resulted in slip and fall: plaintiff -
Third-grade boys: Teacher failed to notice sexual abuse -
Plaintiff claimed waitress burned her by spilling hot water -
Plaintiffs claimed spinal injections needed after crash -
Defense claimed plaintiff overtreated spinal injuries -
Parties disputed risk of using gym's monkey bars -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end accident caused back injury -
Surgery outweighed benefits, decedent's family claimed -
Plaintiff claimed shoulder injury from collapsed chair at restaurant -
Plaintiff: Deputy shot him after raising hands to surrender -
Defense claimed parents knew about prenatal screening -
Driver crossed center line and caused crash, plaintiffs claimed -
Jewish group claimed hotel owner discriminated against it -
Director claimed city fired him for making complaints -
Laborer claimed future medical care required after fall -
Defense blamed pedestrian, claimed driver had right of way -
School district interfered with medical leave, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff claimed employer failed to prevent sexually harassment -
Police claimed reasonable force was used on combative suspect -
Unsupervised deputy ordered sex acts, plaintiffs alleged -
Plaintiff claimed leg fractures from intersection collision -
Plaintiff had lengthy, prior history of spinal problems: defense -
Earlier ambulance would not have changed outcome: defense -
Failure to administer antibiotic caused father's death: daughter -
Multiple services needed to treat brain injury: horse trainer -
Officers: Response due to plaintiff being in unauthorized areas -
Defense: Passenger could not have fractured arm in crash -
Black dispatcher claimed he was fired despite stellar reviews -
Defense: Injuries continued to evolve months after accident -
Other driver, not roadway's condition, caused crash: defense -
Prison guards denied violating inmate's civil rights -
Drunken driver caused fatal accident, estates claimed -
Family: Improperly stored tables caused child's head injury -
Defense: Cleaner's alleged disability not related to job -
Insurer improperly investigated claim prior to denial: plaintiffs -
Defense: Vascular injury and bleeding occurred after surgery -
Defense: Subsequent test fell within time frame standards -
Bus collision caused neck and back injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Driver was not in scope of work at time of crash, defense argued -
Skateboarder struck in crosswalk required leg amputation -
Children: Social worker removed them from home without warrant -
Scheme to plant drugs in car caused severe distress: plaintiffs -
Suit: School district's retaliation forced teacher into retirement -
Defense: Accident could not have caused memory problems -
Roadway's dangerous condition caused accident: bicyclist -
Deckhand claimed wrist injury from unsafe vessel conditions -
Teen with shotgun in friend's garage shoots other friend -
Plaintiff claimed parking lot crash caused lower back injury -
Plaintiff fired after taking leave for son's medical care: suit -
Bicyclist struck by vehicle exiting parking lot claimed injuries -
Moped operator and passenger injured in vehicle collision -
Unlikely fall caused vocal change, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed hit-and-run caused major financial losses -
Hit-and-run crash caused spine and shoulder injuries: bicyclist -
Intersection crash caused wrist injury, motorcyclist claimed -
Defense: Additional leave an unreasonable accommodation -
Rear-ender caused concussion and heart condition: plaintiff -
Passenger claimed crash caused need for cervical fusion -
Independent contractor claimed he was owned commissions -
Pedestrian claimed she was struck by reversing vehicle -
Taxi driver: No liability for crash that resulted in amputation -
Harassment at work resulted in constructive discharge: plaintiff -
City: Man killed by 13 bullets opened door holding shotgun -
Family claimed police failed to get suspect timely medical care -
Plaintiff claimed protruding discs from intersection crash -
Patient claimed doctor sexually assaulted her during exam -
Man deported after being stopped for speeding -
Discrimination complaint resulted in termination: plaintiff -
Intersection crash caused herniated lumbar disc, plaintiff claimed -
Neck and back injuries caused by head-on collision: plaintiff -
Head-on crash caused multiple injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Police officer denied lunging at 77-year-old man -
Patient appropriately treated after eye surgery: doctor -
Unsafe parking area caused child to be struck by car: mother -
Parents claimed son's death caused by police restraint -
Failure to perform EKG test resulted in heart attack: patient -
Force used during search of inmate not excessive: defense -
Plaintiff claimed truck driver's unsafe lane change caused crash -
Defense: Injury not caused by design of stand-up forklift -
Captain harassed her after ending relationship, ship's cook claimed -
Officers used excessive force in shooting teen, family alleged -
Defense: Plaintiff should have been able to perform new job -
Plaintiff claimed officers used excessive force during arrest -
Plaintiff fired for accessing son's medical records: defense -
Rear-ender caused soft-tissue spinal injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed multiple vehicle accident caused spinal injuries -
Plaintiff claimed hallway stairs not kept clear of mail -
Defendant claimed it did not need to report known condition -
Defense claimed fusion surgery not related to rear-end crash -
City claimed accident due to intoxicated driver, not roadway -
Teen claimed unmaintained mat rack fell and fractured his leg -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused neck and back injuries -
Defense counsel argued plaintiff staged wall accident -
Officers' actions were unreasonable, plaintiffs alleged -
Defense claimed bicyclist's inattentiveness caused accident -
EEOC claimed company wrongfully fired disabled workers -
Family: Opioid overdose and 'stacking' led to death -
Pain medication was improperly managed, inmate claimed -
Patient's death not related to potassium levels: defense -
Plaintiff alleged rear-end crash aggravated prior back injuries -
Maintenance supervisor claimed serious brain injuries from fall -
Pedestrian struck by truck claimed ongoing foot pain -
Inattentive bus driver dragged man across intersection: suit -
Defense disputed plaintiff's alleged need for surgery -
Plaintiff claimed hard to see portion of curb caused fall -
HR director: Termination due to questioning employee files -
Defense claimed rider was ready for challenging jump -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused neck and back injuries -
Rear-end crash caused back and neck injuries: passenger -
Family: Driver knew she would drive prior to taking medication -
Replacement eventually needed due to chronic knee problems: doc -
Family did not contact him with concerns about decedent: doc -
Improper log splitter training resulted in amputation: plaintiff -
Rear-ender caused injuries to driver and passenger: lawsuit -
Bicyclist struck by vehicle claimed permanent injuries -
School district's designated bus stop caused fatal crash: mother -
Plaintiff claimed city knew intersection was dangerous -
Orthopedic surgeon improperly repaired dural tears: patient -
Defense argued infection did not affect plaintiff's outcome -
Plaintiffs claimed they were fired after filing complaints -
Plaintiff claimed auto accident exacerbated sexual dysfunction -
Failure to take man to hospital after arrest resulted in death: suit -
Defense: Repairman did not cause alleged toilet explosion -
Wife killed and family injured in collision with tractor-trailer -
Conduct inside ambulance caused wrist fractures: plaintiff -
Knee injury still problem after collision and surgery: plaintiff -
Defendants denied sexual harassment occurred -
Family: Officers did not attempt non-lethal force before shooting -
Plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries from rear-ender -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused injuries to spine and hips -
Officer claimed she was subjected to hostile sexual environment -
Family claimed collision caused lasting injuries -
Plaintiff abruptly changed lanes prior to crash, defense claimed -
Store's pneumatic tube system defectively designed: plaintiff -
Deputy sheriff: Soft-tissue injuries caused limitations -
Companies denied knowing of asbestos risks to decedent -
Defense: Fall down stairwell due to tenant's inattention -
Officers claimed they used reasonable force on combative plaintiff -
Dental Technician: Overtime and meal period wages owed -
Defense: Female security officer not discriminated against -
Defense: Attack at residential care facility was unpreventable -
Plaintiff should have known risks of using acetone, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Termination due to complaints of boss' drug use -
City worker claimed councilman sexually harassed her -
Missed dose of anti-seizure meds, resulted in son's death: parents -
Rear-end crash caused thoracic injury, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff: Dangerous condition of intersection not repaired -
Rear-ender caused L5-S1 disc herniation, plaintiff claimed -
Defense claimed alleged harassment never occurred -
Employer claimed commission procedure was acceptable -
No discrimination in denial of promotions, county claimed -
Trail of liquid on restaurant floor caused slip and fall: plaintiff -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed need for future surgeries -
Plaintiff roughhousing with friend claimed officers assaulted him -
Defense: Manager terminated for legitimate business reasons -
Plaintiff claimed neck, back and dental injuries from fight -
Hotel disputed employees' claims of harassment -
Minister emotionally berated rape victim, suit alleged -
Bicyclist claimed taxi driver's failure to timely signal caused crash -
Defense: Welder stopped working because of subsequent accident -
Patient's failure to take iron pills and follow-up led to fall: doc -
Plaintiff claimed back injuries would require future surgery -
Plaintiff claimed open window created a dangerous condition -
Mechanic claimed he was subjected to hostile work environment -
Defense: Plaintiff would have required cervical fusion anyway -
Driver claimed bicyclist rode into his lane, causing crash -
Complex: Management did not know of alleged misconduct -
Defense: ENT made multiple recommendations for biopsy -
Inmate alleged excessive force resulted in ear being torn off -
Defendant driver denied hitting plaintiff's vehicle -
Store manager terminated after disclosing anxiety disorder: suit -
Intersection's dangerous condition caused accident: pedestrians -
Subcontractor claimed work area was kept free from debris -
Police intervened when plaintiff refused to cover up: defense -
Smoke detectors were loud enough to warn tenants: defense -
Defendant could have avoided shooting decedent: family -
Plaintiff: Collision caused need for shoulder and spinal treatment -
Plaintiff claimed retaliation due to reporting race favoritism -
Use of asbestos-containing talc caused cancer: plaintiff -
Defense claimed patient was appropriately cleared for MRI -
Pedestrian claimed rotator cuff tear after struck by vehicle -
Family claimed deputy wrongfully shot unarmed man -
Plaintiff: Crash caused injuries to spine, knee and shoulder -
Overhanging mirror on train fatally struck son, mom claimed -
Plaintiff: City demoted him to make room for female sergeant -
Middle school student: School failed to prevent sexual abuse -
Defense disputed severity of spinal injuries alleged -
Detainee claimed deputy sheriffs used excessive force -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused neck and upper back injuries -
Failure to repair cracked curb caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
Newly purchased vehicle was defective, plaintiff claimed -
Truck's loose corner iron caused other driver's brain injury -
Defendants disputed cause of crash that led to plaintiff being hit -
Disabled passenger: Driver's actions caused fall from van -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused lower back injury -
Retail store claimed no notice of liquid on floor prior to fall -
Hit-and-run accident caused multiple injuries to pedestrian -
Defense claimed plaintiff had history of spinal degeneration -
Deputy used excessive force in shooting fleeing son: parents -
Charge nurse treated same as all other nurses, hospital alleged -
Defense: Supervisor terminated for legitimate business reasons -
Termination not due to refusal to participate in activity: defense -
Man said he was dragged through intersection by MTA bus -
Any contact with plaintiff not intentionally offensive: defense -
Restaurants' female workers claimed they were harassed by men -
Bicyclist claimed company failed to inspect handhole -
Defense: Step stool would have been able to support plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed he was underpaid and harassed at work -
Plaintiff claimed he was unlawfully strip searched -
Fall into trench caused need for future long-term care: worker -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused spine and chest injuries -
Man claimed failure to maintain stairs resulted in hip fracture -
Plaintiff claimed he was fired for reporting safety concerns -
Shooting aggravated PTSD and caused scarring: plaintiff -
Laborer electrocuted while performing dangerous task -
Doctor: Treatment of intestinal problems was appropriate -
Plaintiff's injuries not as severe as alleged, defense claimed -
Patient claimed nurses should have called OB-GYN sooner -
Plaintiffs bitten by K-9s were evading police, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed injuries after struck by passing truck's mirror -
Rear-end crash caused knee and lower back injuries: plaintiff -
Police used excessive deadly force, family claimed -
Insurance Co. claimed driver only suffered soft-tissue injuries -
Struck pedestrian claimed cognitive issues from accident -
Plaintiff claimed chronic cervical pain from crash -
Plaintiff claimed city failed to prevent harassment -
Pedestrian claimed crack in road caused trip and fall -
Worker claimed accident during job left him paralyzed -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash aggravated back condition -
Driver of pickup made unsafe turn in front of him: plaintiff -
Prison staff failed to check on inmate with history of suicide: suit -
Plaintiff: Supervisor continually sexually harassed her -
Defense claimed plaintiff's eye condition caused accident -
Motorcyclist claimed multiple fractures from collision with truck -
Plaintiff: Failure to train forklift driver resulted in accident -
Plaintiff only aggravated degenerative condition, defense claimed -
Crossing guard struck by car claimed serious injuries -
Claimant alleged other driver made unsafe turn -
Deputy faced retaliation after reporting other deputies: lawsuit -
Parents claimed window issues caused child's fatal fall -
Defendant crossed center line, causing crash: plaintiff -
Defense claimed sidewalk's condition was not dangerous -
Mechanic: Shoulder and back injuries from hood collapse -
Suit: Homeowner negligently fired crossbow, injuring eye -
Jail detainee claimed deputies allowed to use excessive force -
Passenger claimed driver's speed caused accident -
Dock's unsafe change in elevation caused fall, plaintiff alleged -
Mishandled evidence led to wrongful conviction: plaintiff -
Defense: Employee did not meet promotion requirements -
Bone fragment not normally a risk to spinal cord, surgeon claimed -
Officers claimed plaintiff was arrested for interfering with duties -
No harassment or retaliation against worker, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender caused spine and shoulder injuries -
Struck pedestrian claimed neck and wrist injuries -
Plaintiff: Fall at gas station caused neurocognitive deficits -
Actress claimed film production company failed to prevent injury -
Patient claimed failure to refer resulted in leg amputation -
Pedestrian claimed accident caused injury to cervical spine -
Brake arc grinder not to blame for plaintiff's cancer: defense -
Social workers never threatened kids with foster care: defense -
Plaintiff magnified symptoms following minor crash: defense -
Driver claimed he was fired for taking leave for his depression -
Police officer fired for prior misconduct problems: defense -
Employee termination due to department reorganization: defense -
Plaintiff: Work with insulation resulted in asbestos exposure -
Motorcyclist lost leg after struck by left-turning driver -
Worker claimed crane struck wrist, causing disabling injuries -
Instructor subjected runner to unsafe conditions: lawsuit -
Police claimed teen was intoxicated at time of arrest -
Fall from rotten bridge resulted in serious injuries: plaintiff -
Plaintiff's failure to take proper care caused fall, defense alleged -
Defense: Manual labor, not crash, caused plaintiff's injuries -
Doc: Patient made defamatory comments after breast surgery -
Plaintiff claimed she requires future care after accident -
Improper maintenance of tree resulted in injuries: plaintiffs -
Plastic surgeon claimed skin graft size due to size of tumor mass -
Intersection crash caused neck injury, plaintiff claimed -
Supervisor claimed permanent disability after work accident -
Plaintiff claimed traumatic brain injury from motorcycle crash -
District president defamed him, Lutheran Minister claimed -
Parents alleged medical errors caused child's strokes -
Collision caused vehicle to lose control and strike him: bicyclist -
Physicians claimed patient failed to follow through on referrals -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused head and spine injuries -
Manager broke agreement to keep trailer on tow yard: plaintiff -
Defense: Death could not have been prevented on airplane -
Plaintiff's prior knee problems caused fall, defense argued -
Teacher claimed discrimination due to being a single mother -
Termination due to protest of hospital protocol, doctor claimed -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused neck injury and stroke -
Plaintiff claimed wrist fracture during dog attack -
Plaintiff claimed he was fired for making harassment complaint -
Workers claimed nursery paid them less after complaining -
Plaintiff's lumbar treatment not due to fall, defense argued -
Rear-end collision caused debilitating injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Plaintiff: Unsafe barrier caused knee injury during go-kart crash -
Defendant denied responsibility for leaking sprinkler system -
District went out of its way to help math professor: defense -
Rear-ender caused need for three neck surgeries: plaintiff -
Dangerous intersection resulted in fatal collision, family claimed -
Defense: Bicyclist failed to pay attention to approaching cyclists -
Pedestrian did not look for cars before crossing, defense argued -
Failure to maintain store caused leg injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Mine could not have caused mesothelioma, defense argued -
Motorcyclist required leg amputation after driver ran red light -
Lower back pain from collision affected life, plaintiff alleged -
Claimant: Back pain related to rear-ender, not cancer -
Plaintiff claimed ankle injuries from fall over rolled up rug -
Student: School security officer facilitated sexual encounter -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused spine and shoulder injuries -
Defendant denied speeding and claimed right of way -
Plaintiffs claimed they were swindled out of family home -
Doctor: Stroke not caused by any alleged delay in diagnosis -
Plaintiff claimed injuries caused by crash with reversing car -
Pedestrian struck by reversing vehicle claimed disability -
Defense argued minor collision could not have hurt plaintiffs -
Plaintiff alleged rear-end crash caused multiple injuries -
Patient claimed injuries from defective medical stapler -
Defense claimed nurse fired for patient endangerment -
Plaintiff: Intersection crash aggravated of prior jaw injury -
Car illegally crossing into HOV lane caused crash: motorcyclist -
Plaintiff claimed accident caused knee and back injuries -
Plaintiff: Company should have warned of risk of chondrolysis -
Respondents: Rotator cuff tear present before physical therapy -
Plaintiff claimed psychological problems from sexual abuse -
Plaintiff claimed unmarked step and lack of handrail caused fall -
Parties dispute need for compression device post-surgery -
Daughters sought recovery for father arranging mother's death -
Defense: Teen fled from cops and didn't disclose injuries -
Defense: Pedestrian entered intersection outside of crosswalk -
Improper supervision of bus driver caused accident: plaintiff -
Suit: Company's firings targeted older workers -
Fall from extension ladder caused back fractures: laborer -
Multiple vehicle crash caused back and neck injuries: plaintiffs -
Defense claimed patient refused test to determine leak -
Plaintiff claimed crash made it difficult to articulate thoughts -
Patron claimed multiple injuries from slip and fall -
Defense claimed bar patron's actions caused pit bull attack -
Defense disputed cause of injuries following shopper's fall -
Defective design of pelvic mesh caused pain, patient claimed -
Truck driver failed to avoid impact with stopped RV: passenger -
Plaintiff's treatment should have resolved injuries: defense -
Dog attack caused lacerations and breast implant issues: suit -
Worker denied re-employment due to medical restrictions: suit -
Long-term employee fired at end of work restriction: suit -
Driver didn't yield before turn, plaintiff alleged -
Negligent treatment of bedsore caused resident's death: suit -
Waiter told plaintiffs about hot soup on table, defense argued -
Employee terminated for failing to improve performance: county -
Defense: Plaintiffs assumed risk by intervening in dog attack -
Officer claimed plaintiff's interference necessitated arrest -
Failure to maintain work site caused crush injury: plaintiff -
Dormitory resident: Bathroom's slippery condition caused fall -
Collision caused knee, shoulder and brain injuries: motorcyclist -
Misidentification led to false arrest and imprisonment: plaintiff -
Flooding at station caused slip and fall, plaintiff alleged -
Inmate claimed officers used excessive force for no reason -
Plaintiff's failure to look caused parking lot accident: defense -
Deputy: Couch pushed to block plaintiff from leaving scene -
Detective's harassment led to husband's suicide: wife -
Family claimed officers wrongfully shot at vehicle -
Plaintiff: Child burned by engine degreaser used on high chair -
Parents: Bus driver failed to properly use restraint system -
Defense: Nonslip stairs could not have caused alleged fall -
Teacher claimed contract not renewed due to disability status -
Scouts not fired due to age, football team alleged -
Plaintiff alleged rear-ender exacerbated arthritic conditions -
Class claimed company violated Labor Code -
Plaintiff claimed defendant swerved into his lane of travel -
Student claimed college friend sexually battered her -
Collision with uninsured driver caused lower back pain: claimant -
Profemur R' hip implant was defective, patient alleged -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused cervical herniation -
Termination due to refusing to forge patient signature: plaintiff -
Plaintiff stopped without warning after passing stop sign: defense -
Officer not trained on how to respond to animal at scene, claimants -
Defense: Plaintiffs never asked for pine tree to be removed -
Motorcyclist: Truck driver ran stop sign, causing crash -
Chiropractic treatments were excessive, defense argued -
Motorcyclist claimed sign at curve should have been replaced -
Defense: Plaintiff's surgery not caused by the accident -
Pedestrian: Pelvic fractures and lumbar injuries from accident -
Claimant alleged crash caused neck injury -
Hotel's guest developed fatal pneumonia in pool, lawsuit alleged -
Object falling from building caused arm injury: plaintiff -
Company owner denied making sexual advances at work -
MRI time frame was reasonable, defense argued -
Plaintiff alleged neck and shoulder injuries from crash -
Suit: Baler's lack of safeguards resulted in amputation of legs -
Consumers knew of asbestos hazards, company contended -
Pedestrian claimed loose sewer vent caused fall -
Dangerous slipping condition did not exist, defense claimed -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused neck and mid-back injuries -
Employee terminated for legitimate reasons: defense -
Suit: Speeding truck crossed centerline, causing fatal crash -
Homeowner: Renter breached contract and damaged home -
Plaintiff: Rotator cuff tear caused by turning tractor-trailer -
Plaintiff: Collision resulted in neck herniations, hip surgery -
Store negligently trained its security guards, plaintiff alleged -
Restaurant patron claimed facial burns from spilled coffee -
Plaintiffs claimed defendant ran red light and caused crash -
Lack of dedicated bike lane caused accident: bicyclist -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused lumbar disc bulge -
Store claimed open and obvious baskets not in walkway -
Pedestrian claimed turning vehicle struck her -
Plaintiff claimed head and spine injuries from tow truck collision -
Foreman told to use conveyor without safety lock engaged: suit -
Intersection crash caused shoulder and back injuries: claimant -
Police officer's abuse to blame for woman's death: family -
Driver: Pedestrian had a duty to check for oncoming traffic -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender aggravated neck issues and tore shoulder -
Car crash kept her from working as a fashion designer: plaintiff -
Plaintiffs claimed sideswipe crash caused spinal injuries -
Injured veterinarian could not perform job, defense argued -
Patron claimed negligent security failed to prevent battery -
Car cash's parties both claimed right of way at intersection -
Decedent was speeding in fog prior to crash, defense argued -
Plaintiff fractured ankle and allegedly aggravated back in fall -
Employees: Bank fired them due to age and national origin -
Plaintiffs claimed spinal injuries from broadside collision -
Driver claimed rear-end crash caused need for back surgeries -
Plaintiff had numerous injuries before second fall: defense -
Plaintiff claimed he should have been taken to a hospital, not jail -
Defense claimed valet was not an agent of a restaurant -
Doctor: IV infiltration did not appear to warrant antibiotics -
Mechanic injured in boiler explosion, blamed valve -
Plaintiff claimed officers unnecessarily struck him -
Plaintiff sexually battered during business meeting: lawsuit -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries from rear-end collision -
Gynecologist contended tumor spread prior to surgery -
Plaintiff: SUV ran red light, causing crash-related injuries -
Principal fired after making discrimination complaint: lawsuit -
Store denied negligence for falling lawn mower handle -
Defense: No final agreement on percentage of interest in firm -
Passenger claimed collision caused need for lumbar surgery -
Bicyclist claimed driver's sudden actions caused crash -
Plaintiffs struck by truck while stopped in tunnel claimed injuries -
Parties disputed future care required for paralyzed plaintiff -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender cause of shoulder injury -
Plaintiff: Crash caused foot, neck and forehead injuries -
Injuries from ceiling collapse left her dependent on others: plaintiff -
Patron escalated dispute over bill, defense argued -
Fall down dark ravine resulted in traumatic brain injury: plaintiff -
Rear-ender caused injuries to van occupants: suit -
Tractor-trailer illegally parked on shoulder caused crash: lawsuit -
Unfair termination due to defamation, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff assumed the risk in grabbing dog, defense argued -
Pedestrian: Bus driver failed to see her and stop in time -
School district denied knowledge of inappropriate relationship -
Bicyclist: Truck struck her after driver failed to check mirrors -
Rear-end crash caused neck and shoulder injuries: plaintiff -
Minimal force involved in crash made injuries unlikely: defense -
Pedestrian claimed turning cab ran him over after denying fare -
Plaintiffs claimed officers used excessive force against them -
Basketball poles did not render blacktop unsafe: defense -
Deputies: Shooting justified due to decedent pulling knife -
Plaintiff claimed harassment because of religious beliefs -
Fall over sidewalk elevation caused fractures: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed crash aggravated lower back injury -
Deputies claimed no excessive force during arrest of plaintiff -
Plaintiff: Firing due to refusing to clean up because of injuries -
Plaintiff's cognitive problems pre-existed his tenancy: defense -
Defense: Teacher not negligent in his discipline of student -
Defense claimed trolley driver braked to avoid collision -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk claimed he suffered brain injury -
Store terminated her despite providing doctor's note: plaintiff -
Injured police recruit claimed she was discriminated against -
Plaintiff alleged rear-end crash caused cervical herniation -
Plaintiff claimed head-on crash caused knee and wrist injuries -
Patient: Doctor negligently inserted pulse generator -
Park owner claimed coal boxes and park had sufficient warnings -
Employer did not warn plaintiff of asbestos exposure: installer -
Passenger claimed head-on crash caused head and back injuries -
Speeding driver failed to timely react to slowing traffic: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed lower back injury from rear-end collision -
Plaintiff claimed company's talc product contained asbestos -
Defense: Low-impact collision could not have caused injuries -
McDonald's forced worker to quit because of disability: suit -
Laborer: Truck rental company rented truck with brake issues -
Plaintiff was able to return to work after crash, defense alleged -
Plaintiff's pain same before and after crash, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed she was sexually harassed by manager -
Family: Companies' improper training of drivers caused death -
Motorcyclist alleged officer's unsafe U-turn caused crash -
Plaintiff claimed brain injury after struck by unbolted fence -
Student claimed teacher negligently supervised class -
Defense: Motorcyclist, not turning vehicle, caused crash -
Man struck by reversing SUV suffered brain damage: suit -
Plaintiff: Failure to maintain gym equipment caused knee injury -
Defense claimed surgery was to treat plaintiff's prior condition -
Customer fell due to dragging foot while using cane: store owners -
Rear-end crash caused lumbar and cervical herniations: plaintiff -
Suit: Hospital retaliated against nurses for making complaints -
Family claimed driver should have known he struck decedent -
Manufacturer failed to warn of herbicide's dangers: plaintiffs -
Plaintiffs claimed out-of-control driver caused them to crash -
Lawsuit: Lack of warning about roundabout caused fatal accident -
Retinal scarring risk of laser procedure, doctor claimed -
Helmet maker, coach faulted for football player's head injury -
Plaintiff's attempt to pass bus caused crash, defense argued -
Defense claimed timing of trolley doors met industry standards -
Plaintiff's unannounced stop caused crash, defense argued -
Surgeon's surgical error caused ankle injury, patient alleged -
Defense claimed failure to use provided steps resulted in fall -
Plaintiff: Defendant failed to pay attention while walking dog -
Defense claimed prescribed antibiotic was appropriate -
Defense argued plaintiff's MRI showed no significant changes -
Plaintiff claimed probation officer sexually assaulted him -
Plaintiff claimed lumbar disc bulge from rear-ender -
Defense denied plaintiff sustained a traumatic brain injury -
School official demoted for lack of experience, defense argued -
Defense claimed plaintiff failed to yield to emergency vehicle -
Plaintiff: Sideswipe accident caused cervical herniation -
Family: Insurance policy applied to impaired driver -
Construction worker claimed electric shock at worksite -
Passenger claimed injuries after driver lost control of car -
Plaintiffs claimed officers entered house without a warrant -
Defense: Lateral impact did not cause medial tear to meniscus -
Motorist claimed bicyclist's unsafe actions caused crash -
Plaintiff had decades of back complaints prior to crash: defense -
Mother: TV supplied by apartment complex caused fatal fire -
Plaintiff: Car crash caused brain injury, fractures of spine -
Plaintiffs: Company fired them for complaining of wages owed -
Plaintiff: Lumbar injuries ongoing after chiropractic care -
Broadside crash caused spine and shoulder injuries: plaintiff -
Plaintiff claimed rear-ender caused spinal injuries -
Drivers disputed cause of sideswipe collision -
Sister: Facility failed to prevent decedent's repeated falls -
District should have seen signs of inappropriate behavior: student -
Child negligently placed with inexperienced foster parents: suit -
Plaintiff fired for investigating City Attorney's Office: suit -
Plaintiff claimed guardrail should have been present at on-ramp -
Families: Deputy's failure to warn of turned stop sign caused crash -
Plaintiff claimed sidewalk's uplift caused trip and fall -
Fine for ventilator use should not be applied, hospital claimed -
Surgeon: Patient gave informed consent to place implant -
Claimant: intersection crash caused knee and neck injuries -
Plaintiff claimed he was asked to climb poorly placed ladder -
Head-on collision caused leg and ankle fractures: plaintiff -
Former employees claimed overtime wages not paid -
Defense: No evidence hip needed further diagnostic study -
Insurer wrongfully denied fire damage claim, plaintiff alleged -
Daughter claimed cigarettes caused mother's wrongful death -
Plaintiff claimed collision caused neck injuries -
Motorcyclist: Driver suddenly exited driveway, causing crash -
Plaintiff claimed unrepaired waterline caused slip and fall -
Plaintiff worked continuously, despite claiming injury: defense -
Radiologists failed to diagnose breast cancer, patient claimed -
Worker's mesothelioma wasn't from shipyard gaskets: defense -
Plaintiff: Staff discriminated against his race on daily basis -
Suit: Failure to address seizure caused child's brain damage -
Plaintiff demoted in retaliation for making complaints: lawsuit -
Fall from dangerous loft resulted in brain injury: plaintiff -
Company discriminated against him based on age: plaintiff -
Rear-ender caused soft-tissue spinal injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Claimant alleged uninsured motorist swerved into her lane -
Guard involuntarily transferred after making complaints: suit -
Plaintiff's unsafe turn caused collision, defense argued -
Physician's assistant properly prescribed antibiotic: defense -
Political party condoned inappropriate actions: lawsuit -
Knee stiffness due to lack of stretching, surgeon claimed -
Legal secretary alleged employer failed to pay wages owed -
Family claimed officers shot unarmed decedent multiple times -
Defense denied patient had deviation or pain after surgery -
Plaintiff: Complex violated rules allowing dog in apartment -
Shopper: Store's failure to pick up spilled rice caused fall -
Physical therapist failed to help fatigued client, suit alleged -
Multiple vehicle rear-ender caused lumbar injuries: plaintiff -
Farm bus's excessive speed caused fatal crash: family -
Woman fell on sidewalk, claimed knee and shoulder injuries -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused ruptured lumbar discs -
Parties disputed who crossed center line coming around curve -
Plaintiff fell due to misstep, not defective skates: defense -
Life coach claimed she was fired after reporting suspicions -
Plaintiffs claimed rear-ender caused soft-tissue injuries -
Worker suffered severe injuries after pipe bundle fell on him -
Suit: Failure to enforce parking policy resulted in fatal accident -
Landlord claimed no knowledge of dog's dangerous propensity -
Loosened hardware not caused by hospital staff or PA: defense -
Officers used excessive force during incident: plaintiffs -
Rear-end crash caused sprains and strains, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiffs' injuries should have resolved prior to trial: defense -
No duty owed to employee of independent contractor: retailer -
Plaintiff disregarded ladder safety protocol: defense -
Passenger in medical transport killed in collision, family claimed -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end crash caused neck and vision injuries -
City claimed termination not due to investigator's complaints -
Plaintiffs' unexpected merge caused crash, defense argued -
Doctor claimed ultrasound was properly performed -
Family: Officer shot decedent without first issuing warning -
Patient's atrophy unrelated to treatment of foot condition: doc -
Defense claimed plaintiff's epidural injections were unnecessary -
Patient's vision problems known risk of LASIK surgery: defense -
Inmate claimed officer failed to protect him from cellmate -
Attorney claimed he was fired for seeking accommodations -
Off-duty deputies not liable for altercation, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Crash aggravated spine and caused hip injuries -
Passenger ejected from bus claimed disabling brain injury -
Tractor-trailer's blocking of highway caused death: heirs -
Plaintiff claimed spinal injuries from multiple vehicle crash -
Defense claimed bus stopped suddenly due to imminent peril -
Defense: Clip did not occlude patient's common bile duct -
Defense: Video showed cones present prior to customer's fall -
Car crash's parties both claimed right of way -
Manager lacked skill-set for position, defense argued -
Defense argued plaintiffs did not require future care -
Plaintiff claimed collision caused wrist and hip injuries -
Truck driver caused fatal crash by making unsafe turn: parents -
Plaintiffs claimed truck driver's road rage caused severe injuries -
Claimants alleged driver was partially liable for mom's death -
Inmate claimed prison doctors denied him proper medication -
Plaintiff claimed unsafe training exercise caused knee tear -
Student struck in crosswalk near school suffered multiple injuries -
Pedestrian struck by underinsured motorist claimed brain injury -
Defense denied plaintiff was struck by roll of carpeting -
Plaintiff: Vehicle was speeding and following too closely -
Defense claimed minor crash could not have aggravated spine -
Plaintiff: Auto accident caused injuries of brain, face, spine -
Suit: Man in scooter fell from transport van, resulting in death -
Defense claimed plaintiff had pre-existing back injury -
Plaintiff resigned in response to performance review: defense -
Manager faced racial slurs after seeking accommodation: suit -
Plaintiff excessively treated injuries, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Firing due to affiliation with another suing party -
Motorcyclist suffered multiple fractures in intersection crash -
Scooter riders each claimed injuries from crash -
Rear-end crash caused cervical injuries, plaintiff driver claimed -
Defense disputed plaintiff's ongoing complaints -
Industrial bin's missing roller bearing caused back injuries: laborer -
Disc golf maker claimed it was not involved in course design -
Teacher threw special needs student to the ground -
Plaintiffs: Rear-ender caused shoulder, neck and back injuries -
Lane change accident caused shoulder and spine injuries: suit -
Zoo refused to accommodate injury restrictions: animal keeper -
Patient: Surgeon negligent in transecting testicular artery -
Male student claimed teacher molested him at school -
Motorist's unsafe left turn caused accident: pedestrians -
Student claimed school district negligently retained teacher -
Officer's unsafe turn caused fatal crash: motorcyclist's family -
Injuries were not caused by crash, defense counsel argued -
Plaintiff claimed cervical injury from stairway fall -
Children claimed a significant loss due to father's death -
Defense: Morman director not asked to apologize for religion -
Defense: Injuries could not be caused by low-impact crash -
Car crash's parties both claimed right of way -
Defense disputed pedestrian's alleged injuries following accident -
Plaintiff claimed collision caused need for fusion surgery -
Postal inspectors: Misclassified as exempt from overtime pay -
Attorney claimed she was fired for work on discipline case -
Plaintiff claimed unmaintained sign struck her, caused seizure -
Plaintiff claimed ongoing pain from injuries sustained in crash -
Collision with underinsured driver caused multiple injuries: plaintiff -
Sisters each claimed back injuries from broadside collision -
Defense: Employee terminated for performance deficiencies -
Plaintiffs claimed they were wrongfully charged under gang law -
Infection and amputations likely regardless of treatment: doctor -
Passenger in under-insured vehicle impaled during crash -
Plaintiff was intoxicated prior to entering taxi, driver claimed -
Broadside crash caused concussion, woman claimed -
Driver resisted arrest and was noncompliant, police contended -
Younger coworker battered him, older employee alleged -
Woman struck by car, claimed injuries of brain and neck -
Failure to fix chili pepper bin resulted in fall, plaintiff alleged -
Defense: Both fusion surgeries adequately performed -
Family claimed decedent not warned of Paxil side effects -
Defense: Driver tried to pass on right, caused collision with truck -
Pedestrian: Fractures from SUV accident exacerbated dementia -
Defendants schemed to get ownership of plaintiffs' home: suit -
Surgeon's use of mesh support device caused disfigurement: suit -
Plaintiff claimed leak above stove caused slip and fall -
Injuries from crash affected ability to care for daughter: suit -
Company denied supplying insulation on decedent's ship -
Minor students: School failed to prevent sexual assault -
Plaintiffs claimed injuries from broadside accident -
Defense: Ruptured diverticulitis occurred after discharge -
Teacher claimed he tried to stop student from looking at eclipse -
Instruction to weld fuel tanks caused fatal explosion: family -
Drunken driver entrusted with vehicle, caused fatal crash: suit -
Claimant: Reversing vehicle struck her in crosswalk -
Police chief discriminated against him because of age: plaintiff -
Mother claimed delivery delay led to infant's cerebral palsy -
Claimants alleged tractor-trailer drove head-on into their vehicle -
Defense: No proof how and where plaintiff tripped and fell -
School district claimed teaching requests were unreasonable -
Request to adjust hours due to disability led to discharge: intern -
Bus operator terminated for excessive absences: defense -
Employee claimed supervisor's actions led to termination -
Plaintiffs: Patient's diet not monitored at nursing home -
Defense disputed plaintiff's treatment of alleged injuries -
Tire blowout was unavoidable, defense argued -
Fire pit embers left burning caused burn injuries: plaintiff -
Pedestrian in crosswalk alleged driver failed to yield to him -
Plaintiff claimed driver's unsafe U-turn caused collision -
Owner and tenant disputed blame for trip on raised floor drain -
Plaintiff claimed her back injury requires future care -
Pedestrian's mother claimed driver caused fatal accident -
Defense: Construction worker was a sophisticated user of drill -
Rear-ender left him with lower back injuries, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiffs' injections not medically necessary, defense argued -
Driver unloaded logs within zone of danger, plaintiff alleged -
Pedestrian claimed wrist, head and spinal injuries from crash -
Company allowed employees to mock accents, EEOC alleged -
Plaintiff: Retaliation for refusing to retaliate against another -
Officers claimed plaintiff's actions required them to use force -
Speeding motorist caused fiery crash, estate alleged -
Auto accident led to two spinal surgeries, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash caused leg fractures -
Plaintiffs claimed spinal injuries from rear-end crash -
Plaintiff: Failure to repair lifted sidewalk caused shoulder injury -
Defense argued procedure did not cause patient's death -
Restaurant denied mopping floor on morning of alleged fall -
Plaintiff: Crash caused injuries that required chiropractic care -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused shoulder and spinal injuries -
Defendant claimed plaintiffs' vehicle made unsafe turn -
Plaintiff claimed pipe makers failed to warn of asbestos -
Defense claimed stroke not caused by rear-end collision -
Employer discriminated against him based on age: plaintiff -
Officer accused of groping woman during traffic stop -
Crash caused memory loss and spinal and eye injuries: plaintiff -
Motorcyclist claimed motorist's U-turn caused crash -
Tourist claimed exposed outlets created tripping hazard -
City discriminated against female lifeguards, plaintiff alleged -
Lawsuit: Deputy fired shots while fleeing man was on the ground -
School's janitor sexually abused student, lawsuit alleged -
Dishwasher claimed male crew would rub up against her -
Plaintiff claimed back and neck injuries from intersection crash -
Multiple impact collision caused need for future care: claimant -
Defense claimed plaintiff recovered from ankle injury -
Employer denied employee was working at time of crash -
City claimed swing set was defective -
Head-on crash caused cervical disc herniation, plaintiff alleged -
Attorney: Termination due to filing harassment complaint -
Store manager and owner both continually harassed her: teen -
Defense claimed manager fired for unprofessional conduct -
Medical emergency required leg amputation, doctor claimed -
Carrier: Long-term water damage excluded from policy -
Plaintiff: Multiple vehicle crash caused brain and spine injuries -
Door on forklift would not have prevented accident: defense -
Plaintiff claimed investigator ran over him during pursuit -
Pedestrian struck in crosswalk, claimed head, back and leg injuries -
Plaintiff claimed nearly $10,000 in medical bills after car crash -
Daughter: Assisted living facility knew of stalker's violent past -
Motorcyclist: Unsafe turn caused near-amputation of foot -
Deployment of police dog was reasonable, defense argued -
Suit: Plaintiff forced to resign because of hearing disability -
Defense: Driver cut off vehicle, taking away stopping distance -
College denied liability for student's fall in transport van -
Decedent's unsafe turn caused crash, defense claimed -
Suit: Plaintiff demoted after opposing recruit's reassignment -
Defense claimed impact insufficient to cause injuries -
Defense: Earlier diagnosis would not have prevented death -
Director retaliated against after complaining of discrimination: suit -
Plaintiff claimed wheelchair was not property secured on bus -
Plaintiff claimed brain injuries from club's inadequate security -
County denied retaliating against complaining employee -
Motorist claimed rear-end crash caused tinnitus -
Plaintiff: Accommodation taken away after EEOC complaint -
Store: Plaintiff failed to see open and obvious tree grate -
Plaintiff: Accident exacerbated pre-existing brain lesion -
Plaintiff claimed emotional distress from assault and arrest -
Defense: Decedent adequately assessed before operation -
Patient: Doctor's failure to refer him resulted in amputation -
Restaurant: Patron's leaning over edge of patio caused fall -
Below-the-knee amputee denied consenting to second surgery -
Passenger: Crash caused arm fracture and spinal injuries -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused need for spinal fusion surgeries -
Motorist's unsafe turn caused motorcyclist's fatal crash: family -
Plaintiff's disc decompression surgery unnecessary: defense -
Head-on crash caused spinal and head injuries: plaintiffs -
Suit: Ob/Gyn didn't alert patient of retained products after D&C -
Plaintiff claimed elbow fracture during collapse of solar towers -
Risk not communicated to physician, defense argued -
Plaintiff claimed excessive force used by officers -
Family claimed rear-end collision caused fatal fire -
Pipefitter alleged company hid risks of asbestos in its products -
Use of toxic carpet cleaner caused need for remediation: plaintiffs -
Patient claimed injuries when dropped during transport -
Plaintiff: Misrepresentations regarding property investments -
Bus's driver failed to yield, injured pedestrian claimed -
Plaintiff: University terminated him after he made complaints -
Plaintiff: Termination due to race, religion & national origin -
Plaintiffs claimed injuries from crash with vehicle exiting driveway -
Decedent's mother: Wrongful denial of public records -
Plaintiff struck by vehicle while crossing intersection -
Child injured when city driver executed dangerous T-turn: suit -
Plaintiff claimed ongoing pain following slip and fall -
Suit: Employee made to work on days of religious observance -
Children: Father fatally struck by city employee's pickup truck -
Defense claimed deputies' use of lethal force was justified -
City employee claimed position eliminated for wrong reasons -
Defense denied plaintiff's fall was due to water from fountain -
Security officer not fired for being pregnant, defense argued -
Defense: Officers did not use excessive force during encounter -
Defense claimed conductor had adequate clearance -
Failure to properly supervise student led to drowning: parents -
Daughter: Hospital's failure to care for mother's wound led to death -
Property sold with known health code violations: plaintiffs -
Shooting was reasonable based on suspect's threats: police -
Tenant claimed ice from automatic sprinkler caused slip and fall -
Motorcyclist paralyzed due to car's unsafe U-turn, suit alleged -
Gunfire excessive during traffic stop, decedent's kids claimed -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused lower back injuries -
Plaintiff alleged rollover caused brain and shoulder injuries -
School denied discriminating against athletes' sexual orientation -
Plaintiff fired for performance deficiencies, defense argued -
Defense: Driver should have seen stopped tractor-trailer -
Vehicle door opened in front of bicyclist, causing crash -
Plaintiff: Parking lot fall resulted in cartilage damage to knee -
Family: Studio's negligent retention of driver resulted in fatal crash -
Officer planted white substance before arrest, plaintiff alleged -
Surgery properly delayed for testing and lifestyle changes: defense -
Plaintiffs alleged prosecution influenced by undersheriff -
Defense claimed passenger was not injured in rear-ender -
Printing press workers alleged they were not paid for overtime -
Defense: Injuries not possible from minor sideswipe crash -
Mother claimed officer unsafely entered intersection -
Plaintiff claimed fall from back of truck caused back injuries -
Plaintiffs claimed rear-ender caused their respective injuries -
Piece of vegetable left on sidewalk caused fall: plaintiff -
Plaintiff: Driver sustained herniations from rear-end collision -
Motorist's inattention to slowing traffic caused crash: motorcyclist -
Patient claimed overdose caused kidney and heart injuries -
Plaintiff claimed intersection crash caused shoulder injury -
Patient's failure to timely follow up caused injuries: defense -
Elbow condition not caused by crash, defense argued -
Pregnant, disabled employees denied additional leave: suit -
Family claimed defective heater started fatal fire -
Navy failed to properly maintain gangway, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff: Slip on puddle of water in store caused neck injury -
Proper investigation could have prevented dog attack: plaintiff -
Wal-Mart manager fired after making discrimination claim -
Step at gate was open and obvious, defense argued -
Defense: Driver on wrong side of driveway caused collision -
Defense: Patient's pain due to prior hip problems, not knee surgery -
No disparate impact on older, tenured professors, defense claimed -
Suit: Jail negligent in monitoring man with history of suicide -
Unsafe expansion joint covers caused fall: sheet metal worker -
Promotion denial and layoff due to retaliation, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff: Collision caused cervical and lumbar herniations -
Defense claimed location of fall not owned or controlled by city -
Defendant drivers blamed each other for multiple vehicle crash -
Failure to repair spigot caused slip and fall, plaintiff claimed -
Defense: Waitress fired for bad attitude, not pregnancy leave -
Failed tree crushed decedent in park -
Plaintiff claimed knee injury from fall on sidewalk -
Plaintiff: School police knew about coworker's prior misconduct -
Multiple vehicle impact caused lumbar injuries, plaintiff alleged -
Intersection accident caused clavicle fracture, plaintiff alleged -
Defense: Docs properly waited to see if testicle was viable -
Homeowner negligently erected scaffold, causing fall: handyman -
Suit: Failure to ensure safety resulted in technician's fall -
Bus operator: Employer failed to accommodate his disabilities -
Packing material not defective or dangerous, defense argued -
Plaintiff struck in crosswalk claimed multiple injuries -
Motorist's unsafe turn caused wrist fracture: motorcyclist -
Appendectomy did not cause patient's death, surgeon alleged -
Kids claimed emotional distress from father's murder of mother -
Plaintiff claimed mall's failure to maintain premises caused fall -
Talcum powder did not cause cancer, defense argued -
Overpass met all applicable design standards, state claimed -
Crash aggravated spinal pain and caused TBI: claimant -
Construction workers claimed racial harassment at work site -
Plaintiff: Injuries to spine, finger and hand from rear-ender -
Property owner denied prior knowledge of light being out -
Defense argued detectives shot suspect in self-defense -
Officer's unsafe speed caused pedestrian's death, family claimed -
Plaintiff claimed crash caused spine and knee injuries -
Driver exiting driveway failed to yield, motorcyclist claimed -
Professor was validly arrested at sheriff's station: defense -
Drivers disputed who merged and caused crash with third vehicle -
Doctors claimed no chance to intervene in patient's sudden bleed -
Plaintiff claimed rear-end accident caused brain injury -
City manager not constructively discharged, defense argued -
Plaintiff: Rear-ender caused pain to spine and shoulder -
Secretary fired for legitimate reasons, employer claimed -
Defense: Woman fell in parking lot due to unrelated reasons -
Teacher's restrictions could no longer be accommodated: school district -
Plaintiff claimed uncovered tree basin caused her trip and fall -
Rear-ender aggravated prior cervical condition: plaintiff -
Installer not terminated due to discrimination, defense claimed -
Plaintiffs: Off-road vehicle had inadequate restraint system -
Auto accident led to spinal fusion, plaintiff claimed -
Plaintiff: Bar should have done background check on bouncer -
Plaintiff complying with orders when deputies used force: suit -
Worker claimed exposure to diacetyl led to lung disease -
Plaintiff unlawfully arrested over taxi fare: lawsuit -
Police sergeant allegedly misgendered at work -
Smoking caused fatal lung cancer, not asbestos: defense -
Plaintiff: Firing due to refusal to put toxic waste in regular trash -
Multiple vehicle crash caused orthopedic injuries: plaintiffs -
Police Officers: Harassment claims not timely investigated -